Laura Palacios Photographer photo
Laura Palacios Photographer photo
Laura Palacios Photographer photo
Laura Palacios Photographer photo
Laura Palacios Photographer photo
Laura Palacios Photographer photo
Laura Palacios Photographer photo
Laura Palacios Photographer photo
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15 Reviews for Laura Palacios

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Rajaa Cahill Married couple on 18 Feb 2024
The moment I met Laura, I just knew she had to be our wedding photographer! From the initial consultation to the final delivery, the experience was seamless, professional, and beyond my highest expectations. Laura's ability to capture the essence of our day, from the grand, sweeping moments, to the subtle, intimate details, was nothing short of remarkable. Her keen eye for detail, combined with a unique artistic style, brought our wedding photos to life in a way that felt so genuine and vibrant. Laura’s approach was both friendly and unobtrusive, making everyone feel at ease, which resulted in natural, beautiful shots that truly reflected the joy and love of our special day. Communication throughout the process was clear and responsive, making us feel supported and understood every step of the way. The turnaround time was impressive, and the quality of the final images exceeded our highest hopes. Choosing Laura as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions we made! For any couple looking for a wedding photographer, I cannot recommend Laura highly enough. Her passion, professionalism, and talent are evident in every photo, making your special day unforgettable.
Paul Quinn Married couple on 26 Mar 2022
What can't be said about Laura, I first saw her pictures on Instagram and started to follow her but ask she was Miami based, I never thought we would be able to hire her which was such a shame but after posting, looking for a photographer she responded she would be willing to travel back to the UK to shoot in the lakes as her family still lived in the UK.
Throughout covid we had to change our dates a few times because our initial wedding venue went under and everywhere was in lockdown, Laura was so nice about everything, very efficient in re-sending contracts etc so from a technical/business sense there is nothing she could do more.
Now when we get down to our engagement shoot we travelled to London to meet Laura and treated it as a weekend away and Laura knew some great locations for nature walks with deer in the background etc and the pictures came our just how we imagined, I dont like being in pictures so Laura's eye for detail and catching the beauty in the background of pictures aswell as instruction on poses/how to stand properly to get the best image was perfect.
Down to the wedding and she travelled to Lake Windemere a day early so she could spend some time in the local area and we invited her to come and see the venue early when nobody was there, the pictures on the day were absolute perfection, many things she captured, we didn't even see ourselves until the finished product was sent to us, so much details, such good lighting in her signature style, individual pictures of all the Alice in Wonderland themed centre peices, archway, Cheshire cat hanging in the tree outside, she captured absolutely everything and pictures I love most are those of people just enjoying themselves, not knowing someone is taking a picture, you get such a natural reaction and you can feel the joy coming through in the images.
I honestly could not fault Laura and would re hire her tomorrow if I could but you only ever get married once! Maybe the vow renewal in 8 years.
Laura and her family are such lovely people, we've gave them an open offer to stay with us anything they're in the UK and its not everyday you invite someone into your home but you get such a nice feeling from Laura and you can tell she is genuinely a lovely woman and a magnificent photographer.
If your thinking of hiring her and have any reservations, just reach out, the worst she can say is she can't travel or she's already booked, if she can do it, you will not regret your decision.
Amanda Cox Married couple on 10 Oct 2022
Where to start? Laura has photographed some pivotal moments for my family: two family shoots after my girls and I added a "bonus dad" to our crew, a surprise engagement (the masterminding behind and events that went down that day really deserve their own review, ha!) and most recently our wedding. I knew when we decided to elope without guests, Laura was the only option for documenting it. We actually picked our date based on her availability to fly to us or us to her. It didn't matter because I'd have my three most important people, and Laura who by that point was our friend as much as much as our photographer.

I read once that for your wedding day, you should pick a photographer you could be friends with. That person will be there for the nitty gritty of it all. When I tell you Laura will be your friend by the end of your own wedding, even if it's the first time you meet her, I mean it. She has the biggest heart. She captures the most intimate moments. Her creative style is UNMATCHED. She prioritizes you and your vision to a T, then documents it beautifully.

Laura, thank you for being part of some of my favorite milestones. Thank you for making our simple moments feel the most magical. I am blessed beyond words to know you and to watch your photography passion evolve and absolutely flourish. We love you and cherish all your work for us!
MacKenzie Dias Married couple on 25 Sep 2021
Laura is so insanely talented— she made our day go by so smoothly. Was my voice and my husbands voice whenever we needed it. Absolutely fantastic team that she has as well. Her responsiveness, professionalism, and ability to make you feel like family— makes her the photographer of your dreams! Laura will have your back and also make sure your photos are the best photos you’ve had in your life. She WILL make your vision become a reality and we will continue to use her in any capacity we can moving forward.
Bridget Cohn Married couple on 17 Dec 2022
I cannot even put into words how incredible it was working with Laura for our engagement and wedding photos. My husband and I are not the most comfortable in front of the camera. But Laura made it easy. She let us be us and still captured the best moments. On our wedding day, there were several moments I truly don’t know if we could have managed another photographer. When our wedding planner was nowhere to be found, Laura stepped in and buttoned up my dress. We have several family members that don’t speak English. No problem for Laura, We had a step brother that is autistic. Again no problem for Laura. She is kind, patient, and anyone would be incredibly lucky to have her shoot their wedding. Oh, and the icing on the cake is her pictures are INCREDIBLE. We can only hope Laura is willing to be our family photographer for life
Shirley Campbell Married couple on 02 Oct 2020
Laura was our photographer for our Covid wedding in 2020 AND 2021. She traveled to California and I am so happy I found her! Even with all the new rules and regulations and a very quick ceremony and mini reception in 2020 Laura caught some of my favorite photos of my husband and I. She is the sweetest photographer and she makes you feel like she’s a friend photographing her long time friends.
Courtney Feinberg Married couple on 05 May 2023
We first met Laura during my surprise engagement and engagement shoot. My husband was referred a few photographers but once he saw her page, his decision was made. Little did we know that that stranger would become so special to us and so involved in our life’s big moments.  She proved herself to be not only kind and patient and sweet, but an absolute TALENT. Her photos are dreamy romantic pieces of art that perfectly capture the feeling and vibes of those moments. It wasn’t even a discussion when deciding on who would be the photographer for our wedding, it was always Laura. We ended up moving our wedding up due to some family health issues, and she still was able to accommodate us with only two months notice. Laura caught every single moment, in a tight space, and was still able to do it with such grace. To be honest, she was so sneaky getting some shots, but she maneuvered how ever she did to make it so. Our wedding photos are a real testament to that, as she was even featured in BRIDES magazine as she absolutely deserved to be!  I also have to mention that Laura used her photos during the wedding and became a detective to locate the diamond that went missing out of my ring during our wedding! She literally saved the night and we all went TikTok viral for a moment!
We now are expecting our first baby and again, we cannot imagine doing a maternity shoot or a new born shoot with anyone else. If you are lucky enough to meet Laura and have her be apart of your special moments you’ll know exactly what I’m saying. Laura truly stays strong and flexible during high stress moments and truly makes you feel like the most beautiful person in the world. Michael and I forever grateful for her and her art!
Kayleen Roosta Married couple on 04 Jun 2022
Laura’s work is an art. She is so sweet, easy to work with, and beyond talented. She captures every detail and moment when she’s with us. You get more than just photographs. She captures every emotion and every laugh. This is what makes her work so special.
Daniella Schwarz Married couple on 19 Mar 2022
Laura’s work is absolute perfection and she is such a joy to work with! We were left speechless when looking through our wedding photos.

With so many moving pieces during a wedding it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus of the present moment - Laura has the ability to calm and ground you! She provided us with direction (we can be awkward in front of a camera) but also encouraged us to just be ourselves and enjoy the moment. With that, each photo captured were such organic and natural moments that we will cherish forever.

Laura will be our family’s life long photographer!. To many more years and memories - Thank you Laura!
Danielle Jakeman Married couple on 07 Jan 2023
Laura photographed our wedding and was an absolute Angel!! We loved her calming presence and subtle direction and the photos were everything I’d hoped for and more. Highly recommend!
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Laura Palacios
Photographer Laura Palacios About me

I was born in a tiny village outside of London. My childhood was spent in the woods and meadows of the English countryside. It’s here that I’m sure I started romanticizing life. My parents decided to make a life changing move to Miami, and I’ve lived in America for 20 years.    A lot of my approach to photography is wrapped in my English upbringing. There’s a timeless elegance to England. When mixed with the glamour of Miami, I think you’ll start to recognize the inspiration behind my work.


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What percentage of users recommend Laura Palacios and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Laura Palacios is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

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Laura Palacios from Miami is a highly acclaimed wedding photographer on Wezoree Community. With an impressive count of three awards and fourteen positive reviews from satisfied clients, it is evident that Laura is an exceptional photographer who goes above and beyond for her clients. Her talent, professionalism, and passion for photography are unmatched, making her a top choice for couples looking to capture their special day in a beautiful and meaningful way. Laura's ability to listen to her clients' vision and deliver stunning, candid, and documentary-style photos sets her apart from other photographers.

Vanessa Palmisano describes Laura as not only extremely talented but also kind-hearted, making every photo session easy, fun, and relaxing. Maria Jenkins praises Laura's attention to detail, ability to communicate with other vendors, and leadership on the wedding day, ensuring that the couple's vision is captured flawlessly. Serena Hooper highlights Laura's incredible talent, sweet personality, and willingness to go above and beyond for her clients. Courtney Feinberg shares how Laura became a special part of their lives, capturing their engagement, surprise proposal, and wedding with grace and talent. Michelle Garcia emphasizes Laura's genuine nature, creativity, and ability to capture every emotion and moment beautifully.

Laura's dedication to her craft and her clients is remarkable, as evidenced by the glowing reviews she has received. Her ability to make couples feel comfortable and at ease, her attention to detail, and her passion for photography shine through in every image she captures. Laura's calming presence on the wedding day, her creativity, and her commitment to exceeding clients' expectations make her a standout vendor on Wezoree. Couples looking for a talented and caring photographer to capture their special moments in Miami need look no further than Laura Palacios. With her expertise and commitment to creating stunning and meaningful images, Laura is truly a gem in the wedding photography industry.