The Temple House Venue photo
The Temple House Venue photo
The Temple House Venue photo
The Temple House Venue photo
The Temple House Venue photo
The Temple House Venue photo
The Temple House Venue photo
The Temple House Venue photo
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The Temple House
The Temple House

The Temple House is an award winning, avant-garde wedding venue in the heart of Miami Beach delivering exceptional weddings and events for marvelous memories that will last a lifetime. You and your guests will be amazed at how striking and unique our intimate venue is.
The Temple House is celebrated internationally for its unique interior, unifying exquisite Art Deco with modern design and technology. Bring your dreams to life in this completely private and exclusive venue that is perfect for both a wedding ceremony and a reception. Whatever your wedding theme - modern, rustic, industrial, vintage or festive, the main Grand Room provides a canvas to personalize every detail of your special day.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting fee for The Temple House wedding reception?


How many people The Temple House can accommodate?

The Temple House can accommodate 500 guests

Vendor Insight

Exquisite Elegance at The Temple House

Stepping into the grandeur of Miami's The Temple House is akin to entering a world where every marriage celebration unfolds like an elevated fairytale. With its winning streak of two prestigious Wezoree Awards, this venerated venue offers an unmatched canvas for the wedding of your dreams.

A Venue with Versatile Splendor

Distinguished by its expansive and open interiors, The Temple House effortlessly adapts to any wedding theme, embracing couples' unique visions. From intimate, candle-lit ceremonies to extravagant galas, the versatility of this venue ensures a perfect backdrop for any romantic occasion.

Tailored Sophistication Meets Innovation

What sets The Temple House apart is not just its architectural finesse but also its cutting-edge amenities. High ceilings cast a noble air over events, while state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems transform moments into lasting memories. Their attention to the finer details forges an atmosphere of bespoke luxury.

A Heartbeat Away from Miami's Magic

Nestled in the heart of Miami, The Temple House's location enriches each celebration with the city's vibrant pulse. Whether guests wish to indulge in the local culture or seek enchanting beachside photoshoots, this venue's proximity to the magic of Miami makes it an ideal choice.

Award-Winning Excellence

With its collection of Wezoree Awards, The Temple House doesn't just promise excellence; it consistently delivers. Acknowledged for its remarkable service and impeccable standards, it stands as a beacon of nuptial perfection, celebrated by industry professionals and happy couples alike.

An Unforgettable Canvas for Love

In conclusion, The Temple House isn't merely a venue; it is the artful orchestrator of wedding experiences that resonate with elegance, charm, and a splash of Miami flair. This is where love stories are not just told but exquisitely crafted, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who celebrate there.