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Event planner + designer | simple + timeless | celebrating 12 years in business!

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Confetti & Co. Planner photo
Confetti & Co. Planner photo
Confetti & Co. Planner photo
Confetti & Co. Planner photo
Confetti & Co. Planner photo
Confetti & Co. Planner photo
Confetti & Co. Planner photo
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5 Reviews for Confetti & Co.

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Carly H. Married couple on 14 Oct 2022
Confetti & Co gave us our dream wedding!
I LOVED working with Sara and her team at Confetti & Co. She made our wedding more perfect and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. Also, Sara just rocks as a human and is the best to spend time with. Our wedding was a backyard tented wedding which is a major logistical challenge — every single detail had to be planned and executed without any existing infrastructure from a venue. Sara didn’t let a single detail fall through the cracks. We had a lot of ridiculous ideas and fun details we wanted to include, and she didn’t bat an eye at any of the out of the box requests. Her creative vision is unparalleled and her handle of logistics is masterful. Also, her years of experience in the industry mean that she knows the best and kindest vendors to work with. It made the planning process so much better to enjoy the company of each vendor we were working with and to know that they were the best at what they do. Lastly, she is the person you want by your side on your wedding day. I’m the kind of person who is prone to stress and worry about small details, and I actually can’t believe that I was totally relaxed on my wedding day. I have Sara & Steph from her team to thank for that. She and her team exude calmness, fun vibes, and kindness. I just want to hang out with them all the time. I could go on and on, but I will leave it at this: thank you Sara for creating the wedding of our dreams, we love you!!! TL;DR Confetti & Co is the best and your wedding will be perfect.
Madeleine L. Married couple on 29 Nov 2022
Sara and the Confetti team are THE BEST!!
We are so happy that Sara and her team were our wedding coordinators - they did an amazing job! Sara is a unique combination of optimistic leader, soothing therapist, and logistics superstar. She had great relationships with all our vendors, and on the wedding day all of her skills made the day perfect. So much happens behind the scenes before and during a wedding, and Sara and her team fielded our many, many calls and emails in the weeks before the wedding with good cheer and professionalism. Our family and friends said it was the best and most beautiful wedding they have ever been to, and we agree! We could not have done it without Sara and the Confetti team!
Kate T. Married couple on 19 Nov 2022
10,000% would recommend!
We cannot say enough wonderful things about Sara and her entire team and network!
Our wedding was across the country from where we live earlier this month Sara made the entire planning and execution process fun, easy, and convenient. We had nearly 20 months to plan but she kept in touch throughout and made us feel supported and attended to. Confetti's "one stop shop" of planning, design, and coordination made our planning process effortless, and our event seamless! She is worth every penny and a fantastic value. I'd give her a thousand stars if I could!
Spencer B. Married couple on 23 Nov 2022
Perfect Day.
I can not say enough about how much I enjoyed having Sara and her team work with me as my coordinators for my wedding. I am a wedding planner and caterer myself so I have worked with Sara many times and I knew that she was the only person that I would have on my day to ensure that I would be able to get out of planner mode and enjoy my own wedding. She and her whole team are a delight and OF COURSE every detail was perfectly done. I didn't have to worry about a thing and the only time I lifted a finger was if there was a glass of champagne (which they kept bringing me) in my hand. Truly a perfect day from start to finish. Having the extra help was immeasurable, because even though I have done the coordinating and planning, once you are the client aka the main event, you don't have the head space to think "Did the right lanterns get put on the right tables?" So being able to completely trust that all my plans would be flawlessly carried out was such a gift. If you don't hire them then you're a moron, and I say that with my full professional recommendation.
Maggie C. Married couple on 18 Mar 2023
Above + Beyond!!!
Since the first convo I had with Sara, I knew our experience with her and her team was going to be amazing. Sara was my go-to person for all questions and advice for a year and she never failed! She is super quick to respond and can help with any need for any budget. When it came time for wedding week / day, she and her team were unbelievably reliable and detail-oriented. I felt so comforted having them there knowing that nothing would go wrong and everything would be executed according to our plan! I knew I needed someone I could trust, and Sara and her team are exactly that and MOREEE!!! Highly highly recommended them for anyone’s upcoming wedding or event needs. TY confetti + co. :)


Confetti & Co.
Planner Confetti & Co. About me

Sara, with 12 years in the event and styling industry, founded confetti & co. after a diverse career spanning floral design to high-profile wedding styling, notably at BHLDN. Her Philadelphia-based firm, known for personalized, stress-free planning, offers a blend of logistical prowess and creative design. Passionate about reflecting clients' unique styles, confetti & co. delivers clean, timeless, and modern events with a fun twist, ready to operate globally. Sara's love for family, cakes, and smooshy-faced dogs like Millie fuels her dedication to crafting memorable, joyful celebrations


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What percentage of users recommend Confetti & Co. and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Confetti & Co. is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Confetti & Co., based in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, stands as a distinguished wedding planner with a remarkable track record of excellence. Their three Wezoree Awards accentuate a service quality that consistently exceeds expectations, as evidenced by their charming clientele's testimonials. Five glowing reviews paint a picture of a team that crafts matrimonial celebrations with impeccable care and personal touch.

Reviewers have nothing but praise for Confetti & Co.'s maestro, Sara, and her dedicated team. Maggie C. shares her delightful year-long journey with Sara, who provided unrivaled responsiveness and flexibility, catering to every need within any budget. Their presence on the big day guaranteed a sense of ease and meticulous attention to detail that Maggie found both comforting and indispensable.

Spencer B., a wedding planner and caterer by profession, adds a professional's perspective to the heap of accolades. He entrusted his own wedding to Confetti & Co., lauding Sara's team for their exceptional work that allowed him to switch off his planner instincts and savor his special day. Their reliability turned the entire experience into a "perfect day," topped with the joy of Champagne-filled moments sans the worry of event minutiae.

An across-country wedding may daunt many, but not Kate T., who applauds Confetti & Co. for providing a stress-free and comprehensive planning experience – a "one stop shop" that handled every aspect with finesse. Nearly 20 months of coordination culminated in a seamless wedding celebration that earned the highest of praises and recommendations.

Adding to the acclaims, Madeleine L. celebrates the Confetti team for a masterclass in wedding coordination. Sara's blend of cheerful optimism, therapeutic reassurance, and organizational prowess proved invaluable. Her synergy with vendors and keen anticipation of behind-the-scenes dynamics culminated in a wedding that Madeleine's family and friends deemed the best they'd ever attended.

Finally, there's Carly H., who shares her dreamy backyard tented wedding came to life, thanks to Confetti & Co.'s unflinching commitment to her vision. Sara's zest and investment in even the most whimsical of ideas ensured that Carly's special day was not just executed flawlessly but felt genuinely bespoke and full of joy.

In essence, Confetti & Co. emerges as a paragon of wedding planning virtue—adaptable, attentive, and undeniably skillful. Sara and her Philadelphia-based crew are consummate professionals with hearts and minds singularly focused on delivering dream weddings that echo the love stories they celebrate. Their clients' unanimous sentiment? Enlisting Confetti & Co. means turning wedding dreams into splendid realities.