Scott Bui Co: Where Rebel Artistry Meets Maverick Storytelling in Perfect Fusion

  • Publication date: 08/09/2023
  • Updated: 01/11/2024

Ah, dear, what a privilege we have today! Let us regale you with an engaging tale from our recent tête-à-tête with a rather extraordinary individual - Scott Bui Co. This candid wedding photographer in New York is not your ordinary shutterbug. He wields his camera as if it were an extension of his very soul. His lens? Focused on love. His style? An artful blend of modern flair and traditional candor, as refreshing as a cool mountain spring on a scorching day. "My style moves like water," he says, adding a unique, vibrant color to the world of wedding photography.

A Distinct Style: Luxury, Modernism, Timelessness

Photo by Scott Bui Co
Photo by Scott Bui Co

Our tale takes us back just four years, the length of Scott's professional photography journey. Yet, his work exudes an air of luxury, modernism, and timelessness that belies his relatively short tenure. Each click of his shutter echoes with a refined aesthetic sensibility akin to sipping a rich vintage wine. His arsenal of choice? The Leica Q2 and Leica SL2s.

What happens once Scott captures a moment in his frame? Well, dear, here is where he truly works his magic. The nitty-gritty involves skin retouching, object removal, and color retouching. The resulting images? Nothing short of magical transformations.

Crafting Stories of Love: Beyond the Artisan

Photo by Scott Bui Co
Photo by Scott Bui Co

Make no mistake, Scott is far from being just an artisan. His love for his craft is so palpable, it's like a gardener's affection for their blooms. His joy in being a wedding photographer surpasses that of a child in a candy store. “It’s about capturing the genuine emotions that unfold throughout the day, from the contagious laughter to the heartfelt tears. It's a privilege to be entrusted with preserving these fleeting moments," he says, his voice filled with emotion. For him, it's not just about creating a photograph but crafting stories of love, connection, and joy that couples will revisit time and again.

A Customized Approach: Tailoring Dreams into Reality

Photo by Scott Bui Co
Photo by Scott Bui Co

What's his secret ingredient, you ask? "Listen to what they want to achieve and make it happen, and make sure to pay attention to small details. It's that simple," he shares. Scott listens patiently to his clients' wishes, akin to a sculptor studying a raw piece of stone before carefully chiseling it into a stunning sculpture. The pace of his work can leave anyone breathless. Covering more than 30 weddings a year, he spends 8-10 hours at each event, crafting each shot into an artisan's masterpiece.

Destination Weddings

Photo by Scott Bui Co
Photo by Scott Bui Co

Now, here's a delightful tidbit for all the soon-to-be newlyweds out there: Scott is always ready for a change of scenery. He readily jets off for destination weddings, his favorite spot being none other than Lake Como, the Italian jewel! "No weddings are the same," he assures, ever ready to craft a custom package that meets each couple's specific needs.

So, it is our pleasure to introduce you to Scott Bui Co - a photographer, storyteller, and modern-day romantic. If you're on the precipice of taking that next big step, remember this: Scott might just be the perfect companion to accompany you on your journey down the aisle (metaphorically speaking, of course!).

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