The Wedding Photography Journey of Daniel Silbert

  • Publication date: 11/02/2023
  • Updated: 11/02/2023

"I was in my band Steel Train for 10 years and toured consistently over that time," Daniel reminisces. During this musical escapade, amidst the strums and beats, a new passion took hold of Daniel's heart. He says, "While on tour, I fell in love with documenting my life and friends. I transitioned to being a full-time photographer and have never looked back." That’s when he found his new calling in photography.

And behind this transformative journey? His wife and two kids, who he warmly mentions, "are my source of inspiration and continuously keep me inspired."

The Dance with Wedding Photography

Photo by Daniel Silbert
Photo by Daniel Silbert

Delving into his deeper passion, we discover that for a wholesome twelve years, Daniel has been intertwining his life with the wedding industry. Talking about his unique style, he explains, "I'm a blend of documentary and editorial. I look for the genuine moments between my couples and their guests. I see the beauty in each handhold and glance. The unscripted moments tend to be the best!"

A Peek into Daniel's Toolkit

Photo by Daniel Silbert
Photo by Daniel Silbert

When quizzed about his equipment, Daniel quickly says, "I photograph with Leica Cameras for both film and digital." He elaborates on his choices, like the M10R, Sl2s, Q2, and others, confessing, "I love black and white images so much that I have dedicated cameras that only capture monochrome. The color science from Leica is just superb and truly captures the color I see." And for the classic film lovers, he's equipped with gems like the Leica M7 and Nikon F4.

“The types of camera I use are very important to me because they allow me to flow in and out of the wedding day without drawing attention to myself, allowing me to document real emotions and moments,” Daniel adds.

Crafting Timeless Moments in Post-Processing

Photo by Daniel Silbert
Photo by Daniel Silbert

Steering away from the fleeting trends, Daniel has a philosophy for his post-processing. "I don't want to follow any trends with my work. I want my digital photos to look and feel like my film. True and honest with a tangible quality. I want to create a feeling and mood with my editing that will hold up decades from now. My favorite photographers all shot film and their photos stand the test of time," he asserts.

But above all this, what makes Daniel truly stand out is his philosophy and approach. With the trust couples place in him, he considers photographing their special day a profound honor. “Being able to create beautiful portraits and document emotions is a special honor that I do not take for granted. Mostly I love creating art based on how I see the world,” he shares. “I want my couples to be 100% present on their wedding day. When my couples are in the moment and present with each other that's when the magic happens. I bring a sense of calm to my weddings and I believe that my energy transfers to my clients.”

His golden advice for any couple? "Really the only thing I need from my clients is to be present and enjoy their day!"

Summing up, if you ever find yourself in need of a photographer who's as adept at capturing emotions as he is with his camera settings, Daniel Silbert is your go-to. After all, who better than a former rocker to ensure your moments are nothing short of legendary?

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