Crafting Memories with Hastings & King

  • Publication date: 02/29/2024
  • Updated: 03/02/2024

In the realm of wedding photography, where each image is a testament to a couple's unique journey, Hastings & King have built a niche that transcends traditional norms. Their craft is an exquisite blend of emotion and artistry, where every snapshot tells a story, every frame a painting. As we explore the path Hastings & King have paved in the photography world, we uncover their mastery over the camera and their profound understanding of love's timeless beauty, immortalized through their lenses.

The Birth of a Vision: Hastings & King

Photo by Hastings & King
Photo by Hastings & King

“Hastings and King are a creative dyad, whose love of photography is expressed across various formats, in their signature romantic atmospheric works,” begins the tale of this dynamic duo. With backgrounds as diverse as their photography styles—King's in the beauty industry and editorial work, Hastings's in film—they bring together a rich tapestry of skills. Their collaboration is a testament to the magic that unfolds when two artists unite under a shared vision. “With Hastings specializing in film (35 mm, medium format, and large format), he can capture the enchanting tone of eras past, giving an alluring nature to each photo,” they share, revealing the depth of their artistic approach.

A Style Defined: Painterly and Pensive

Describing her style, Koko says, “I would describe my photography style as painterly & pensive. I put a strong focus on photography as an art form, and treat it as though I’m painting with light.” This philosophy underpins their work, blending the technical with the emotional, the visual with the visceral. She goes on to explain, “Furthermore, I utilize lighting to manufacture atmospheres that draw the viewer in and elicit a compelling emotional connection to the piece. It’s not all moody and serious though, I love to have a good time with my clients and capture the jollity of the precious moments as well. ” It's this ability to create connection, to capture not just images but emotions, that sets Hastings & King apart.

The Artisan's Tools: Crafting the Image

Photo by Hastings & King
Photo by Hastings & King

Regarding their equipment, they offer a glimpse into their toolbox: “Sony A7RIII, Holga, Fuji X100V, Mamiya, Canon AE1.” But it's not just about the gear; it's about the vision behind each choice and the purpose behind each tool. “We start with doing External and cloud backup for images, culling images into 800 or less, and editing each individual photo,” they detail their post-processing workflow, highlighting their meticulous approach to every detail. “We do not use presets, I really believe in getting my eyes on each photo and editing it according to the mood, couple, time of day, and lighting.”

The Heart of Photography: Capturing the Moment

For Koko King, photography is more than a profession—it's a passion. “There’s something tremendously satisfying about having a vision in your mind's eye and seeing it to fruition,” they muse, touching on the creative fulfillment that drives them. Yet, it's the unexpected moments that truly captivate them: “I most enjoy those magical moments that just can’t be planned. Where everything aligns in perfect synchronicity to create a truly harmonious image.”

Collaboration and Creation: Understanding the Client

Photo by Hastings & King
Photo by Hastings & King

Her approach to client relationships is deeply personalized: “I first go over their preferred style if they have images saved that they like, so I can gauge what they're drawn to.” This initial step is crucial, forming the foundation of a collaboration that seeks not just to meet but exceed expectations. “I then take that and see if I can push them a little further to give them something better than they hoped for that's still within their realm of preference. As well, I ask them for adjectives of the atmosphere they'd like to see from the work. What do they want the narrative of the photos to say? I then take all these compartments, paint that in my mind, and present them to my thoughts and go from there,” Koko explains, illustrating her commitment to creating uniquely personal and impactful images.

Tailoring Your Timeless Day: Insights from Hastings & King

Photo by Hastings & King
Photo by Hastings & King

Navigating the waters of wedding photography, Hastings & King share that the length of their photographic coverage often adjusts to the unique rhythm of each celebration, with a typical day spanning around 10 hours. This flexibility is central to their philosophy, ensuring that every crucial moment, from the delicate preparations of the morning to the spirited dances of the evening, is captured with care and artistry.

Understanding that each couple's vision is distinct, Koko King emphasizes the importance of crafting custom packages tailored specifically to the desires and dreams of their clients. “There is no one-size-fits-all package for our couples. Everything can be discussed and negotiated,” she affirms, highlighting her commitment to personalization and excellence.

When it comes to preparing for the big day, her advice centers on trust—a cornerstone of her approach. Koko advises, “Trust, the best thing our clients can do is trust us. Trusting us on your wedding day lets our couples relax and enjoy the moment.” This trust, coupled with Hastings & King's professional expertise and empathetic guidance, paves the way for a seamless experience. It ensures that couples can immerse themselves fully in the joy and love of their special day, confident that every genuine smile, every tear of joy, and every tender glance is being immortalized by a team as invested in their happiness as they are.

A Journey Beyond Borders: Destination Weddings

Photo by Hastings & King
Photo by Hastings & King

When asked about their favorite destination, Hastings & King reflect on their experiences: “Yes, so far both Hastings and myself (King) loved shooting in Ireland. The weather, landscape, and atmosphere align with our personal style.” This openness to travel and exploration speaks volumes about their adaptability and passion for capturing love stories in all settings, further emphasizing their versatility and creative spirit.

Crafting Legacies of Love

As our exploration of Hastings & King's journey concludes, we're left with a profound appreciation for their artistry and dedication. Through their lens, they don't just capture moments; they craft legacies, immortalizing the essence of love and joy in each frame. Their journey is a reminder of the power of photography not just to preserve memories but to tell stories that resonate with the soul, stories painted with light and shadow, emotion and beauty—a testament to the enduring power of love itself.

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