Zeina Issa Events: A Blend of Palestinian, Jordanian, and Canadian Influences

  • Publication date: 05/30/2024

In the vibrant and ever-evolving world of wedding planning, Zeina Issa stands out as a beacon of creativity, passion, and precision. At the helm of Zeina Issa Events, she transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, crafting weddings that are not just events, but treasured experiences. Born from a lineage of natural hosts and inspired by a lifetime of multicultural experiences, Zeina brings a unique blend of tradition, innovation, and personal touch to each wedding she orchestrates.

The Journey Begins

“Growing up in the Middle East before moving to Canada, I was immersed in cultures that value celebration,” Zeina shares, reflecting on her roots. “My passion was always in the event industry. My mom, Nadia, was the inspiration in this field. When we lived in Saudi Arabia she used to host the best parties and people would talk about these parties for weeks. After graduation, I earned a certificate as a florist assistant, and then I managed to get an internship with a wedding planner in Montreal. A few years later, I decided to start my own company to better control my time and focus on my growing family.” Starting Zeina Issa Events allowed her the freedom to fully immerse herself in work, balancing her professional passion with her personal life as a mother to Sophia, Kyan, and Zayn.

First Steps to Forever

Zeina recalls her first wedding project with a mix of nostalgia and pride. “The first wedding I planned was an intimate one which took place on a private property in Mont-Tremblant. The ceremony took place in a beautiful tree house. Ohhh how stressed felt! But I gave that wedding my all. Worked with the best suppliers and we delivered. We delivered a memorable day.”

Philosophy of Love and Logistics

“From the most intimate wedding to the ultimate extravagant affairs, I strive to turn any ordinary event into the most extraordinary experience for my couple and their guests.  The goal is to create a memorable, inspiring, and unforgettable event that is a true representation of the couples' unique personalities.”

Zeina's philosophy shines through her work. “I like a challenge while planning! I feel a challenge pushes me to think outside the box, to be creative, and push the boundaries. As for weddings I like to plan the most, are the ones where my couple allows me to create and have full trust that I'll beyond deliver because the outcome is usually exceptional.”

Favorite Venues and the Joy of Planning

When it comes to selecting the perfect setting for a wedding, Zeina Issa has a few favorites. “I've worked a lot with Maison Principale and Theatre St-James,” she says, highlighting her preference for venues that offer both character and versatility. These spaces not only serve as a backdrop for the couple's special day but also inspire Zeina's creativity and dedication to her craft.

Beyond the selection of venues, Zeina shares her genuine love for the planning process itself. “I like many things about wedding planning. First, it never felt like work to me! Don't get me wrong I do stress and have to meet deadlines, but there is that feeling that I enjoy will plan. Certain satisfaction that I achieve while planning and once the result is delivered. I also like the friendships I've gained throughout the years with the vendors and my clients as well,” Zeina reflects. This passion drives her to deliver remarkable results, ensuring each wedding is as unique and special as the couple celebrating their love. Through years of working closely with vendors and clients, she has built lasting friendships, which she considers one of the greatest rewards of her profession. It's this combination of meaningful relationships and the satisfaction of bringing dreams to life that encapsulates the essence of Zeina's approach to wedding planning.

Services Tailored to Each Love Story

“Mostly my clients book an A-Z package. They get engaged then they hire me and we start the planning process. Some do book their venue, church, and other suppliers and hire after for the design, creating a concept, and planning. I do offer sometimes cute packages (hourly rate with a minimum number of hours). I've also learned throughout the years, that it's important to interview my couple before we sign any contracts. It's important to feel comfortable working for any couple, just like how couples shop around before they hire the planner they best click with. So Always offer a free consultation meeting where they get to know me and I get to know them as well.”

Memories That Last a Lifetime

Asked about her most memorable wedding, Zeina's eyes light up. “The first wedding we planned during the pandemic was unforgettable. It was Marguerite and Sami's Wedding. There was so much uncertainty! I was also pregnant with my third child and I had delivered the baby 4 months before the wedding day. It was one of the biggest wedding productions of my career. There was excitement, and anticipation yet fears the city would close down again. I'm blessed it was one of the most beautiful nights, and it all worked as planned.”

Zeina emphasizes the importance of transparency and mutual understanding in her work. “Transparency and honesty is a key element. I listen carefully, and I advise accordingly.”

Overcoming Challenges Together

“The biggest challenge I would say is when there are too many cooks involved. Meaning it's not only the couple involved in the decision-making. But I've managed throughout the years to learn how to make it work,” she explains, highlighting the importance of focused collaboration.

For couples embarking on their wedding planning journey, Zeina offers sage advice: “I would say don't follow trends, plan a wedding that best represents your personality. And be true to yourself about your budget, and expectations and enjoy the journey!”

Dreaming of Distant Shores

When asked about her dream wedding venue, Zeina doesn't hesitate. “A wedding in Petra, Jordan, or Lake Como, Italy.” Both places hold a beauty and history that could only enhance the magic of a wedding day.

Closing Thoughts

Through her dedication, creativity, and heartfelt approach, Zeina Issa continues to make wedding dreams a tangible reality. At Zeina Issa Events, every wedding is a masterpiece, a moment in time forever etched in the hearts of those who experience it.

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