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Valley & Company Events Planner

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Joyful events and special moments are at the core of Valley & Company Events.

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Valley & Company Events Planner photo
Valley & Company Events Planner photo
Valley & Company Events Planner photo
Valley & Company Events Planner photo
Valley & Company Events Planner photo
Valley & Company Events Planner photo
Valley & Company Events Planner photo
Valley & Company Events Planner photo
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7 Reviews for Valley & Company Events

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Alex Married couple on 11 Sep 2021
As a groom, I went into the wedding process a bit unsure of how my role would hash itself out, but knowing full well that I wanted to be involved with my bride. Nick became an excellent resource for me during the entire process; allowing me to comfortably ask questions about attire and the etiquette of how things should unfold with my responsibilities as well as those of my family. He was knowledgeable about everything I asked and things I didn't even know I should. Aleah was kind and always approachable, available to answer questions and to steer us in the right direction. They are a true dynamic duo and their entire team on our wedding day was always smiling and well poised; a testament to their veteran status as we had some near-issues with the weather. No one such as batted an eye. The team they recommended was superb as well; each and every one. A big wave of gratitude to these two and what they did for us throughout the process and on our wedding day; truly the most special day of our lives.
Sam Married couple on 29 Oct 2022
Our wedding week and day was a dream thanks to Nick and Aleah and their team, creativity, and professionalism. We were able to waltz into the weekend feeling so fresh and excited, knowing plans had been so carefully created and that we had the best team possible to bring it all home for us. Each detail our guests experienced was thoughtful and the flowers were so gorgeous. We're forever grateful!
Katie M. Married couple on 23 Oct 2021
There was no question when we first talked with Nick and Aleah of Valley & Co. that they were the perfect match for us. Known for being just kind people who are as stylish as they are capable and knowledgeable, we wanted the experience they explained to us on our first call. They delivered and then some - the process was pretty effortless from our end and we just had to say yes or no, while giving input along the way. Nick and Aleah read our vision and elaborated on it in a way we didn't know possible. When you hear they are truly the best, believe it! The team of vendors they recommended became so paramount to the whole framework of our day and our photos, the food, our flowers, and each detail was beyond impeccable. The design vision Aleah had was partnered wonderfully with the plans she and Nick laid - and her floral knack brought with it dreamy flowers and the most beautiful day for us. We can't thank them enough and hope in this review it's evident how much we appreciate them
Kristan S. Married couple on 31 Oct 2020
Nick and Aleah created the perfect day for our daughter and new son-in-law! Each detail was designed to reflect the couple's personalty- from wildflower arrangements native to the Pacific Northwest, local beach driftwood place card display, wooden bread bowl centerpieces, small containers spilling over with fresh berries. Each and every touch was designed to share their love of nature and their deep commitment to the outdoors. Our family is forever grateful to this dynamic duo for planning and executing a celebration that we will remember forever.
Sarah C. Married couple on 28 Oct 2019
We worked with Nick & Aleah for our wedding, and were so incredibly impressed. Our wedding was in my husband's parent's backyard, so you can imagine the logistics and planning that went into it! They were both so easy to work with, and it honestly felt like they were friends by the end of it all. Aleah has such an incredible eye for design- she made all my wedding dreams and more come true. They were truly the best, and we can't recommend them enough!
Lauren Married couple on 02 Nov 2019
Could not have imagined getting married without this magical duo. Impressed by & grateful for their professionalism and creativity at all stages of wedding planning & execution. Our weekend was a million times more beautiful, loving and memorable than we could have envisioned - and all thanks to Valley & Co!
Chao-Ching Married couple on 17 Nov 2019
Aleah and Nick Valley are wonderful! They took our ideas and aspirations for the wedding and turned it into an event beyond our imaginations! Since both of us were busy with our professions, we were looking for someone who could take on the planning and coordinating. Every vendor recommended to us was top notch! John and I very much appreciate the hard work and dedication Aleah and Nick put into our wedding. We highly recommend them!


Valley & Company Events
Planner Valley & Company Events About me

Our story begins long ago - growing up in Washington State, we were both enamored with parties. The really special kind that reflected a moment in time or celebrated someone we loved. Beach bonfires and crab boils, circus-themed soirees, funny hat parties, and holidays in between sparked a passion in each of us.  Fast forward to 2003 - after both working at student organizations, we graduated fr om university (wh ere we threw some truly epic parties together!) and armed with degrees in Business Entrepreneurship (Aleah) and Criminal Justice and Social Deviance (Nick), we launched Valley & Co. Two of our first events were fantastic: a youth-geared fundraiser for a non-profit benefitting children and a Halloween wedding! Talk about flexing our planning chops out of the gate!  We have grown our company into a renowned house of wedding and event planning, design, and floral, where we work hard to create clever surprises, impeccable visions and to execute feelings and moments that look just like our clients. Your event will become your hallmark, and it should feel just like you.


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What percentage of users recommend Valley & Company Events and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Valley & Company Events is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Valley & Company Events based in Seattle is a top-notch wedding planner that has received 3 Wezoree Awards and 7 glowing reviews from clients. Aleah and Nick Valley, the dynamic duo behind the company, are known for their impeccable professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail. Clients rave about their ability to bring wedding dreams to life and create unforgettable events that exceed expectations.

One client, Chao-Ching, expressed gratitude for Aleah and Nick's dedication to turning their wedding ideas into a reality that surpassed all expectations. Despite being busy with work, the couple was able to rely on Valley & Co Events to handle all aspects of the planning and coordination, resulting in a seamless and beautiful event. Their highly recommended vendors added to the overall success of the wedding.

Lauren also had a magical experience working with Valley & Co Events, praising their creativity and professionalism throughout the wedding planning process. Their ability to bring beauty and love into every detail made the weekend more memorable and special than she could have imagined. Valley & Co Events truly knows how to create an enchanting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impact.

Sarah C. commended Nick and Aleah for their exceptional work in planning a backyard wedding that reflected the couple's personality and love for nature. Their attention to detail and eye for design brought the wedding vision to life, creating a celebration that was truly unique and meaningful. The couple felt like friends by the end of the planning process, emphasizing the personal connection that Valley & Co Events cultivates with their clients.

Kristan S. shared her family's gratitude for the perfect day that Nick and Aleah created for their daughter and son-in-law. The details of the wedding, from the floral arrangements to the place card displays, all reflected the couple's love of nature and commitment to the outdoors. Valley & Co Events' ability to personalize every aspect of the event made it a day to remember forever, showcasing their dedication to curating meaningful and beautiful experiences for their clients.

Katie M. highlighted Valley & Co Events' kindness, style, and expertise in bringing wedding visions to life effortlessly. The couple was impressed by the team of vendors recommended by Nick and Aleah, which contributed to the seamless execution of the event. Aleah's design vision and floral expertise added a dreamy touch to the day, creating a beautiful and unforgettable experience for the couple. The couple expressed deep appreciation for Valley & Co Events' outstanding work and attention to detail.

Finally, Sam expressed gratitude for the dream wedding week and day created by Nick and Aleah and their team. Their creativity and professionalism allowed the couple to relax and enjoy the festivities, knowing that every detail had been carefully planned and executed. The thoughtful touches and gorgeous flowers added to the overall beauty of the event, leaving a lasting impression on both the couple and their guests. Valley & Co Events' commitment to excellence and creating magical moments shines through in every review, making them a highly recommended wedding planner in Seattle.