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I believe photography isn't about simply checking a box. It's about creating a time capsule of your day that will last you forever.

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Rissa Reels Photographer photo
Rissa Reels Photographer photo
Rissa Reels Photographer photo
Rissa Reels Photographer photo
Rissa Reels Photographer photo
Rissa Reels Photographer photo
Rissa Reels Photographer photo
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4 Reviews for Rissa Reels

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Sarah H. on 24 Jul 2021
Marissa is the most amazing photographer, I recommend her to all my friends! We booked her for our wedding in Sedona, Arizona. She was already familiar with the area as a destination wedding location, so it went soo smoothly! She was great at posing me and my husband, even though we are not used to taking photos all he time. The final edits were perfect and it looked like part of a fairy tale! We recommend her, one of the best decisions made for our wedding.
Millie S. on 14 Apr 2022
Marissa really is amazing at what she does! Her angles, her edits, her promptness, etc. When I first saw her portfolio, I knew I had to have her as my photographer. I loved her work—what made it even better was that she was also very sweet. It was a joy working with her!
Leslie T. on 25 Jun 2022
Marissa was exceptional. She photographed my wedding and she was very knowledgeable, professional, and personable. Our photos were edited and delivered very quickly.
Celia B. on 05 Feb 2022
Marissa went above and beyond all of my expectations for my elopement! Her thoughtfulness, creativity, passion and talent are obvious in her work. 100/10. Highly recommended!


Rissa Reels
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Marriage is a very special life occasion. It is your day and you will hold your memories very close to your heart. Having a reliable, professional photographer to create high end images will give you the ability to look back in time and remember how beautiful it was. Wedding photos are the one place you shouldn't cut corners.

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What is the average price for Rissa Reels wedding photography services?


Which wedding events does Rissa Reels service?

Rissa Reels provides photography services for the following events: Wedding

What percentage of users recommend Rissa Reels and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Rissa Reels is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Rissa Reels, based in Houston, has established herself as a remarkable wedding photographer whose work is rapidly gaining recognition among those preparing for matrimony. Despite a modest collection of reviews on Wezoree.com, the impact she has left on her clients is anything but small.

Clients like Celia B. commend Marissa for exceeding all expectations during such pivotal life moments as an elopement. Remarks highlight Marissa's blend of thoughtfulness, creativity, passion, and talent, earning her an exceptional rating and a hearty recommendation.

Leslie T.'s review offers additional commendations, portraying Marissa as a professional who pairs her considerable knowledge of photography with a personable approach. The swift delivery of professionally edited photos stands out as a testament to her dedication to timely service.

Millie S. shares her enthralling encounter with Marissa's portfolio, which alone convinced her of the need to secure Marissa's expertise for her special day. According to Millie, Marissa's proficiency with angles, editing, and punctuality, in conjunction with her amiable personality, made their collaboration a joyful experience.

Sarah H.'s narrative portrays Marissa as a familiar hand in destination weddings, such as her own in Sedona, Arizona. Marissa's skill in directing and posing couples, even those unaccustomed to the spotlight, has been praised alongside the magical quality imbued in her final edits.

In summary, Rissa Reels emerges as a sterling choice for couples in Houston and beyond, marrying her incredible eye for detail with a genuine warmth that enhances her service. These glowing reviews from satisfied clients signify that Marissa is not just capturing moments – she's crafting cherished memories.