Top 5 Photographers in Florida

  • Publication date: 02/27/2024
  • Updated: 02/28/2024

Among the countless photographers working in the state of Florida, a select few stand out for their exceptional talent, vision, and ability to capture the essence of the Sunshine State. In this article, we will shine a spotlight on the top 5 wedding photographers in Florida. From sun-drenched beach ceremonies to opulent ballroom receptions, these masters of their craft paint a visual story through each click of the shutter. With an eye for candid moments, stunning portraiture, and beautiful details, they elevate the wedding photography experience.

Reem Photography

Photo by Reem Photography

In the sun-drenched landscapes of South Florida, the team led by Kareem Virgo at Reem Photography stands distinguished among the top wedding photographers in FL. Initially charting a course toward a career in accounting, Kareem found his true calling in an unexpected turn of fate. Photography didn't just catch his eye; it captured his heart, marking the beginning of a profound journey.

With Reem Photography, Kareem and his dedicated team bring an unparalleled dedication to capturing the essence of love and matrimony. They don't just take photos; they craft lasting memories with the precision and creativity of true artists. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every shot, capturing the fleeting moments and intricate details of weddings with a deep understanding of their significance.

At REEM Photography, the ethos is clear: photography is more than a service; it's a channel for storytelling, connection, and inspiration. By personalizing each session to reflect the unique love stories of their clients, Kareem and his team offer not just photographs, but experiences that resonate with emotion and beauty.

Paula Jackson Photography

Photo by Paula Jackson Photography

Paula Jackson Photography is a symbol of creativity and passion among top wedding photographers in Florida. With an origin story rooted in a deep-seated love for capturing moments, Paula embarked on her professional journey after realizing that her true calling lay far from her initial career in nursing. Since 2017, she has dedicated herself full-time to this craft, marking nearly eight years of professional experience.

The essence of Paula's work lies in her distinctive style—candid editorial with a timeless aesthetic, a blend that ensures each photograph she takes is not just seen but felt. Paula finds her greatest joy in the freedom her profession affords her: the freedom to create art, travel the globe, and immerse herself in the myriad stories of love and celebration she is entrusted to document. Her approach to working with clients is both meticulous and collaborative, starting with an initial call to align visions and continuing with a series of steps to ensure harmonious outcomes.

For those preparing for their big day, Paula underscores the importance of having a solid support team, including a planner and a second photographer, to ensure everything unfolds smoothly. Her passion for destination weddings shines through, with Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, holding a special place in her heart as her favorite wedding destination.

Erika Delgado

Photo by Erika Delgado

In the captivating world of top photographers in Florida, Erika Delgado emerges as a distinguished artist, whose journey into the realm of capturing nuptial bliss is nothing short of inspiring. With a foundation rooted deeply in the arts, travel, and event hospitality management, Erika, alongside her brother, crafts photographs that transcend mere images, becoming timeless treasures of warmth, honesty, and spontaneity. Residing in West Palm Beach with her beloved husband and son, her life is a testament to the harmony between personal fulfillment and professional excellence.

For over a decade and a half, Erika has honed her craft, dedicating 15 years to the art of photography. Her style is a refined blend of fine art and documentary, with an editorial flair that pays homage to fashion and the intricate details that adorn the day of union. Erika's lens focuses on the natural, unscripted moments between couples and their loved ones, capturing the essence of emotion and connection that such occasions bring forth.

Communication sits at the heart of Erika's approach to photography. By forging a deep connection with her clients early in the journey, she not only understands their vision but also builds a foundation of trust. This relationship is further nurtured through engagement sessions, allowing for a seamless and authentic representation of each couple's unique story.

Laura Palacios Photography

Photo by Laura Palacios Photography

Laura Palacios Photography, Florida’s famous photographer, is renowned for her unique blend of English elegance and Miami glamour. With a decade of capturing memories, her style embodies a cultivated elegance that gracefully bridges the timeless with the modern.

What distinguishes Laura Palacios Photography is not solely her artistic vision or technical skill but the profound fulfillment she derives from her craft. Her ability to put couples at ease, fostering moments of genuine intimacy and capturing those fleeting instances of true connection, epitomizes the joy she finds in her work. This knack for "freezing the moment" underscores Laura’s passion for photography not merely as a job but as a vocation to immortalize the happiness and love of wedding celebrations.

Destination weddings serve as a source of fresh inspiration for Laura, with a passion for travel that rejuvenates her creative zest. From the historic alleys of Paris to the tranquil vistas of The Lake District and the vivid colors of Tulum, each location introduces a new perspective, a different light, and a reinvigorated passion for documenting love stories worldwide.

Zai Laffitte Photography

Photo by Zai Laffitte Photography

Zai Laffitte Photography, celebrated as one of the top wedding photographers in FL, expertly navigates the world of wedding photography with a global lens, stretching from the vibrant streets of Miami, Florida, to the picturesque landscapes of Southern Europe, including Spain and Italy. With a rich tapestry of experience woven from her beginnings in writing and photojournalism, she has cultivated an eye for the ephemeral, the moments laden with emotion and unscripted beauty. 

Since embarking on her photographic journey in 2010, Zai has embraced a style that defies the mundane, aiming to encapsulate moments in a way that feels both immediate and eternal. What truly sets Zai apart is the profound connection she fosters with those she photographs. Understanding that the heart of photography lies in storytelling, she approaches each event not just as an observer, but as an integral part of the narrative unfolding before her. This connection is cultivated through open communication, sharing visions through mood boards, and engaging in discussions that extend beyond photography, ensuring the final images reflect the true essence of the day.

With a fondness for destination weddings, particularly in the enchanting streets of Paris, Zai Laffitte Photography transcends the traditional boundaries of wedding photography, inviting us into a world where each photograph is not just seen but felt, a memory captured not just in time but in the heart.

These top 5 photographers in Florida have not only established themselves as masters of their craft but have also played a significant role in shaping the visual identity of the state. Their work serves as a reminder of the incredible diversity and beauty that can be found in every corner of Florida. We’re sure that these photographers' portfolios will inspire and captivate you!

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