Ultimate Photos Photographer | About

Ultimate Photos Photographer | About

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Wedding Photographer based in Saint Augustine & Jacksonville Florida

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Hey, I’m Richard! I was Born 1992 in Miami FL So i’m a die hard Miami Heat Fan, Im Currently located in the Saint Augustine Fl Area, Iv been taking pictures ever since I could hold a camera, back when we only had disposables ones, but that is when the love for photography started, that's when it was embedded in my mind that I will all way be screeching for the Ultimate photo. Now on top of all that I just recently got married on 02.22.22 so iv been in your shoes with the beautiful chaos that is planning a wedding.

So Why Us?
It’s super easy to get caught up in the Stress and Planning of your wedding day and forget about the things that really matter. The lasting memories. Your wedding day is a special day where both sides of the family all come together to celebrate you, and at the end of the day your dress, gifts, and photos are all that are left. These special moments will be cherished for generations.