Picture-Perfect Love Stories: Meet a Famous NYC photographer - Julian Navarette

  • Publication date: 08/13/2023

Meet Julian Navarette, a highly experienced wedding photographer in New York! It's the beginning of an exciting narrative about a photographic artist who effortlessly waltzes between the sophistication of fine art and the compelling storytelling of photojournalism. As we explore his style, it becomes evident how his craft has evolved into a unique blend that sets him apart.

A Conductor of Imagery

The camera, to him, is an extension of his vision. Julian's equipment ensemble features the best from the worlds of film and digital. The likes of Contax 645, Holga, Fujifilm, Sony, and Leica make up his orchestra, each playing its part in creating the symphony of his photographic masterpieces.

He elaborates on his post-production process: "For film, it's just retouching and cropping, et cetera. And for digital - retouching, color toning, and processing."

The Fuel of Passion and Professionalism

The gleam in his eyes is unmistakable as he talks about the aspects of his profession that fill him with joy. "It's the meeting of new people and photographing in all different locations all over!" he exclaims, encapsulating the spirit of a true adventurer.

Transitioning to his work ethic, he shares his approach to client collaboration. "I do a lot of direction and guiding. Talking to them a lot before we start shooting helps get them comfortable and explains what we will be doing." This dedication doesn't come without its long hours, often providing 10-12 hours of coverage for a wedding or event.

The Art of Personalization and Preparation

He's a firm believer in personalizing his service, starting from a base price of 15k for ten hours and extending to customized packages tailored to clients' needs. "Yes! I think custom packages are better than set packages," he affirms.

He has a pro tip for his clients. "Putting together a mood board helps! I tend to brief my couples a lot beforehand, either by a call or sending a detailed email." This photographer certainly knows the value of preparation!

A Journey Beyond Borders

And the adventure doesn't end within the confines of his hometown. He's a seasoned globetrotter and an ardent fan of destination weddings. "Yes! Italy and Italy have been favorites so far," he admits with a fond smile.

And so, as we close this tale of artistry and passion, we're left with a fascinating portrait of a photographer who skillfully merges the worlds of fine art and photojournalism. Julian's an artist, an adventurer, a guide, and above all, a passionate storyteller capturing the magic of life through his lens.

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