Ryanne Hollies: A Fusion of Fine Art and Editorial Approach in Wedding Photography

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UPDATED: 06/27/2024


In the world of wedding photography, Ryanne Hollies stands out for her unique blend of fine art, editorial aesthetics, and documentary storytelling. With a background in fine art and curatorial arts, Ryanne brings a fresh and innovative perspective to her craft. Her ability to create images that evoke emotions and capture fleeting moments has made her a sought-after photographer in Toronto, Canada, and beyond. In this article, we explore Ryanne Hollies' artistic journey, her distinct photography style, and her commitment to providing a personalized and memorable experience for her clients.

A Diverse Artistic Background

Photo by Ryanne Hollies

Ryanne Hollies' journey in photography began with a degree in Fine Art from the New Media program at Toronto Metropolitan University. This avant-garde mixed-media program allowed her to experiment and expand her artistic instincts, shaping her unique approach to art. Ryanne's subsequent foray into curatorial arts and curation of exhibitions provided her with a deep understanding of how the presentation of art affects our personal experiences. This perspective has greatly influenced her approach to designing wedding albums and creating a memorable visual narrative for her clients.

A Style Inspired by Fine Art and Editorial Influences

Photo by Ryanne Hollies

Ryanne's photography style is an amalgamation of her fine art background and her influences from music, movies, and editorial photography. Blurring the lines between fine art editorial and documentary photography, Ryanne aims to create images that transcend traditional wedding photography. Her documentary approach allows her to anticipate and capture fleeting moments, while her editorial edge empowers couples to create impactful portraits that break away from convention. Ryanne's goal is to infuse her photographs with a sense of atmosphere and mood, resulting in a collection of images that evoke emotions and become standout memories for her clients.

Analog Film and Digital Expertise

Photo by Ryanne Hollies

Ryanne's passion for shooting on analog film brings a natural sense of nostalgia to her work. She carefully selects film stocks such as Kodak Portra and Kodak Tri-X to infuse her images with a timeless quality. Alongside her Leica M10-P digital camera, Ryanne utilizes various analog cameras, including a Leica M6, Yashica T4, Canon EOS 3, Fuji GA 645, and Mamiya 645 AFD II. This diverse range of equipment allows her to create a cohesive body of work that is both nostalgic and visually captivating.

Thoughtful Post-Processing and Editing

Photo by Ryanne Hollies

Ryanne's meticulous attention to detail extends to her post-processing and editing workflow. She embraces a fine art editing style that aims to maintain the natural essence of her images. With a thorough understanding of film and digital matching, Ryanne ensures that her film and digital photographs seamlessly blend together. By using Capture One software, she carefully crafts her own presets to achieve a consistent and cohesive aesthetic throughout her body of work.

Client Experience and Personal Touch

Photo by Ryanne Hollies

Ryanne places a strong emphasis on providing a personalized and memorable experience for her clients. From the very first meeting, she aims to establish a genuine connection and understand her clients' desires, preferences, and unique vision. By fostering comfort and trust, Ryanne creates an environment where couples can fully immerse themselves in their wedding day, allowing her to capture authentic and meaningful moments.

Customizable Packages

Photo by Ryanne Hollies

Understanding that each couple has unique needs and preferences, Ryanne offers customizable packages tailored to their specific requirements. She takes the time to collaborate and curate a package that perfectly aligns with her clients' vision, ensuring that they receive the products and services that suit their individuality.

Preparation and Guidance

Photo by Ryanne Hollies

Ryanne believes in providing guidance and support to her clients to help them make the most of their wedding photography experience. Her Welcome Guide offers tips and advice on preparing for the shoot and maximizing the benefits of their wedding photography. Ryanne goes above and beyond to help couples feel confident and at ease during their couples' sessions, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience that translates into authentic and beautiful photographs.

A Passion for Travel and Destination Weddings

Photo by Ryanne Hollies

Ryanne's love for adventure and exploration extends to her work as a photographer. She embraces the opportunity to travel and capture weddings in new and exciting destinations. With a deep appreciation for diverse environments and cultures, Ryanne finds inspiration in the unfamiliar, allowing her creativity to thrive. While she doesn't have a single favorite destination, she has had the pleasure of shooting in enchanting locations such as Tuscany, Italy, which provided a dream-like backdrop for her work. Ryanne's enthusiasm for new experiences and her ability to adapt to different settings make her an ideal choice for couples planning destination weddings.

Continual Growth and Learning

Photo by Ryanne Hollies

Ryanne's passion for photography is fueled by the incredible people she meets and the opportunities for growth that her career affords. Her move to the bustling city of Toronto from Calgary opened doors to a diverse community that has enriched her personal and professional life. By surrounding herself with like-minded individuals and constantly learning from her clients, Ryanne's artistry continues to evolve. Her commitment to authenticity and her willingness to embrace her own creative intuition set her apart in an industry often influenced by trends.

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