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7 Reviews for Rebekah Paul

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Paola Gamino on 13 Aug 2022
Trust me, Rebekah is the artist you need! Here are some of the reasons why:

To Rebekah you are not just another client, you are a work of art. To her you are a unique story that deserves to be captured as such, special and unparalleled.

Her photography skills are impressive and her soft/people skills don’t fall behind her technical skills because she’s also  great at creating meaningful connections with her clients. She sets fast and open lines of communication.  She will promptly address all your concerns no matter how minuscule they are.
She will invest time in getting to know you to be able to tell your story better, if you allow her to of course. And the more you allow her to connect with you, the more comfortable you will feel during photos, instead of feeling awkward or shy you will feel like you're hanging out with a friend!

Rebekah carries an essence that is hard to describe because no words seem adequate enough but that makes her stand out in what she does. She is a charming, kindhearted, and passionate photographer that will walk through your wedding or event shooting photos with effortless grace.
She’s worth every penny of your investment, your ROI will be endless. You will relieve the moments and emotions of your event every time you see your photos because she captures amazing portraits AND amazing candids full of emotion. And every time you see your photos, you will remember Rebekah’s beautiful essence because it is stamped in her work.

Needless to say, I would book Rebekah again and again!
Courteney on 19 Nov 2022
Get ready.. this is a long one.

My husband and I have been married for 6 months now and we couldn't be happier with our decision to hire Rebekah for our engagement and wedding photos. It's taken me this long to write our review because I kept thinking I would find powerful enough words to express my gratitude to Rebekah. But I don't think strong enough words exist. Her photos just give you this incredible feeling that can't be explained. You know you're looking at a cherished family heirloom before its even become one. You have to experience it for yourself. Rebekah is one of the kindest, warmest, most talented people I've ever met and if I planned our wedding over again, Rebekah would still be the first vendor I secured.  Side note: her husband, Juan, shot our wedding video and I highly recommend both of them if you're also looking for video. Our photos and video complement each other so well. It's like having a curated collection of memories from one of your most special days. Plus, Rebekah and Juan were an absolute dream to work with. What a power couple! Devoted, caring, authentic. Exactly the kind of couple you want documenting your wedding. You couldn't ask for a more seamless experience. They told our story so beautifully.

Recently, I've been looking back at our photos and re-watching our wedding video as I rock our newborn son to sleep. It gives me the warmest feeling in the world to hold him in my arms while I look back on the surprise gender reveal we did during our wedding reception or see us holding sonogram photos. It's surreal. We can't wait till our son is old enough for us to show him the photos and video. We can't wait for him to see how much we loved him and celebrated him before we even met him.

And our Big Bend engagement photos? Just wow. What a fun adventure! Rebekah shot 8mm film during our session and watching it gives me such nostalgia. I have amazing memories of that day. Our morning started with a double rainbow ontop of a mountain and we were in complete awe of its beauty. Rainbows hold a special place in my heart now. That day felt like it marked the first of many beautiful moments that 2022 would bestow upon us.

We worked with Rebekah to create an album of our Big Bend photos and you haven't truly experienced the depths of her photography until you've seen it in print. Seeing your photos printed in a beautifully crafted album gives them brand new life. We plan to work with her again to create an album of our wedding photos on our 1 year anniversary and I have butterflies thinking about seeing those photos printed. I'm so grateful to Rebekah for gifting us a beautiful collection of photos that we can share with loved ones for generations to come.
Nieves De La Fuente on 15 Apr 2023
Rebekah is such an amazing photographer. She did exactly what I wanted and that was to capture people’s emotions and reactions. Rebekah is also such a nice person and I loved that she wanted to know our story. Thank you so much for the photos and being a part of my wedding. I def recommend her.
Hallie Toor on 20 May 2023
Rebekah and her team were AMAZING to work with. She is so talented and executed our romantic but moody theme perfectly. I’m literally in awe of how our photos turned out and how quickly we got them back. We used her for both our engagement photos and our wedding photos. My fiancé and I are introverted and awkward so we were very nervous about taking photos but immediately Rebekah made us feel comfortable and knew how to pose us while still being our natural selves. I would 1000% recommend booking her but her pictures absolutely speak for themselves!
Nina Maguire on 10 Jun 2023
We can’t put into words how amazing of an experience we had with Rebekah. She made our engagement and wedding photo dreams come to life and coached us to make it feel like a fun and organic experience. She asks specific questions to make sure she understands what’s important to couples and puts it into action. After seeing all the candids she captured at our wedding, I’ve lost count of the people who have told me what an incredible photographer we had. And we couldn’t agree more!!!
Aryah Rodriguez on 24 Jun 2023
Rebekah and her husband are the DREAM TEAM for capturing such beautiful moments of your wedding day! My husband and i had the privilege of getting them both for our wedding day and not only did they help the whole thing go smoothly, but they captured our day in the most magical way. We can’t stop staring at all our photos and videos!  One of my favorite parts is that Rebekah offers film as a video/photo option. When we were looking for a photographer we wanted film photos as well and our results are stunning!! we couldn’t be more happier and grateful. I 100% recommended Rebekah, her husband and their team!
Karlina Hindman Married couple on 22 Jul 2023
From the very start, Rebekah was wonderful to work with. Before we even booked her, she was responsive and organized and provided so much help and clarity. She was flexible with all the busyness of wedding planning and went out of her way to make sure we got the most out of our experience with her. Hiring Rebekah was not just checking off a task on a to do list, but the start to a fun experience during a process that would otherwise feel overwhelming. Her professionalism, positive attitude, calm and balanced nature, and love for creating beauty made each interaction and experience so enjoyable. The best thing about hiring Rebekah was the way that she captured the uniqueness of our day. She has a way of capturing genuine moments, and natural expressions and movements so none of our photos seemed stiff or awkward. I am so glad that we chose Rebekah to capture our engagement and wedding photos. Not only were our photos moody, dramatic, intimate, sweet, lovely, and everything I had hoped for, but she also made the whole experience so  enjoyable.