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As your expert Boston wedding photographer, I know exactly what to do and say to make you feel natural while we take romantic photographs together.

$7 000
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Every person deserves to have romantic, artistic, emotionally-rich wedding photographs that stand the test of time, whether or not they feel at home in front of the camera. As your expert New England wedding photographer, I love working with couples who say they're a little goofy, a wee bit camera shy, and kind of awkward because they're just like me! The clients I serve like to laugh, eat good food, tell "that's what she said" jokes, and love their people fiercely. They value exceptional organization, acute attention to detail, and creative problem solving - skills I not only possess, but excel at.
The style of my photography is unique yet timeless. It's a blend of light and airy, true to color, and film - I call it "Romantic Realism." Think of it as a glowy, zhuzhed up version of what you see in real life.


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