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Backcountry Bohemians Photographer

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Celebrating your love with your closest friends and family, while I get every laugh, hug, and spontaneous dance moves.

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Backcountry Bohemians Photographer photo
Backcountry Bohemians Photographer photo
Backcountry Bohemians Photographer photo
Backcountry Bohemians Photographer photo
Backcountry Bohemians Photographer photo
Backcountry Bohemians Photographer photo
Backcountry Bohemians Photographer photo
Backcountry Bohemians Photographer photo
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8 Reviews for Backcountry Bohemians

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Alex Matlock on 27 Jun 2020
Devin is so talented. She has such a warm presence and puts you at ease. Not to mention her work is beautiful!
Alyssa Mawudeku on 01 Aug 2020
My Husband and I hadn’t had professional pictures taken of us since our wedding day 5 years ago, so when we heard about a photo shoot in Seattle over the Holidays with Devin we decided to check out her work. As soon as we looked at some of her past photos we knew right away that we wanted to have pictures taken by her. We were a little bit nervous because it had been so long but I have to say as from the moment we shook her hand we felt SO comfortable and truly had a blast that day! We left and couldn’t stop talking about how kind she was as well as how fun and easy she made it all feel. She quickly sent us our pictures and they were absolutely perfect! We couldn’t be more thankful for the moments she captured and we are already looking forward to booking another shoot with her! We highly recommend her work!
Olivia Hostetter on 21 Nov 2020
My boyfriend Tony and I got our photos taken by Devin and wow, She totally out did herself!! She made us feel completely comfortable and fabulous. We didn’t know what to expect and felt a little nervous being in front of the camera. We actually had a blast laughing and dancing around the mountains. Devin is beyond talented and so fun to be around! Not only was it super fun but our photos turned out incredible!! We recently got engaged and I planned our wedding date around her availability. She was the first thing I had scheduled for our big day and I can’t wait to see the magic she captures.
Sherry Shyh on 15 May 2021
Devin is an incredible photographer! You can totally tell this is her passion. She is personable and so fun to work with for our family photoshoot!!
Allie Branham on 17 Jul 2021
Devin is amazing!!!! Not only are her photos beautiful she makes you immediately feel comfortable and natural. She is so personable and reliable, everything you could ever want in a photographer no matter what occasion!
Maya Kelsch on 18 Sep 2021
Devin is AMAZING! She took some senior pictures of me, and the session was phenomenal She's so nice and makes the whole experience very comfortable. As someone who is awkward in front of a camera, she made me look and feel very photogenic! The final product of my photos was so stunning, and I love them to this day!!
Kayla Tiscornia on 19 Feb 2022
Devin creates everything you could want out of your photography experience. She is talented, kind, beyond organized, extremely detail oriented and fun! From the moment I got an email back from her, I knew she was dedicated, passionate and was going to be a great fit for my fiance and I at our wedding. The pictures were incredible - she didn't skip a beat and caught so many moments that we at the time, didn't even realize were happening. There are hundreds of photographers out there you could choose for your experience, so what makes her stand out?? It's Devin's complete genuine interest in you and your happiness. You spend all of your time leading up to your event planning with your wedding planner, however what I didn't realize was that alot of our wedding would be spent with Devin by our side -- and I wouldn't have it any other way. Again, she is an excellent photographer -- you won't be disappointed. But even more than that, she is going to help you experience a day that is all about YOU and that moment. That is something truly special and we can't thank her enough.
Kat Worthington on 07 Jan 2023
Devin is a phenomenal photographer. Words that come to mind are professional, experienced, enthusiastic, and visionary. Over the last two years, we have used Devin for our engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn, and annual family photos! My husband and I are not the most comfortable in front of the camera but with Devin’s guidance and attention to detail our photos have always turned out amazing and true to ourselves. She has excellent communication skills. She provides guidance in multiple areas (outfits, locations, times of day, recommends for wedding day etc.). At our wedding, all our family and friends just loved her warm fun personality and how professional and efficient she was. The best thing you can do for a special occasion is hire a photographer that you trust and feel comfortable around, because the photos never fade. Devin is that person! She truly goes the extra mile for her clients to insure they not only have the most amazing photos or video but to make sure they have the best experience. I have recommended her to many of my friends and would highly recommend you hire her!


Backcountry Bohemians
Photographer Backcountry Bohemians About me

I was the kid who’d pretend to cover my eyes during kisses in movies, but I’d really be peeking through my fingers. I’m a self-proclaimed expert in positive attitudes and good vibes - you’ll see what I mean.
My grandpa was my favorite person growing up, and when he passed away of course I was sad, but more importantly I remember being so fascinated with how deep his smile lines were. I was there when he passed and when I asked my grandma about the lines on his face she told me that “grandpa lived a happy and fulfilled life.” That really stuck with me. My number one goal in life is to be so happy and fulfilled with my life that when gravity takes over my face I have deeper smile lines than he did. And I am well on my way with every elopement and micro-wedding I get the privilege of documenting. Be prepared for me to be cheesin’ the ENTIRE time!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price for Backcountry Bohemians wedding photography services?


Which wedding events does Backcountry Bohemians service?

Backcountry Bohemians provides photography services for the following events: Wedding

What percentage of users recommend Backcountry Bohemians and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Backcountry Bohemians is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Backcountry Bohemians: A Testament to Timeless Memories

Setting the Scene in Seattle
Based in the picturesque city of Seattle, Backcountry Bohemians has carved a niche in capturing love stories with a camera lens. This photography vendor, specializing in wedding events, has mastered the artistry of immortalizing the essence of every couple's special day through experienced and skilled artistry.

Award-Winning Craftsmanship
Boasting not just one but two Wezoree Awards, Backcountry Bohemians stands out among its peers. This acclaim is indicative of their consistent delivery of quality and their remarkable ability to tell a couple's story through vivid, emotional imagery that resonates with all who lay eyes upon it.

Consistent Client Praise
Across eight glowing reviews, this photographer's clients share a common thread of admiration. They praise not only the professional final product but also the entire engaging process that leads up to it. From ease in front of the camera to meticulous attention to detail, Backcountry Bohemians has proven to be a treasured part of every event.

Devin: The Heart Behind the Camera
At the heart of Backcountry Bohemians is Devin, whose remarkable skill as a photographer is surpassed only by her warmth and dedication. Clients like Kat Worthington note her professionalism and vision, pointing out that her services extend far beyond the lens, as she guides everything from outfit selections to wedding day coordination.

Capturing Every Moment With Care
Devin's clients, including Kayla Tiscornia, attest to her extraordinary ability to capture unnoticed, fleeting moments, turning them into cherished memories. Her personable approach, combined with her professional acumen, ensures that the wedding day is not just documented, but also experienced in a way that centers completely around the couple's joy.

Unforgettable Experiences and Endorsements
The experiences shared by clients, from maternity to family photos, underscore the trust and comfort that Devin cultivates. They celebrate her ability to make each session fun and natural, as noted by Maya Kelsch and Alyssa Mawudeku. The consistency of her work has left such an impression that clients like Olivia Hostetter plan their most significant moments around her availability, a testament to the indelible impact of Backcountry Bohemians' work.