13 Floral Inspirations for Your Como Wedding

  • Publication date: 05/29/2024
  • Updated: 05/29/2024

Just imagine...exchanging vows overlooking that sparkling blue expanse of water as the romantic Italian sun kisses your skin. Timeless villas and gardens dripping with bougainvillea and wisteria vines set the stage for an event straight out of a fairytale. And when it comes to your floral designs, you'll be spoiled for choice with a bounty of lush blooms and greenery that complement Lake Como's beauty to absolute perfection.

From lush garlands draping over ancient stone walls to lavish centerpieces gracing chic lakeside terraces, the floral possibilities are endless for crafting an utterly swoon-worthy celebration in this magical destination. Vibrant Mediterranean hues, soft romantic pastels, fragrant herbs, and citrus accents...it's all here waiting to be woven into your dream day. So let's dive into some seriously dreamy Como wedding flower inspirations, shall we?

Photo @rattiflora
Photo @rattiflora

Lemon Tree Garlands

Embrace the sunny charm of the region by incorporating lemon tree branches and leaves into gorgeous garlands. Drape them along the aisle runner or wrap them around pillars and archways at the ceremony site. For an unexpected twist, have your florist create a striking lemon tree branch backdrop behind the sweetheart table. And don't forget the favors - miniature lemon trees as parting gifts are both practical and on-theme!

Imagine the incredible aroma of those glossy lemon leaves enveloping you on your big day. You could even incorporate some of the cheerful yellow citrus fruits into boutonnières or bridesmaid bouquets for a burst of sunny color.

For a rustic Italian vibe, mix in olive branch accents with the lemon foliage. Consider providing lemon-scented hand fans or refreshing lemon-infused waters to your guests as they bask in the warmth of an iconic Lake Como day.

Photo @giardinodellefateflowerdesign
Photo @giardinodellefateflowerdesign

Romantic Roses

Incorporate the elegance of luxury wedding flowers on Lake Como with lush arrangements of blush, ivory, and deep red roses to leave your guests swooning with timeless beauty. Imagine a cascading bridal bouquet brimming with luscious garden roses in romantic shades of peaches and creams. Heavenly-scented rosebud garlands gracefully adorn the backs of Chiavari chairs lining the aisle, enhancing the majestic lakeside ambiance.

For an ultra-luxe look, go for lush centerpieces bursting with roses of varied shades delicately spilling over the rims of antique urns or vintage compotes. You could even create an ethereal rose petal aisle runner using soft blush and ivory petals.

And for a dramatic send-off, provide rose petal cones for guests to toss at the newlyweds. Those fluttering crimson petals against the backdrop of cerulean waters and timeless Italian architecture are sure to create a moment you'll never forget.

Photo @rattiflora
Photo @rattiflora

Lavender Fields

Fragrant lavender bouquets for your bridesmaids or lavender sprigs tucked into napkin rings evoke rustic Provençal charm. Here are more lavender Como wedding floral ideas to infuse your day with that unforgettable scent:

  1. Line the aisle with potted lavender plants for a beautifully rustic look and heavenly aroma wafting through the air
  2. Provide lavender wands as favors that double as fragrant tossing items to shower the couple
  3. Offer refreshing lavender lemonade garnished with fresh lavender sprigs as a signature drink
  4. Use lavender sachet place cards to delicately scent each table setting for French countryside romance
  5. Incorporate dried lavender into confetti cones for guests to toss violet-hued blooms at the couple

Consider incorporating dried lavender into confetti cones for guests to toss at the couple - those violet-hued blooms against the sparkling lake will make for unbelievably gorgeous photos!

Photo by @jennabryant_photography
Photo by @jennabryant_photography

Olive Branch Accents

Pay homage to the region's agricultural heritage with organic olive branch centerpieces or backdrops. These supple green branches lend such an earthy, natural elegance to any wedding design. You could have your florist weave olive leaf garlands or create minimalist olive branch crowns as unique napkin rings.

For a striking ceremony backdrop, have intertwining olive branches create a stunning arched installation to say your "I do's" beneath. Or let those leafy branches rain down from above by having your florist create an overhead installation above the dance floor or head table - with dangling votive candles nestled here and there, it would cast the most romantic glow over the celebration! The possibilities are endless with the olive's beautiful gray-green hue.

Photo by Holly Clark Photography
Photo by Sarah Falugo

Cascading Wisteria

If getting married in spring, incorporate the cascading purple wisteria blooms into whimsical arches or bouquets. You could have a breathtaking wisteria-covered wedding arch as your ceremony backdrop, delicate amethyst petals brushing across your shoulders as you walk the aisle.

For an ultra-romantic look, decorate the sweetheart table with low trailing wisteria garlands dangling gracefully down the front of the table - with a few pillar candles nestled among the vines, the warm lighting and scent would be pure magic.

You could even allow the blooms to delicately trail down the bridal bouquet for a whimsical, overgrown feel. Hang strands of wisteria from chandeliers or pergolas to create a dazzling floral ceiling over the dance floor or lounge areas. There's something so intoxicatingly romantic about these cascading lavender blooms!

Photo @rattiflora
Photo @rattiflora

Vibrant Bougainvillea

Let the bright pops of fuchsia and orange bougainvillea add a burst of vibrant color to your floral designs. You could line the aisle with potted bougainvillea trees in eye-catching glazed terra cotta planters for an exotic Mediterranean touch. Or use those brilliant blooms to create vibrant accents in lush centerpieces alongside garden roses, peonies, and trailing vines. 

Incorporate the charm of Lake Como wedding flowers into your unforgettable cake design by having your talented baker craft cascading bougainvillea blossoms from the top tier. The hot pink petals against pristine white buttercream will undoubtedly be a showstopper! You could even incorporate bougainvillea into bridal hair adornments, bridal bouquets, or boutonnieres for a vibrant pop of color against crisp wedding whites.

Photo @majedakassirbisharat
Photo @majedakassirbisharat

Fragrant Jasmine

Delicate jasmine vines woven into centerpieces or garlands will perfume the air with their intoxicating scent. Can't you just envision carefully placed jasmine blooms adorning an elegant bridal updo? The heavenly aroma would waft through the air with every turn of the head. 

For enchanting ambiance, have your florist create jasmine garlands to frame the entrances to your reception space or drape them along staircases and balustrades. You could even suspend hanging jasmine installations above key areas like the lounge or bar for maximum fragrance. For the reception tables, jasmine runners down the center of wooden feasting tables would add such an ethereal touch. This tiny but mighty bloom casts the most romantic spell.

Photo @innovative_events_pk
Photo @innovative_events_pk

Elegant Orchids

Make a statement with exotic orchid arrangements that exude luxury and sophistication. These sultry blooms guarantee an opulent affair fit for royalty when incorporated in the following ways:

  1. A lavish bridal bouquet clustered with lush white phalaenopsis or striking purple vanda orchids amidst lush monstera leaves
  2. Centerpieces with elegant orchid blooms bursting forth from mirrored or glass pedestal vessels
  3. Towering aisle arrangements with cascading dendrobium orchids dripping from gilded pedestals
  4. Delicate orchids hanging from shepherds' hooks lining the aisle entrance
  5. Orchid hair adornments like airy hair vines or fresh orchid combs
  6. An all-orchid sweetheart table garland overspilling onto the floor
  7. Potted orchid plants surrounding the ceremony altar or flanking entrances

The possibilities are endless!

Photo @bloomboxdesigns
Photo @bloomboxdesigns

Rustic Sunflowers

For a cheerful, sun-drenched look, add bright sunflowers into your bouquets or aisle decor. You could line each table's runner with miniature sunflowers for a vibrant burst of yellow sunshine. Or cluster large sunflower heads together as unique centerpiece "vases" overflowing with more blooms tumbling out.

A striking asymmetric sunflower arch at the ceremony site would definitely turn heads and let everyone know they were in for a romantic, joyful event! For a fun and festive touch, provide sunflower seeds in pouches at each place setting or as favors - they'll add a playful touch. Sunflowers just have a way of brightening everyone's spirit with their warm hues and cheery disposition.

Photo @gloriousdayflowers
Photo @gloriousdayflowers

Citrus Slices

Get creative by incorporating slices of lemons, oranges, or limes into centerpieces for a fresh, Italian vibe. You could have citrus wheels floating in glass cylinders with pillar candles set atop mirrored tabletops - the soft glowing light would make those slices look incredibly vibrant! Or use the slices to decorate the rims of signature cocktails like spritzes, Aperol drinks, or even limoncello shots for an extra burst of zest. 

Enhance your decor with unique Como wedding floral inspirations. Place lemons or oranges in low wooden boxes or troughs, interspersed with thick-cut slices among lush greenery such as olive branches, rosemary, and kumquat branches. This fresh, aromatic approach will create an unforgettable sensory experience for your guests.

You could get really creative with citrus by having tiny arrangements placed inside hollowed-out grapefruit halves or lemon cups as unique vessels decorating cocktail tables or food stations. For favors, consider gifting small jars of lemon curd, orange marmalade, or other tasty Italian citrus preserves with pretty ribbon and sprig accents. Those cheerful pops of yellow and orange will infuse your day with the most delightful sunny vibes.

Photo @mandy.floraldesigner
Photo @mandy.floraldesigner

Olive Leaves

Olive leaf garlands make for a simple yet chic way to decorate chairs, tables, or ceremonial arches. The soft gray-green hue complements so many color palettes in stunning fashion. You could wrap olive leaf garlands around pillars at the ceremony site or weave them through the backing of classic Chiavari chairs lining the aisle - it would create such an organic, elegant look. For reception tables, drape garlands down the centers atop wooden runners scattered with votive candles for a magical ambiance.

You could even craft olive leaf rings and use them to cinch napkins at each place setting. Olive leaves would look incredibly lush cascading down a sweetheart table skirt or decorating a fireplace mantel as part of the reception decor. For an unexpected twist, use olive leaves to create an eye-catching hanging installation above the dance floor, studding the leaves with twinkling fairy lights that would cast the most enchanting glow.

Photo @floristeria.es.brot
Photo @floristeria.es.brot

Trailing Vines

Let ivy, jasmine, or wisteria vines trail elegantly down staircases, pergolas, or balconies for a lush, overgrown look that feels straight out of a fairytale. This romantic, trailing vine style works beautifully in many Lake Como villas and gardens. You could festoon staircase railings with sweeping ivy garlands or have wisteria vines draping dreamily from pergolas shading intimate lounge areas. For the ultimate statement, commission your florist to create a showstopping floral chandelier installation with dangling vines above the dance floor or head table… can't you just imagine the magic?

Enhance your ceremony with the Como wedding floral design approach: incorporate trailing vines into the arches for a wild, cascading look. Use jasmine or ivy, twining up and around the structure, and weave some of these delicate vines into bridal or bridesmaid hair adornments like flower crowns or whimsical updos. The lush greenery creates an enchanting secret garden vibe that’s utterly captivating.

Photo therusticweddingcompany
Photo @larosacaninafirenze

Herbs & Greenery

Keep it natural with fragrant herb accents like rosemary, lavender, and olive branches mixed with lush greenery. Consider a bridal bouquet featuring fresh rosemary, olive, and eucalyptus - that incredible aroma would perfume the air with every step. For the aisle decor, you could alternate potted herbs like rosemary, lavender, sage, and thyme as unique markers leading up to the altar.

Long feasting tables could be breathtakingly decorated with lush garlands of olive branches, rosemary, and trailing monstera leaves. Let verdant smilax vines draped with pops of white orchids, roses, or anemones add depth and romance to tall centerpieces. You could even use bundles of herb accents like lavender or rosemary as distinctive chair markers along ceremony and reception rows. Natural touches like these cultivate the most wonderfully fragrant and welcoming atmosphere!

Photo by @aga_photography
Photo by @aga_photography
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