Leonard Okpor
Photographer Leonard Okpor About me

Leonard Okpor also known as Mindsetter grew up in Lagos Nigeria. At his young age he never really has an interest for photography but rather for the art of expression. He began to develop more direct interest for photography while in college where he studied Accounting and finance, his slow and steady interest helped him develop a personality that improved his connection with people, seeing the beauty in People and life and creating an inner expression of what could relate to peace. He was First Published as a Photographer in 2017 and since then worked with various Brands and has been recognized & Awarded for outstanding Photography works. With a general interest for photography. He Shoots mainly with Natural light and uses the environment to his full advantage in developing masterpiece works. Leonard, is based in New York City, United State. He is the Curator of large growing Photography Community for Photographers and Models called Mindsetpx.