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Raw emotion | Unique storytelling | Epic art

$7 000
Photographer The MacMeekens About me

We met online back in 2012 and spent our first date hiking and taking pictures together. We became instantly inseparable and realized that, even though our interests were very similar, we saw the world with totally different lenses (literally and metaphorically). Since then, we’ve grown from tiny baby photographers to a full-fledged family and company.

We crave adventure and see everyday life as more than just people & places but as moments in time with a story waiting to be told.

As a husband and wife wedding photography team based out of Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston, we value your ability to enjoy your wedding day in a way that feels natural and authentic to you. By eliminating forced recreated photo ops, you have the freedom to  enjoy those moments leading into your "I DO" however you'd like without interruption from us.  Let's cheers our glasses, dance like no one is watching and go all out celebrating your one-of-a-kind, epic love with a bang!


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