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SWIDRAK & CO Photographer photo
SWIDRAK & CO Photographer photo
SWIDRAK & CO Photographer photo
SWIDRAK & CO Photographer photo
SWIDRAK & CO Photographer photo
SWIDRAK & CO Photographer photo
SWIDRAK & CO Photographer photo
SWIDRAK & CO Photographer photo
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out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Jana Hitgano Clough Married couple on 11 Jun 2022
Working with Clare & David was an absolute dream. Our planner, Kelsey, introduced us to Clare before she became a part of Swidrak & Co, and without even looking at other photographers, we knew immediately that she was the photographer we wanted to capture our wedding. Upon our first meeting, we were immediately enamored with her warmth, charm, and easygoing personality. She made you feel at ease from the very start! When I asked her if she had any recommendations for a videographer, she introduced us to David. After watching her own wedding film that David captured, we also immediately knew that we wanted him to film our wedding day. Lucky for us, they soon became Swidrak & Co, and the Clare and David dream team was born!

From the wedding planning process, to our wedding day, to the final product, David & Clare have been nothing short of professional, kind, and just magnificent at their craft. I can still remember the very moment I saw Clare walk into my bridal suite, a feeling of ease and happiness just washed over me, it was like seeing an old friend. She took charge (in the most awesome way possible) from start to finish, and I am so glad she was the creative mastermind behind the scenes. She and Kelsey worked in such a synergistic way that I felt so relaxed throughout my wedding day. Not to mention, she also shot our engagement shoot, which was super fun!

David's videography team worked seamlessly with Clare, and David's final edit of our wedding film is everything we could have asked for. It encapsulates the essence of what my husband and I felt during our wedding day, and we will  be watching it over and over for years to come. He weaves music and cinematography in such a way that evokes such powerful emotion in the audience, you just can't help but smile and cry remembering just how amazing the day was.

If you are planning your wedding, I would highly recommend picking a date that has both of them available, you absolutely won't regret it!
Stephanie Glueck Married couple on 06 Aug 2022
David Swidrak/Swidrak & Co. is absolutely, nothing short of amazing! Aside from selecting our venue, choosing our wedding photography services was the most important decision for us. David did NOT disappoint! Throughout our whole wedding day, David went above and beyond in capturing every single special moment, every single detail, and every ounce of love that surrounded us. Not only is David a true artist by capturing breathtaking moments behind the lens, but his presence also lit up every single room - and it was so comforting having him surrounded by our loved ones. Even though we hired David as our wedding photographer, my husband and I feel like we left our most special day with a friend. We truthfully could not refer him enough, and we feel like we are not justifying him or his services by only giving him 5 stars. BEST. PHOTOGRAPHER. EVER.
Danielle Musgrave Married couple on 17 Sep 2022
Choosing Swidrak & Co. to capture our wedding was truly one of the best decisions we've ever made. We booked them for both photography & videography for our destination wedding in Sedona, AZ, as well as for our engagement shoot in Cleveland and an adventure shoot the Monday after our wedding in Sedona. We had the opportunity to work with their entire team, and were consistently impressed by not only the quality of work they produced and their professionalism, but also their genuine kindness & welcoming personalities. Clare Sloan was our lead photographer for it all, and we honestly could not have asked for anyone better
Michelle Lynde Married couple on 21 Aug 2021
Where to begin?! We worked with Clare of Swidrak & Co for our engagement & wedding, and it was the single best decision we made during the entire wedding planning process. One of my biggest priorities for the wedding was the photography because it’s the piece that captures the memories of the day for the rest of your life. Our wedding budget was tight and we had to make careful decisions regarding vendors because of it, but I can confidently say Clare’s services are worth every penny.

We were drawn to her because of her previous work, her style is organic and always emphasizes capturing the emotion and love between her couples. From the moment we had our initial consult call, I knew she was the photographer for us. Not only is she insanely talented as a photographer, she’s truly a gem of a human and makes you feel comfortable and instantly familiar. Neither my husband nor I are even remotely comfortable in front of a camera, so I was very worried we wouldn’t enjoy the experience or would look awkward in all our photos. Clare knows exactly how to guide you during the shoot to ensure you know what to do, and somehow even made the experience enjoyable for us! (Which is a huge accomplishment considering how camera shy we both are!) She is kind and thoughtful and encouraging. She’ll hype you up and give you space to be yourself. On our wedding day, I found myself overwhelmed with the attention and emotions of the day, and Clare proved to be such a source of comfort, going way beyond her duties of “just a photographer”. The wedding photos she gave us are beyond expectations. She has an amazing eye for photography, and captured so many special moments throughout the day.

In addition to the wedding, we had Clare take our engagement photos in August 2021. We had a family vacation already planned to Yosemite National Park and randomly decided to see if she wanted to meet us there to do our engagement photos. Clare was immediately on board and planned the most perfect day for our photos. We were so impressed with her research (she had never even been there!) and the entire day was seamless for us. She handled all the logistics and we actually got to enjoy our day in a beautiful place. Beyond her impressive organization, the actual photos are just unreal. Her work is beautiful and captured our love, as well as the incredibly beautiful scenery.

If I can suggest one thing from my experiences of wedding planning, it’s 100% hands down to hire Clare. She travels, she’s amazing, and you will not regret it one bit. We will forever be grateful for the lifetime of memories she’s given us. We plan to hire her to tag along to every vacation from now on for more photos!
MonnieLynn Johnston Married couple on 11 Mar 2023
Swidrak & Co. are a literal dream to work with. We discovered them on Instagram where we immediately fell in love with their work and knew having them capture our special day was a must.

We were lucky enough to have David film  and Clare photograph our wedding. They were incredibly receptive of our vision and elevated it further than we ever imagined possible. They’re true artists, so when they’d say “we have this crazy idea,” we had butterflies and the end results were everything.

We had the best time working with David and Clare. They felt like part of the wedding party and created an atmosphere that felt natural. From our first look to having a private drink with my fiancé prior to wedding party photos, we were able to relax and fully enjoy the moment while David and Clare captured it. The day goes by so fast, and we feel so lucky to have the memories perfectly captured thanks to Swidrak & Co.
Emily Halter Married couple on 06 May 2023
The easiest five stars I will ever give.

From booking David for our engagement session to having him join us in Maui for our wedding events & wedding day - he exceeded every vision we had for our photos.

He truly has a way of making you feel comfortable and confident while in front of his lens. The communication, attention to detail, and kindness we received and felt is something every wedding vendor should aspire to have. His talent did not go unnoticed for a single second by us or our guests - everyone spoke so highly of him the entire night.

Our wedding photos make me want to relive our day, every. single. time. I see them and I owe that all to David for capturing it so perfectly and beautifully.

David became more than our wedding photographer that week, he became one of our most cherished friends.
Justin Thomas Married couple on 24 Jun 2023
We discovered Swidrak & Co. from our wedding planner. After reviewing their work (especially their instagram - a MUST follow), we were immediately in love and knew this is who we wanted to capture our wedding.

We told David exactly what we wanted for our vision, and he and Ellen executed it beyond anything than we could have imagined. David and Ellen are true artists in their profession and excel at what they do.

Ellen helped capture photos of me and my groomsmen getting ready - she told the day would fly by and enjoy every minute of it. She was right, it did fly by and thankfully her and David were able to capture every single moment from getting ready till it was time to hit the dance floor. They captured everything so beautifully while we were able to truly enjoy every minute of our wedding.

We dream of replaying our wedding day over and over, and each time having Swidrak & Co. photograph it. I cannot recommend them enough, David and his team are incredible.

Thank you so much!!


Photographer SWIDRAK & CO About me

David is the full heart and driven soul behind Swidrak & Co. His passion for art in all forms and the overall grandeur of weddings inspired his company, designed for refined and genuine storytelling. Captivated by each love story he encounters, David documents your beautiful, fleeting moments with deep purpose and intent.  INTRODUCTIONS    MEET THE  FOUNDER    David started photographing weddings in 2007 and has been photographing weddings all over the world for the past 15 years. While building what Swidrak & Co. is today, he spent 11 of those years serving as a worship pastor in churches in northeast Ohio. It's here where he met his wife, Brittany, and they now have identical twin girls, Adeline & Avery. David and Brittany celebrated 10 years of marriage in 2021 by renewing their vows in Valley of Fire State Park, NV.  Clare, of course, was there to photograph it.


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What percentage of users recommend SWIDRAK & CO and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

SWIDRAK & CO is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Swidrak & Co., based in bustling Charleston, has become a beacon of talent within the wedding photography arena, and this review solidifies their esteemed position. As a proud recipient of two prestigious Wezoree Awards, Swidrak & Co.'s consistent excellence is evident. Their small yet impact-making collection of seven client testimonials showcases the potency of their lens.

Clients with unwavering praise crown Swidrak & Co. as wedding photography royalty. Justin Thomas, an enraptured groom, details their professionalism and artistry, painting a scene where moments are flawlessly frozen in time. Ellen's comforting presence is highlighted, allowing the groom and his entourage to savor each second as she expertly captured their preparation and celebration alike.

Emily Halter's endorsement adds another gleaming star to Swidrak & Co's service. From engagement photos to a Maui wedding odyssey, David, the anchor of this photography firm, transforms into a cherished confidant beyond a vendor, a characteristic anyone would laud. His ability to render a comfortable photoshoot environment complemented by striking attention to detail is warmly applauded by Emily.

MonnieLynn Johnston echoes these sentiments, entrusting their vision to Swidrak & Co.'s artistry. Capturing the quintessence of a couple's dream day is no small feat, yet David and Clare defy expectations, turning whimsical concepts into tangible memories. Their social integration and calming influence permeate through the review, showcasing their adeptness at both photography and interpersonal relationships.

Meanwhile, Michelle Lynde provides a testimonial which emphasizes the value of investment in Swidrak & Co.'s services. Despite photography being a significant portion of the wedding budget, she insists the quality and emotional resonance found in Clare’s work validate every expense. Clare’s ability to alleviate the awkwardness for camera-shy couples and her exceptionality as both a photographer and individual shine through Michelle's praise.

Establishing a rapport with clients, gelling into wedding parties seamlessly, and converting fleeting instances into eternal keepsakes, SWIDRAK & CO. emerges as an epitome of brilliance in the wedding photography sector. This review not only testifies to the stunning visual diary they curate but also to the memorable personal exchanges that encapsulate their service as not just transactional, but truly transformative.