Sara Landon Events’ Journey in Crafting Wonderful Weddings

  • Publication date: 02/14/2024
  • Updated: 02/14/2024

Sara Landon Events, a New York City-based company, is renowned for its exceptional expertise in high-end event planning. Founded in 2014, the company's roots trace back to the dazzling world of Hollywood events, where Sara Landon honed her skills. She recounts, "Having started with the Friars Club of Beverly Hills and then spending years with Wolfgang Puck’s Hollywood off-premise catering company specializing in events that included the Academy Awards, Grammy’s and various movie premieres, my attention to detail is brought to you with humor, compassion, and discretion."

Philosophy and Services

At the heart of Sara Landon Events lies a philosophy centered around creating personalized and lively experiences. "We are here to create experiences that are unique and full of life. We design weddings based on our couples personal style, likes, dislikes, and loves," Sara explains.

They offer full planning services with a strong focus on design direction, adapting their packages to suit each client's story, needs, and budget. Landon emphasizes, "Every wedding has a unique story and we are here to help bring that story to life. Whether hosting regionally or internationally we offer full planning wherever your heart takes you and your guests."

Memorable Experiences

One of the most unforgettable weddings orchestrated by Sara Landon Events took place on Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos. Sara vividly describes the event: "Imagine yourself on an island called Green Turtle Cay in the Abaco’s accessible only by boat and 23 miles from the closest airport. The island of Green Turtle Cay had been frequented by the bride's family when they were children. Having been decimated by Hurricane Dorian in 2019 it was most important that we pull natural elements and local Bahamian vendors whenever possible. Over the course of three days, with the help of many locals, and the use of a machete we snuck onto the plane we foraged for greenery and island flowers. The result was a 4-day island experience including boat tours, golf carts, a pool party Sangeet, and a beachfront ceremony and reception that brought joy to everyone involved.

Working with Clients and Challenges

Sara Landon's approach to client relationships is systematic and personalized. She says, "I break down planning into phases so the process isn't overwhelming. We start by getting to know each other, we secure what I refer to as "The Big Three" venue, photo, entertainment. Those are the three vendors that once they are booked they can't do more than one wedding in a day. Then we move on to the really fun design elements." 

Sara candidly discusses the challenges faced in the industry, particularly in balancing expectations with reality. She advises, "Everyone is working with a budget whether they know what it is from day one or not. Do not overextend yourself by blowing it all on the venue unless that venue has enough character to offset the cost of decor."

Sara Landon extends heartfelt advice to couples embarking on their wedding planning journey. She stresses the importance of authenticity, advising, "Be true to yourselves as a couple and make it memorable with details that are important to you. Don't try and impress anyone else." This philosophy underscores the essence of creating a wedding that truly reflects the couple's personality and story.

Dream Venues

When discussing her dream wedding venue, Landon reveals her personal preferences and the challenges she enjoys overcoming. "I hate bugs and I love temperature control but I do love building from scratch," she says. Her ideal setting involves transforming a simple backyard or field into a bespoke and extraordinary venue. "Give me a backyard or a field and let's create a one-of-a-kind space together," she proposes, highlighting her passion for crafting unique and tailored wedding experiences.

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