Top 10 Photographers in Paris

  • Publication date: 12/15/2023
  • Updated: 12/20/2023

Paris is where love dances through the streets, and every corner whispers a story of romance. We are thrilled to take you on a delightful journey through the cobbled lanes of this enchanting city, unveiling the top wedding photographers in Paris. Imagine standing hand in hand with your beloved, the Eiffel Tower casting its golden glow as a backdrop. Now, who wouldn't want to freeze that moment forever? So, let us whisk you away on a magical tour!

Remember, choosing the right photographer is like choosing the perfect wine to accompany a gourmet meal - it enhances the experience and leaves a lingering taste of joy. So, come along, let's find the one who will turn your love story into a visual symphony. After all, in the city of love, every snapshot is a rendezvous with forever.

Greg Finck Photography

Greg Finck Photography.jpg
Photo by Greg Finck Photography
Photo by Greg Finck Photography
Greg Finck Photography (2).jpg
Photo by Greg Finck Photography

At Greg Finck Photography, the team has dedicated the past decade to capturing weddings and events around the world for an elite international clientele. Their mission extends beyond delivering exceptional photography; they aim to provide a unique and excellent experience for their clients. The team places a strong emphasis on the craft of photography, working with a select number of clients each year to ensure the highest standards in the industry. Their services and products are customized to suit the distinctive nature of each event, reflecting their commitment to quality and attention to detail.

They hold values of excellence, diversity, inclusion, and timeless elegance in high regard, and are known for creating cherished family heirlooms. A distinctive feature of their service is the inclusion of a handcrafted Archival Box with each portrait session and wedding. This box contains a USB of digital files and a set of proof prints on FujiFilm paper, emphasizing the importance of preserving memories in a tangible form.

Oliver Fly

Oliver Fly.jpg
Photo by Oliver Fly
Oliver Fly (3).jpg
Photo by Oliver Fly
Oliver Fly (2).jpg
Photo by Oliver Fly

Oliver Fly is a Paris-based photographer whose journey and style are as unique as they are inspiring. His tale begins in the enchanting landscapes of Madagascar, a place that stole his heart and ignited his passion for photography. For him, it's all about capturing the essence of life's fleeting moments and turning them into timeless treasures. Since 2015, Oliver has been doing just that, traveling the world with his keen eye, shaping memories into visual stories.

Oliver's photographic style is akin to an artist delicately painting on a canvas, each stroke vibrant and full of life, meticulously highlighting the finer details. It's a soothing experience, where his passion for detail becomes a language speaking directly to the soul. But the real fuel that keeps his creativity aflame is the sheer joy of immortalizing love stories. For Oliver, photography is a heartfelt ode to the beauty of travel and the passage of time. His pictures are like portals, allowing anyone who looks at them to be instantly transported back to their most treasured moments, feeling every emotion as if they're living it all over again.

KT Merry

KT Merry (4).jpg
Photo by KT Merry
KT Merry (2).jpg
Photo by KT Merry
KT Merry.jpg
Photo by KT Merry

KT Merry is a remarkable photographer with a unique style and a passion for adventure. She started her career learning from top fashion photographers, gaining skills in lighting, composition, and style. But Merry wanted more than just fashion shoots; she wanted to create meaningful, timeless images. She has spent the last ten years photographing adventurous and loving couples, capturing their wedding days and the stories of their relationships. Working with her husband Chad, they focus on making real, authentic stories come to life in their photos.

Merry is not just a photographer; she's a visionary artist and a conservationist who loves what she does. She's always creating, learning, and filled with wanderlust. Her photos are known for their natural, dreamy quality, capturing moments that tell a story. Besides her photography, Merry loves to run in every city she visits and has a soft spot for dogs.

Audrey Neracoulis

Audrey Neracoulis (2).jpg
Photo by Audrey Paris
Audrey Neracoulis (3).jpg
Photo by Audrey Paris
Audrey Neracoulis.jpg
Photo by Audrey Paris

Based in the vibrant Marais district of Paris, Audrey Neracoulis’s craft in film photography is a harmonious blend of fashion house inspiration and a distinct editorial flair, encompassing genres from sophisticated boudoirs to elegant wedding photography.

Embodied with true Parisian essence, Audrey's work exudes a "je ne sais quoi" - a phrase that aptly encapsulates the classic femininity and timeless elegance permeating her images. Her photographs don't merely freeze moments; they narrate stories, capturing the chic romance and the emotional tapestry between her couples. Moreover, the chemistry she encapsulates is clear and unmistakable, refined through her signature monochromatic and dreamy color palettes.

Her penchant for shooting romantic, clean, and classic images aligns with her love for exploring global cities and indulging in simple pleasures like a pain au chocolat from a nearby cafe. This passion for life's beautiful simplicities and luxuries - be it beautiful shoes, late-night cocktails, or expensive candles is reflected vividly in her work.

Janna Brown Design Co.

Janna Brown Design Co..jpg
Photo by Janna Brown Design Co.
Janna Brown Design Co. (3).jpg
Photo by Janna Brown Design Co.
Janna Brown Design Co. (2).jpg
Photo by Janna Brown Design Co.

Janna Brown Design Co. is a master of photographic storytelling in the wedding industry. Imagine an artisan whose journey extends beyond a decade, a photographer not merely confined to borders but one whose canvas has been embellished by over ten countries. Her work transcends the traditional boundaries of photography, emerging as an exquisite form of art, deeply intertwined with her expertise in floral art and design. Each photograph she captures is a symphony of emotions, a narrative that weaves intimacy with grandeur.

Janna's approach to photography is akin to a poetic ode to luxury destination weddings, infused with a touch of editorial sophistication. Her images are more than mere visual representations; they are emotional journeys. The rich, vivid tones, the soft, deliberate focus, and the meticulous attention to every minute detail - all come together to create a visual narrative that's nothing short of intoxicating. And let's not forget her ability to capture those raw, unguarded moments, transforming them into painterly masterpieces. It's like she's not just photographing a wedding, but romancing every little detail.

Molly Carr Photography

Molly Carr Photography.jpg
Photo by Molly Carr Photography
Molly Carr Photography (2).jpg
Photo by Molly Carr Photography
Photo by Molly Carr Photography

Molly Carr Photography, a name synonymous with capturing life's most ephemeral moments, began her journey in the realm of fashion. After honing her skills in fashion photography, she transitioned into travel photography, traveling and capturing the essence of diverse cultures. It's like she was on a quest, not just to see the world, but to narrate its stories through her lens.

Molly found her true calling at a destination wedding. It's as if everything clicked – the setting, the emotions, the beauty. She realized she wanted to create timeless images, snapshots that capture the depth and truth of moments. This epiphany led her to wedding photography, where she crafts images that are not just photographs but heirlooms, brimming with life and love. Her style is like a dreamy fusion of Parisian light and the vibrant hues of Impressionism. She aims to create graceful, heart-stirring representations of your special day, filled with joie de vivre.

Franklyn K Photography

Franklyn K Photography.jpg
Photo by Franklyn K Photography
Franklyn K Photography (3).jpg
Photo by Franklyn K Photography
Franklyn K Photography (2).jpg
Photo by Franklyn K Photography

Since his debut in 2018, Franklyn has been painting stories with his lens, specializing in weddings and portraits. He’s like a shadow, silently capturing those raw, heartfelt moments, each snap telling a story that's both vivid and deeply personal. His portfolio is a vibrant tapestry of emotions, splashed with bright colors and interwoven with classic black and white elegance.

Franklyn is a storyteller, finding those unnoticed nuances, those fleeting glances and laughter, and freezing them in time. He’s discreet, yet every image he captures is drenched in emotion and honesty. When it comes to working with clients, Franklyn harmonizes every aspect of the photography experience. From the initial meet-up to the final reveal of the photos, he’s all about syncing his vision with the clients’.

And let’s not forget, Franklyn is a globetrotter at heart, capturing weddings from the quaint streets of Paris to the rolling hills of Tuscany. Each destination is more than just a backdrop; it's a character in the story of each wedding he photographs.

Ha Nguyen

Ha Nguyen (3).jpg
Photo by Ha Nguyen
Ha Nguyen (2).jpg
Photo by Ha Nguyen
Ha Nguyen.jpg
Photo by Ha Nguyen

Ha Nguyen is a photographer who has mastered the art of capturing love stories. Based in both Paris and Montreal, Ha brings a unique blend of timeless elegance and editorial flair to her photography, focusing on modern romantics. Since embarking on her journey in 2017, she has developed a distinct style that artfully combines artistic portraits with a documentary approach, ensuring that each couple's unique connection shines through.

But what really sparks joy in Ha's heart is the freelance life, with its endless travel and the kaleidoscope of people she meets. And of course, capturing love in its myriad forms. It's not just a job; it's an adventure, each project unique because, let's face it, no two love stories are the same.

Working with Ha is a breeze, too. She's all about understanding her clients' needs, ensuring every couple feels special with welcome gifts, a comprehensive wedding guidebook, and personalized follow-ups. And, she even offers a photobox - how cool is that?

Jérémy Froeliger

Jérémy Froeliger.jpg
Photo by Jérémy Froeliger
Jérémy Froeliger (4).jpg
Photo by Jérémy Froeliger
Jérémy Froeliger (3).jpg
Photo by Jérémy Froeliger

Jérémy Froeliger is a Paris-based professional wedding photographer with a profound passion for fine art wedding photography. Over eight years, Jérémy has immersed himself in the enchanting realm of weddings, capturing over 150 ceremonies with a blend of joy and professionalism that's both refreshing and inspiring.

His method is deeply personal and interactive. Armed with his camera, Jérémy doesn't just observe; he becomes part of the celebration, seamlessly blending into the crowd to instinctively capture those fleeting, precious moments. His presence is both encouraging and guiding, offering a sense of comfort and ease to those he photographs.

Jérémy's expertise isn't confined to Paris alone; his artistry spans across France and beyond. He cherishes the opportunity to work in diverse and exceptional locations, from the luxurious Ritz Paris to the iconic Shangri-La. This geographic flexibility, coupled with a desire to understand each couple's unique story, allows him to tailor his services to their specific needs and desires, ensuring a personalized experience.

Claire Morris

Photo by Claire Morris
Claire Morris (2).jpg
Photo by Claire Morris

Claire Morris' photographic journey, sparked by her twin passions for music and photography, began in 2001. Her early work, capturing the essence of the dynamic music scene, graced the pages of renowned international magazines. This initial foray into photography not only put her in close quarters with celebrities but also set the stage for a portfolio rich in diversity and vibrancy. It was the magnetic allure of Paris, the quintessential "City of Love," where Claire truly found her artistic home. Her talent in wedding photography, celebrated for its romantic touch, has since been featured in numerous esteemed publications.

Yet, the essence of Claire Morris's photography transcends mere image capturing. It's an art form that delves deep into the intricate and splendid nature of relationships. Claire's approach is crafting high-end photographs that are not just visual treats but emotional echoes, stirring memories and feelings that last a lifetime. With a keen eye for beauty and a heart deeply entrenched in romance, her work stands as a poignant reminder of the magic that happens when one’s true calling aligns perfectly with time and place.

As our enchanting journey through the streets of Paris concludes, we find ourselves filled with a sense of awe and inspiration. The top 10 wedding photographers in Paris we've explored are true storytellers who capture the essence of love and commitment. In their portfolios, you will find more than just photographs; you will find pieces of heart, fragments of dreams, and echoes of laughter. Whether you seek the dramatic flair of black and white, the vivid bursts of color, or the soft, romantic hues of a Parisian sunset, there is a perfect match for your story!

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