Heartfelt Connections: Iris van Nes Reveals the Magic Beyond Her Photography

  • Publication date: 03/13/2024
  • Updated: 03/13/2024

Allow us to introduce Iris van Nes, a Dominican Republic wedding photographer boasting over 15 years of experience, blending both film and digital mediums with finesse. Her photography is characterized by a classic, natural, timeless, and elegant style—a signature touch that goes beyond mere documentation.

In her own words, Iris describes her journey, "I am a Dutch photographer based in the Dominican Republic for over 13 years now, serving the Caribbean and Europe for the most exquisite and extraordinary events. My goal is to deliver timeless, elegant, and fun photographs that stand the test of time, to be shown to future generations for decades long."

Through the Lens

Photo by Iris van Nes
Photo by Iris van Nes

Turning our attention to the technical aspects, Iris employs a combination of Fuji film medium format and Nikon film and digital cameras. This amalgamation reflects her desire to merge vintage charm with contemporary technology.

The post-processing phase is where Iris's artistry truly shines. Utilizing Lightroom, she delicately navigates through skin corrections and light adjustments, orchestrating a balance between natural aesthetics and enhanced visual appeal. “I try to keep it as natural as possible,” she reports.

Beyond Photography: Iris's Philosophy on Relationships and Love

Photo by Iris van Nes
Photo by Iris van Nes

Venturing into the realm beyond the lens, Iris reveals herself not just as a photographer but as a love enthusiast—an endless romantic forging connections that extend far beyond the confines of a photograph. She shares that the most gratifying aspect of her profession is “The relationships I get to build with my clients and witnessing firsthand the love they possess. I’m an endless romantic"

“I am very open to my clients and they can always contact me for whatever question they may have. I would say with at least 80% of my clients I become close friends in real life, and lots of my clients are based internationally, and we keep getting together whenever I travel and come close to them,” Iris conveys. It's not merely a business model but a testament to her commitment to building a global network of shared affection and joy.

Pricing, and Counsel for Clients

Photo by Iris van Nes
Photo by Iris van Nes

Practically, Iris orchestrates 25 weddings annually, each receiving her artistic touch. Dominican weddings receive 10-12 hours of coverage, while destination weddings get 8-10 hours. The financial aspect involves a starting price of USD 5250 for a minimum of 10 hours, with Iris's flexibility shining through custom packages tailored to specific needs.

For those about to embark on a photoshoot, Iris imparts some wisdom, "Be yourself, use clothing you feel comfortable and beautiful in. Leave work at home for the day!" It's a testament to her belief that the experience should be as authentic and enjoyable as the captured moments.

And lastly, the allure of destination weddings. Europe serves as Iris's canvas, with Italy and Southern France as favored backdrops. Yet, in her dreams lies a wedding in Indonesia.

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