30 Creative Something Blue Ideas to Incorporate into Your Wedding

  • Publication date: 02/28/2024
  • Updated: 03/02/2024

The tradition of incorporating something blue for the bride has always been cherished by brides seeking blessings of enduring love and good fortune. As modern couples exchange their vows, we are finding innovative and creative methods to include this cherished ritual. Let's delve into the origins of why brides choose something blue and then uncover 30 exciting and unique ways to weave this age-old practice into your wedding celebration!

Something Blue for a Wedding: The History Behind Tradition

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The practice of integrating something blue into a bride's wedding ensemble or decorations is a tradition with deep historical roots. This endearing ritual, adopted by brides in various cultures for centuries, symbolizes the pursuit of joy and happiness.

Tracing the Journey of the Blue Tradition in Weddings

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This custom's origins can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of Rome and Greece. Here, blue symbolized purity, faithfulness, and love, often associated with Venus, the goddess of love. Brides adorned themselves in blue ribbons or gowns to seek the goddess's favor. During the Middle Ages, the color blue became synonymous with the Virgin Mary, representing innocence and virginity.

This belief eventually found its way into Victorian England, where blue became a fashionable choice for bridal attire, partly influenced by Queen Victoria's choice of a blue sash and dress trim. The famous English rhyme "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" solidified the color's importance in matrimonial attire.

As time progressed, the significance of "something blue" evolved from merely symbolizing purity to representing good fortune, enduring love, hope, and fidelity in marriage. Despite the rise in popularity of white wedding dresses, the tradition of incorporating blue details has persisted to this day.

Modern Interpretations of the Something Blue Custom

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In contemporary weddings, brides get creative with ways to include something blue. While some stick to small blue accents like ribbons or lingerie, others weave blue tones throughout the wedding decor. Brides now incorporate blue flowers, cakes, invitations, bridesmaid dresses, and more. Something blue can be subtly styled or prominently displayed as a nod to tradition.

The sentiment remains the same - blue represents the bride's loyalty and hope for a lifelong, loving partnership. Despite changing fashions and trends, something blue is a meaningful detail for brides across generations. It is a treasured tradition passed down and reimagined to suit each bride's style. So, let’s move on to something blue bridal ideas that you can incorporate at your wedding!

30 Something Blue Ideas for a Bride

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There are so many creative and meaningful ways to integrate something blue into your wedding details. Here are 30 ideas to inspire you:

Blue Bouquet Ribbons

Adorn your wedding bouquet with ribbons in shades of sky blue, navy, or baby blue. The blue ribbons trailing down your bouquet will make a subtle but sweet something blue as you walk down the aisle. The blue hue brings vibrancy and life to your floral arrangement.

Monogrammed Hair Clip with Blue Stones

Look like an elegant bride with a crystal or sapphire hair clip personalized with your new monogram or wedding date. This glamorous hair accessory makes a dazzling something blue that you can cherish forever. The blue stones will perfectly complement your bridal hairstyle and veil.

Light Blue Pedicure

Pamper yourself with a light blue pedicure to show off your "something blue" toes peeking out from your wedding shoes. It's an easy detail that makes you feel relaxed and beautiful on the big day. The pale blue color is perfect for a summer or beach wedding.

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Sapphire Engagement Ring

Select a sapphire as the center stone for your engagement ring rather than a traditional diamond. The deep blue will fulfill your something blue in a very luxe way. Sapphires represent wisdom, purity, and faithfulness - ideal symbols for your marriage.

Blue Soles in Wedding Shoes

Add blue soles to your bridal heels so you have something blue to see as you walk down the aisle. This hidden detail also gives you a pop of color when you kick up your heels on the dance floor. Blue soles are your secret bridal charm.

Metallic Blue Manicure

Dip your nails in an iridescent, metallic blue polish for shimmering something blue fingertips. The electric blue hue will pop against your white wedding gown. This manicure makes a statement and shows off your fun style.

Swarovski Crystal Blue Garter

Your "something blue" can be sewn right into your bridal look with a Swarovski crystal blue garter belt. The sparkling crystals add a touch of glamour to this traditional bridal accessory. It's your something blue and your "something new" all in one!

Blue Floral Crown

This might be one of our favorite something blue ideas. Wear a gorgeous floral crown made with blue blossoms like hyacinths, hydrangeas, or violets woven into your loose waves or updo. This boho bride look is effortlessly chic with any wedding gown. The blue blooms symbolize love everlasting.

"Something Blue" Wedding Cake Topper

Adorn your wedding cake with a customized crystal "Something Blue" cake topper. This elegant decoration combines your something blue and your personalized style. With this sparkling cake topper, your "something blue" will be on display for all your guests to see.

Royal Blue Table Runners

Outfit your reception tables with rich royal blue linens as table runners to tie in your something blue. Vibrant blue runners down the center of the tables add a pop of color and whimsy. The blue creates a lovely backdrop for your floral arrangements.

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Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Make your bridesmaids part of your something blue with elegant navy blue dresses. The dark hue looks great in photos and complements most skin tones. The blue brigade supporting you emphasizes unity and loyalty.

Blue Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets

Hydrangeas are a quintessential wedding flower. For your bouquet, select blue hydrangea varieties for a colorful, full look. These blue petals are ideal for a summer or beach wedding. Let them represent a blossoming new love.

Light Blue Reception Room Uplighting

Create a romantic ambiance in your reception space by using light blue uplighting. The soft blue glow will make the room feel dreamy and ethereal. Blue light evokes creativity and calm.

Blue Ombre Wedding Invitation Suite

Make your wedding stationery suite pop with a blue ombre color scheme. Gradient shades of blue are peaceful and sophisticated. Your invitations will set the tone for your blue accents.

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Azure Reception Table Linens

Drape your reception tables in azure blue linens for a vibrant splash of color. The bright blue creates a cheerful, elegant backdrop for your place settings and centerpieces.

Blue Candle Holders

Adorn reception tables with glass candle holders in shades of blue. The cute blue votives cast a lovely glow and bring together your something blue. Candles symbolize warmth, light, and hope.

Blue Sola Wood Bouquet Flowers

Incorporate realistic blue sola wood flowers into your bridal bouquet for an eco-friendly something blue. These handmade blues will stand out yet complement real blooms.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Blue Cocktails

If you still haven’t found your match, here’s an easy last-minute something blue idea. Toast your last night of "freedom" with bright blue cocktails at your bachelor and bachelorette parties! Tropical blue drinks get everyone in the wedding spirit.

Cerulean Wedding Website Color Scheme

Choose a tranquil cerulean blue for your wedding website scheme. This peaceful blue hue will give guests a taste of your wedding's cool, modern vibe.

Blue Skies and Seas for Wedding Photos

Capture your wedding photos against dazzling blue backdrops - whether it's the ocean, a lake, the sky at sunset, or a mural. Vibrant blues make fun, colorful images.

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Engraved Blue Cake Serving Set

Serve your wedding cake in style with a silver cake knife and server engraved with your names and date in blue. This keepsake set incorporates your something blue.

Blue Petals in Wedding Flower Arrangements

Scatter blue rose petals across your sweetheart's table or ceremony aisle runner. These added blue petals make floral arrangements pop.

Blue Candles for the Reception Tables

Dot your reception tables with pillar candles in various blue hues like cobalt, navy, and Robin's egg. Candles symbolize warmth and are a sweet something blue.

A Touch of Blue Eyeshadow

Add a pop of blue to your wedding makeup with light blue eyeshadow. This fun twist is perfect for a beach or daytime wedding. A touch of blue liner works too!

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Metallic Blue Shoes for Reception Dancing

Change into metallic blue heels for the reception to dance the night away in style. Each step on the dance floor will be your something blue!

Navy Blue Suit for the Groom

Outfit your groom in a navy blue suit that coordinates with the wedding colors. Or, opt for a blue vest and tie if he prefers black suits. Matching blues represent unity.

Blue Bridal Robe or Getting-Ready Outfit

Pretty up your getting-ready photos by wearing a silky blue robe or coordination blue lounge set while you have your hair and makeup done.

Blue Tropical Honeymoon Destination

Plan your honeymoon in a tropical blue waters location like Hawaii, Jamaica, or the Bahamas. Spend your days snorkeling crystal blue bays together.

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Blue Wedding Cookies

Bake or decorate some of your wedding cookies with blue icing or blue candy melts. Offer your guests these blue sweets as wedding favors or on the dessert table. The blue cookies are a yummy take on tradition.

Mr. and Mrs. Blue Wedding Signs

Display fun and personalized Mr. and Mrs. signs in shades of blue at your ceremony or reception. The his and hers signs in blue are a cute couple accent and photo op.

Whether you prefer pale blue accents or bold navy hues, there are so many ways to embrace the something blue tradition. Get playful, sentimental, or creative to make this custom uniquely you. Let your blue items be a special representation of the love and commitment you share with your soon-to-be spouse!

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