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Pixels Photo & Films Photographer | About

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Dallas Wedding Photographer / Wedding Filmmaker. Capturing your moments & turning them into core memories!

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Ii, i'm Sundas!
I'm 27 years old & I have been doing wedding & family photography since 2014. In the past 7 years of my career, I have captured thousands of faces & the reason I don't get bored of it is  down to the beauty of my job & the power it gives me to bring a smile on anyone's face as soon as I say "Ready! 3..2..1".

there is no better feeling than that; I have the liberty to capture moments that my clients will cherish forever. I put my heart & soul to deliver the absolute best that my clients can always look back to and re-live some of the best moments of their lives! At pixels, your pictures & films are more than just files. I understand the sentimental value they can hold for you & our goal is to provide you with a timeless treasure.