The Best Catering in New York City: A Heartfelt Conversation with Gaurav Anand

  • Publication date: 12/01/2023
  • Updated: 12/02/2023

From the vivid landscapes of India to the bustling urban centers of the U.S., Gaurav Anand's journey in the world of catering has been nothing short of inspiring. As Gaurav himself recalls, "I was born in India and grew up watching lavish weddings with global staged food at these weddings." But when he witnessed the standard buffets at high-end American weddings, he felt a compelling urge for change. "When I moved to the US," Gaurav observed, "it made me feel like I never wanted to do this."

A Pivotal Moment

The turning point? A call from the renowned wedding planner, Sonal J Shah, who wanted Gaurav's team for her anniversary. The recognition was immense. "If she can have anyone she likes in the industry," Gaurav pondered, "why would she want to use us?" That event not only set the stage but also resonated deeply with the attendees. "High net worth clients who were present at her event reached out to us to do similar experiences for them."

The Distinctive Flavor

Gaurav's catering company isn't just about food; it's about an experience, a story. Their approach to catering is clear and distinctive. "Our clients are seeking one-of-a-kind food experiences and that’s what we deliver," states Gaurav with pride. Every team member, from the administrators to the chefs, is handpicked, each adding their distinct touch to the service. Gaurav's heartfelt sentiment? "My team is my strength, and I am very grateful to have the crème de la crème on my side."

Navigating the Culinary Landscape

Trends come and go, but Gaurav's team stays ahead of the curve. He mentions, "Destination weddings have become so popular, and I understand the hype." But it's not just about following trends; it's about mastering them. When asked about their specialization, Gaurav confidently shares, "We only do custom menus which means we have to specialize in all kinds of cuisines and cater to all different dietary needs."

Their sage advice for couples on choosing their wedding menu is grounded in experience. Gaurav advises, "Don’t decide on a menu based on something you’ve seen on Instagram. Mostly, if you can, go to a chef and consult with them."

So, when it comes to an unforgettable culinary experience crafted with passion and expertise, Gaurav Anand's NYC food catering service is where the magic unfolds.

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