Pedro Castro Talks on his Artistry of Photography in the Dominican Republic

  • Publication date: 03/15/2024

Allow us to introduce you to Pedro Castro, a soul enamored by life's simple pleasures – sunsets, flowers, and raindrops on car windows. His journey started with the unassuming iPhone 5s, a tool that, unbeknownst to him, would be the catalyst for his love affair with photography. But Pedro is not just a photographer; he's a sentimentalist at heart, openly confessing that weddings, with their sacred vows, have the power to coax a tear from his discerning eye. It's a story painted with familial hues, where his kinfolk instilled in him the virtues of gratitude and togetherness from a tender age.

"My family is my all. Also very grateful, they taught me that since I was a little kid. And I'm emotional, I tend to cry on the weddings when the couples are reading the vows."

The Evolution

Photo by Pedro Castro
Photo by Pedro Castro

From the humble 5s, Pedro's photographic journey evolved into wielding the mighty Canons R5 and R6 for work and the Fujifilm x-s10 for leisurely escapades. Imagine the metamorphosis – from a handheld device capturing sunsets to a formidable arsenal of cameras capturing life's intricate details. Pedro's style, described as natural, peaceful, and joyful, is a living testament to the ongoing evolution that mirrors the maturation of fine wine, with each frame better than the last.

Ever wondered about the wizardry behind those captivating images? Pedro unveils his secrets “I use Lightroom 90% of the time and Photoshop 10%. The reason why I use a lot of Lightroom is because it's easy and practical to edit large amounts of photos.” 

A Love Affair with Photography

Photo by Pedro Castro
Photo by Pedro Castro

Pedro's profession isn't just a means of livelihood; it's a testament to the power of passion. Photography, for him, was a divine intervention, rescuing him from the clutches of law school during a turbulent teenage crisis. Gratitude is the recurring theme in Pedro's narrative – gratitude for stumbling upon this extraordinary profession and the privilege of turning a passion into a vocation. “Getting to know new places I’ve never think I would be and new people, friends. It’s a privilege to be working on something that you love and I'm so grateful for it,” he notes.

Pedro's prowess extends beyond the lens; it's in his seamless dance with the desires of his clients. With grace and inquiry, he navigates the whims of those who entrust him with their visual dreams. From weddings to events, Pedro's canvas extends from 6 to 10 hours of coverage, capturing the essence of 15-25 weddings per year. A humble starting price of $2,300 US grants access to this visual symphony, but Pedro, ever the maestro, offers customization, and tailoring packages to meet the unique needs of each couple.

"I usually ask the clients if they have something in their minds that they would like to do if it's possible in terms of maybe the weather or the location we can absolutely do it."

As the conversation pivots to destination weddings, Pedro's eyes light up with wanderlust. New York and Philly emerge as his playgrounds of choice, with Philly stealing the spotlight as his absolute favorite. The cobblestone streets and historical charm of Philadelphia become the backdrop for Pedro's visual storytelling.

Pedro's Pro Tips

Photo by Pedro Castro
Photo by Pedro Castro

Before we bid adieu, let's glean some wisdom from one of the top wedding photographers in the Dominican Republic himself. His advice to clients preparing for a shoot or event is simple – “Sleep well, photoshoots and events can get you tired. In case of wedding events I always recommend the couple to enjoy their wedding, I will always be capturing those genuine reactions and unposed photos.”

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