Creating Timeless Moments: Elle Audrey on Years in the Wedding Planning Business

  • Publication date: 03/14/2024
  • Updated: 03/18/2024

Lauren Dickens, with a flair for organizing events, didn't initially see herself in the wedding planning industry. She humorously recalls, "I never thought of becoming a wedding planner, it fell into my lap after putting so many events together for my friends."

Her journey began rather serendipitously, organizing events for friends, leading to her first wedding planning experience. "One friend asked me to do her wedding, which was my first and the rest was history," she says with a nostalgic smile. This unexpected beginning marked the start of Elle Audrey.

Philosophy of Personalization

Photo Elle Audrey
Photo Elle Audrey

Elle Audrey, under Lauren's guidance, follows a distinct philosophy. "Making sure our clients have events that are distinctive to them," Lauren states. She emphasizes the importance of personalizing weddings, "I love all kinds of weddings and try not to put myself in a box." This approach ensures that every wedding is as unique as the couple celebrating it.

When it comes to services, Lauren and her team offer full-service planning and design. This focus allows them to dedicate their full attention and creativity to each event. On customizing services, Lauren says, "We have many meetings to discuss their vision and I do my best to tell their unique story." As you can see, Lauren's approach to working with clients is deeply collaborative. 

A Memorable Celebrity Wedding

Photo Elle Audrey
Photo Elle Audrey

Speaking of memorable events, Lauren fondly recalls planning Ne-Yo's wedding. "This wedding was my first big celebrity wedding," she shares with a hint of pride. The event stood out not just for its high-profile nature but also because it allowed her creative freedom with a substantial budget. "This was also the first wedding that allowed me to run wild with creative and a nice budget to match," she recounts.

Overcoming Challenges

Photo Elle Audrey
Photo Elle Audrey

In her career, Lauren has faced various challenges, the most significant being managing unrealistic expectations. She advises, "Once we set a realistic budget it's easy to stay on track. Many couples fail at managing their budget because they set unrealistic goals." This approach has helped her navigate through the complexities of wedding planning, ensuring both client satisfaction and the successful execution of their vision.

Lauren offers sage advice to couples currently planning their wedding. "Remember the reason you're getting married, stay true to your wants/desires," she advises. She believes in the importance of setting a realistic budget and sticking to it. 

Dream Wedding Venue

Photo Elle Audrey
Photo Elle Audrey

As for her dream wedding venue, Lauren's eyes light up when she mentions The Plaza Hotel. This venue, in her view, offers the perfect canvas for a truly spectacular and unforgettable event.

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