The Oaks of Ever After Venue photo
The Oaks of Ever After Venue photo
The Oaks of Ever After Venue photo
The Oaks of Ever After Venue photo
The Oaks of Ever After Venue photo
The Oaks of Ever After Venue photo
The Oaks of Ever After Venue photo
The Oaks of Ever After Venue photo
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The Oaks of Ever After

The Big Oak Tree
A crushed granite aisle leads through a grassy lawn to the trunk of the property's largest, 250 year old live oak. The grandeur of the evergreen canopy is juxtaposed with a quaint wooden homestead, a charming addition to your outdoor wedding.

Wooden pews circling the tree provide 180-degree views of the ceremony, perfect for intimately seating your guests.

An expansive lawn allows for the accommodation of larger ceremonies, leaving ample room for additional seating.

The Patio
An enormous open-air patio of well-groomed crushed granite and large, grassy lawn sit side by side to create the perfect gathering space for your special event.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting fee for The Oaks of Ever After wedding reception?


How many people The Oaks of Ever After can accommodate?

The Oaks of Ever After can accommodate 125 guests

Vendor Insight

Title: Enchanting Nuptials Await at The Oaks of Ever After

Nestled in the heart of San Antonio, The Oaks of Ever After stands as more than just a venue; it's the canvas where matrimonial dreams are painted vividly to life. Its charm extends beyond its location, embracing couples with an ambiance of love and timeless elegance. Winning a Wezoree Award is a testament to the excellence they've achieved in their commitment to creating unforgettable wedding experiences.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of The Oaks of Ever After. The staff, adept at crafting bespoke experiences, intuitively understands the unique desires of each couple. Their personalized approach ensures your special day unfolds seamlessly, reflecting your individual style with grace and sophistication. Their dedication is palpable, creating a sense of trust and ease amid the wedding planning journey.

Aesthetically, the venue is a masterpiece of natural beauty and design. Whether it's the whimsy of an outdoor ceremony amid the majestic oaks or the elegance of an indoor soirée, the spaces provided cater to diverse preferences while maintaining an aura of exclusivity and intimacy. Each aspect of the venue, from its manicured gardens to the grand halls, is meticulously maintained, exuding an air of luxury and refinement.

The Wezoree Community’s voice is clear in their choice to honor The Oaks of Ever After. The accolades mirror a consistent delivery of exemplary service and awe-inspiring settings. The vendor’s online profile is adorned with rave reviews, all echoing the joy and satisfaction of couples who've walked down the aisle there.

Through its award-winning service, The Oaks of Ever After has become a coveted name for couples seeking a venue in San Antonio. Their commitment to making every wedding a hallmark event resonates throughout the community. Engaged couples scanning through options on Wezoree.com are often entranced by the allure of this exceptional establishment.

In summary, The Oaks of Ever After is a prestigious venue that sets the backdrop for a day as magical as the promise of lifetime companionship. With their award-winning touch, every moment becomes a cherished memory. For those embarking on the sacred journey of matrimony, consider this enchanting estate – a place where love's ever after is not just a dream, but a beautiful reality.