Keely Thorne Events Planner

Keely Thorne Events Planner

crown Top 5 in Houston
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Creating extraordinary celebrations for brides, hosts, and party-goers passionate about luxury & unforgettable experiences.

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budget $7 000
Keely Thorne Events Planner photo
Keely Thorne Events Planner photo
Keely Thorne Events Planner photo
Keely Thorne Events Planner photo
Keely Thorne Events Planner photo
Keely Thorne Events Planner photo
Keely Thorne Events Planner photo
Keely Thorne Events Planner photo
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5 Reviews for Keely Thorne Events

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Taylor Married couple on 24 Aug 2019
We absolutely loved working with Beth for our wedding! When I felt overwhelmed with all the moving pieces, she easily took control and helped everything come together flawlessly. My entire wedding party raved about how great Beth was and that she gladly took care of anything they needed! Hiring Keely Thorne was truly one of the best decisions we made.
Jennifer Dunkin Married couple on 08 Apr 2017
We love the KTE Team! Katy Preisler made our wedding dreams come true and then took it to the next level!! Katy's energy level and attention to detail allowed us to relax and enjoy every moment! If you want an amazing event, we would highly recommend KTE!
Elise Lubanko Married couple on 11 Jan 2020
We had our wedding this past January, and we had the pleasure of working with Elle to plan it. She was incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the whole process. She helped guide us in making decisions and she helped make the day go without a hitch! The wedding turned out fabulously, and all of our guests raved at how beautiful it was! I highly recommend Elle and Keely Thorne to plan your wedding!
Chelsea Monroe Married couple on 17 Jul 2021
It was so amazing working with Keely & her team as the caterer for a beautiful wedding. Keely was thorough, professional, creative, and most importantly, safe. We knew her client's expectations from the beginning and throughout the process. On the big day for the couple, we were taken away by the design and decor. It was so breathtaking and so fun! The night was truly filled with love & celebration. We couldn't have executed this wedding without her vision, open communication, and organization. Thank you for being on top of everything. We can't wait to work with Keely and the rest of her team again soon!
Maria Maxit Married couple on 11 Sep 2021
Absolutely adore working with these ladies, they have an eye for design and have so much experience.  They are professional and will create the most amazing events.


Keely Thorne Events
Planner Keely Thorne Events About me

With a vision to leave an unforgettable impression on every occasion, I combine razor-sharp attention to detail, exquisite taste, and boundless creativity to serve clients in a way that feels more like meeting a friend over Sancerre & charcuterie, and far from the transactional planner-client relationship I refuse to conform to.  Having executed hundreds of events around the globe since 2008, my team has the process, the proof, and the passion to help you craft your event into a true masterpiece.


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What percentage of users recommend Keely Thorne Events and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Keely Thorne Events is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Keely Thorne Events, based in the lively city of Houston, has established itself as a distinguished wedding planner of exquisite taste and professionalism. Adorned with three prestigious Wezoree Awards, this team has garnered unwavering esteem in the wedding planning industry. They pride themselves on crafting unforgettable events with a keen eye for design and an unrivaled dedication to realizing the dreams of their clients.

Testimonials from clients speak volumes about their exceptional service. Maria Maxit applauds Keely Thorne Events for their design expertise and seasoned professionalism which coalesce to create spectacular celebrations. Chelsea Monroe, a caterer, reminisces about a seamlessly executed wedding where Keely’s detail-oriented planning and open communication underscored a joyous evening of love and festivity, thanks to the unparalleled vision and organization of the team.

As winter vows were exchanged, Elise Lubanko trusted the capable hands of Elle from Keely Thorne's cadre. Elle's responsive guidance and meticulous coordination ensured a hitch-free and resplendent wedding. Jennifer Dunkin celebrates the extraordinary work of Katy Preisler from KTE, whose energy and meticulousness realized a wedding that exceeded every expectation, allowing the couple to enjoy their magical moment without worry.

Taylor’s glowing endorsement underscores the exceptional support received from Beth at Keely Thorne Events. Her capacity to manage the intricate details of a wedding with poise and dedication was a testament to the fact that enlisting KTE's services is among the most prudent decisions a couple could make. The wedding party's accolades for Beth further reinforce KTE's reputation for going above and beyond.

From these client accounts, it's evident that Keely Thorne Events does not merely plan weddings; they craft unique, memory-etched experiences. Whether through unwavering support, creative prowess, or impeccable execution, Keely Thorne and her team consistently demonstrate why they are at the pinnacle of wedding planning in Houston. Keely Thorne Events is, without a doubt, a beacon of excellence for anyone seeking an event orchestrated with love, imagination, and an exceptional flair for celebration.