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  • Publication date: 05/30/2024
  • Updated: 05/30/2024

Tying the knot is one of life's most cherished moments, and finding the right wedding planner can make all the difference in creating a truly memorable and stress-free experience. South Carolina, with its stunning landscapes, rich history, and Southern charm, provides the perfect backdrop for couples to exchange their vows. From the picturesque beaches of the Lowcountry to the rolling hills of the Upstate, this state offers a diverse array of venues and wedding planners to suit every couple's unique vision. In this article, we'll explore the top five wedding planners in South Carolina, each renowned for their exceptional services, attention to detail, and ability to turn dreams into reality.

Calder Clark

Photo Calder Clark

Calder Clark's team is a collection of visionary artisans in the realm of wedding planning, where each celebration is a unique tapestry woven with the threads of the couple's personal narrative. The company transforms ordinary spaces—from the quaint corners of private residences to the unconventional vastness of parking lots—into stages for monumental celebrations that have been talked about for decades.

Their approach is bespoke, shunning the cookie-cutter molds of today's weddings to create events that are meticulously detailed, clean, and classic, yet vibrant with personal touches. What sets this team apart is not just their ability to design a wedding but to craft an experience—an airy, joyful journey through engagement that culminates in a celebration that is as stress-free as it is spectacular. They delve deep into the personal histories of their clients, extracting and refining the subtlest details to infuse into the wedding’s design. This personalized approach ensures that no two weddings are alike, just as no two stories are identical.

Easton Events

Photo Easton Events

Easton Events is an elite, world-renowned luxury wedding planning and design firm that operates globally. Their approach is to deeply understand each client's personal style and vision, then deliver exquisitely chic and inspired designs that build momentum over the entire wedding weekend, culminating in a grand finale event.

No matter how complex the logistics or remote the location - whether a mountain top in Telluride or the desert in Morocco - the Easton team makes it all appear seamless and captures the essence of each setting. Discretion and creating heightened, memorable guest experiences are priorities.

From the initial planning stages through execution, Easton guides couples with an ideal balance of creative vision and practical expertise. Their designs are innovative and luxurious, yet also closely tailored to the couple's personalities and styles. With an eye for transforming settings into extraordinary backdrops, Easton leaves no detail overlooked in pursuit of absolute event perfection.

Gregory "Blake" Sams Events

Photo Gregory "Blake" Sams Events

Gregory Blake Sams Events crafts the kind of celebrations that linger in the memory long after the last guest has departed. This global event-planning firm is known for its unique ability to transform ordinary spaces into settings of magnificent intimacy and grandeur. With a portfolio that spans from whisper-quiet dinners to opulent galas, each event is a testament to the team's versatility and attunement to the distinct tastes of each client.

Led by the visionary Gregory Blake Sams, the firm specializes in creating experiences that are both grand and personal, where every detail is meticulously curated to reflect the essence of the host. Their events are not just planned; they are carefully composed symphonies of style and elegance. Whether it is selecting the perfect venue, weaving unique decorative elements, or coordinating each moving part flawlessly, Gregory Blake Sams Events handles it all with an almost prescient understanding of their client’s vision.

This hands-on approach ensures that each celebration is not only seamless but also singularly captivating. Their commitment to quality over quantity means that every client’s experience is rich with personal attention and care. For those fortunate enough to attend a Gregory Blake Sams-designed event, the experience is unforgettable, leaving an indelible impression of a moment perfectly captured in time.

Lacy Geary Events

Photo Lacy Geary Events

Lacy Geary Events crafts luxury weddings that transcend traditional boundaries, embodying the principles of architecture and design in every meticulously planned celebration. This full-service event planning and design company specializes in ultra-luxury destination weddings, blending organic beauty with refined sophistication. 

Each event orchestrated by Lacy Geary Events is a testament to the company's dedication to detail and passion for storytelling. The team's ability to harmonize the natural environment with architectural elements ensures that every celebration is not only unique but also deeply personal. Their commitment to excellence is evident in how they tailor every aspect of the event to reflect the couple's personality and desires, creating immersive experiences that resonate with both the couple and their guests.

Based in South Carolina but globally minded, Lacy Geary Events travels the world to bring their distinctive blend of romantic beauty and structural elegance to diverse locales. The company's prowess in creating layered, detail-oriented celebrations is sought after by discerning couples worldwide who desire nothing less than a truly remarkable wedding day. 

A Charleston Bride

Photo A Charleston Bride

A Charleston Bride emerges as a beacon of luxury and personalized wedding planning, deeply rooted in the enchanting landscapes of Charleston yet ever willing to traverse the Southeast to bring visions to life. With over two decades of combined expertise, their approach intertwines rigorous attention to logistical detail with a bespoke design aesthetic, crafting each wedding as a unique narrative of its celebrants.

The company's ethos is stitched from the fabric of Charleston's famed hospitality, tailored to create immersive experiences that reflect the distinct personalities and dreams of their clients. This philosophy is elegantly brought to life through the meticulous orchestration of events, whether set against the backdrop of a historic estate or the remote, whimsical settings of a secluded island where logistics transform into an art form.

Clients are invited into a collaborative dance of planning and execution, where every element, from guest transportation to the perfect floral arrangement, is harmonized with the overarching theme of the wedding. The team's profound commitment to making every event a reflection of the couple’s style and story makes A Charleston Bride not just planners but storytellers of love, celebrations, and unforgettable memories.

South Carolina's vibrant wedding industry is brimming with talented professionals dedicated to making your special day unforgettable. Whether you envision a grand affair or an intimate gathering, these top five wedding planners have the expertise and passion to bring your vision to life. From meticulously coordinating every detail to seamlessly executing your grand celebration, they are committed to ensuring that your wedding day is a true reflection of your love story. With their guidance, you can relax and savor every cherished moment, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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