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Elizabeth Lanier Photographer photo
Elizabeth Lanier Photographer photo
Elizabeth Lanier Photographer photo
Elizabeth Lanier Photographer photo
Elizabeth Lanier Photographer photo
Elizabeth Lanier Photographer photo
Elizabeth Lanier Photographer photo
Elizabeth Lanier Photographer photo
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7 Reviews for Elizabeth Lanier

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Whitney Nicholes Married couple on 04 Mar 2023
Going with Elizabeth Lanier was one of the earliest decisions we made while planning our wedding. It was also one of the easiest decisions to make. We knew we wanted a photographer who could come up with a plan and take the reins when there were a lot of photos to take and guests to navigate. We were confident they could do this and not only did they meet our expectations but we have been absolutely floored by the photos they took.

They managed to capture the joy on our faces that we felt that day and looking through the photos has put us back in the moment. It also helps that they’re an incredible team and they felt like part of our crew by the end of the day. They made the day easy and fun and handled it like pros!
Rachel Alford Married couple on 11 Mar 2023
We absolutely love and treasure all the photos Sarah captured from our wedding day! Despite a looming hurricane and a changing timeline, Sarah confidently and effortlessly captured our special day. We also really enjoyed getting to know her in all the in between moments - the engagement session, driving to the rehearsal dinner, chatting at the reception, etc. She even captured some fun photos of us using our polariod camera! Thank you so much, Sarah and team!
Louisa Costa Married couple on 08 Apr 2023
I can barely put into words how amazing Sarah and her husband were throughout our entire wedding weekend. They made Zander and me, and our entire family, feel very at ease with the whole picture-taking process. Not only did they bring the best out in everyone, but they also seamlessly integrated into the wedding weekend activities. Numerous guests came up to me to say how wonderful Sarah and her husband were at capturing the moments without interrupting the happenings. And you can see it in the photos! They are so authentic and beautiful; we are thrilled with how they turned out. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Elizabeth Lanier team, and I hope to use them again in the future!
Zander Masucci Married couple on 13 May 2023
Sarah was incredible throughout the entire process. From the first zoom call through the end of the wedding weekend, the journey was well organized and carefully thought through. She captured beautiful moments of our special days, photos we will cherish forever! Thank you again, Sarah. Highly recommend!
Christiana Masucci Married couple on 21 Oct 2023
Sarah Elizabeth is one of the most talented and professional photographers we have worked with.  Our son Alexander was married a year ago June and I still have goosebumps looking at their pictures.  We are so blessed to have Louisa join our family.
Mia Cattaneo Married couple on 16 Mar 2024
If you are a bride (or groom) looking for a photographer for your wedding day - look no further. Sarah and her husband Will were absolutely wonderful throughout our wedding weekend. We put our full trust in them and they blew us away. Something I loved about working with them was I never felt their presence (in the best way). They truly let the day be what it was meant to be and didn’t interfere with that. I think the quote on her website describes her perfectly “for those who want to remember how the day felt”. Not only are they amazing photographers, but they are also incredible people who we truly enjoyed spending time with on the biggest day of our lives!
Claire Naparalla Married couple on 20 Apr 2024
I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth Lanier to anyone looking for a photographer who will go above and beyond to capture their dream wedding. Specifically, Sarah's knowledge of destination photography was invaluable. We are incredibly grateful to Sarah for her professionalism, talent, and genuine care for our special day. She offered a pre-wedding session at the venue, putting us at ease and allowing her to understand the lighting and environment. She communicated seamlessly with our (remote) wedding planner, ensuring every detail was covered, and took the initiative to collaborate with the day-of coordinator, guaranteeing a smooth experience. It's these small gestures that truly set her apart. Elizabeth Lanier doesn't just capture photos; they tell stories. Our wedding photographs are more than just beautiful images, they're vibrant snapshots of our emotions, joy, and love. Thank you, Elizabeth Lanier!


Elizabeth Lanier
Photographer Elizabeth Lanier About me

We are Sarah Elizabeth and William Lanier and together we make up Elizabeth Lanier Photography. Trusted by clients and planners for over a decade to capture curated designs and genuine emotion.    Specializing in experiential wedding weekends in meaningful destinations, with a photography style defined as honest, effortless, and enduring. They provide an all-encompassing story of the wedding weekend by blending documentary and editorial methods.     Their skill at documenting genuine moments inspires discerning couples worldwide to entrust their most meaningful memories to Elizabeth Lanier.   Images that become more valuable with every passing day.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price for Elizabeth Lanier wedding photography services?


What percentage of users recommend Elizabeth Lanier and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Elizabeth Lanier is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Charleston's very own Elizabeth Lanier has established a stellar reputation as a wedding photographer, not only through a diverse portfolio but also by earning two distinguished Wezoree Awards. Her approach to capturing matrimonial bliss is recognized widely within the community, resonating with couples seeking the perfect visual narrative of their nuptials.

Personalization and Precision

Clients repeatedly highlight Elizabeth's meticulous attention to detail and personalized service. Claire Naparalla praises her for the pre-wedding venue visit that allowed for a nuanced understanding of lighting and environment. Through her adept coordination with wedding planners, Elizabeth ensures every precious moment is captured without a hitch, demonstrating a commendable level of professionalism.

The Art of Being Unobtrusive

For couples like Mia Cattaneo, Elizabeth's value shone in her ability to blend into the wedding seamlessly, ensuring authenticity in each shot without disrupting the day's organic flow. Her photographic expertise lies in allowing the true essence of the wedding to unfold, evidencing a considerate and refined touch that's cherished by those living the moments.

Cherished Memories Captured

Clients like Christiana Masucci and Louisa Costa attest to the emotional impact of Elizabeth's work, with images that spark the same joy and awe years after the event. The power of her photography lies not just in the visual appeal but in its ability to evoke the very sentiments experienced during those once-in-a-lifetime occasions.

A Trusted Companion

Relationships with clients go beyond the lens for Elizabeth, as illustrated by the experiences of Rachel Alford. The photographer's involvement in the couple's journey, from engagement to reception, proves she's more than a mere observer but a trusted companion during their most significant milestones.

A Visionary at Work

The unanimous praise from clients like Whitney Nicholes confirms Elizabeth Lanier's esteemed place as a premiere wedding photographer in Charleston. Her vision and adeptness in handling complex events, even amidst weather challenges and tight schedules, stand as a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence in wedding photography.

In essence, Elizabeth Lanier's work is a resonant tapestry of technical skill and emotional acumen, weaving together an unforgettable narrative of love, joy, and togetherness for couples looking to immortalize their commitment. As her glowing client testimonials indicate, her camera is an extension of her heart, making each wedding album a cherished heirloom for generations to admire.