Weaving Magic Through Lenses: The Extraordinary Journey of Rudney Novaes

  • Publication date: 01/17/2024
  • Updated: 01/17/2024

We're about to take you through the fascinating journey of Rudney Novaes, a professional photographer in Washington DC, the maestro behind the camera lens who weaves magical moments into memorable photographs.

From Vila Velha to Global Photography Fame

Photo by Rudney Novaes
Photo by Rudney Novaes

Rudney isn’t just any photographer; he hails from the captivating Vila Velha in Brazil. Close your eyes and imagine a place where the Atlantic Ocean kisses the shores and the rainforest stands tall, watching over. This is where our artist grew up. It’s no wonder he says, "Vila Velha’s unique landscape, diversity and culture continues to inform the way I photograph — always attuned to our human interactions with the rich space that surrounds us."

Ah, but how did he fall in love with photography? As the story goes, he was a curious kid, enamored by an old Kodak accordion film camera that belonged to his father. Rudney reminisced, "I was intrigued by an old, vintage, Kodak accordion film camera of my father’s and became obsessed with understanding the mechanics of such a magical tool." Oh, and before he jumped into this vast world of photography, he was navigating the equally vast world of international government relations. A significant switch, right?

Rudney's Unique Approach to Photography

Photo by Rudney Novaes
Photo by Rudney Novaes

Rudney, when asked about his style, charmingly deflects the need to be pinned down. He mentioned, "I don't think I have a style per se. I like to see my work as Intentional and Inclusive. People like to say editorial." And there you have it. He’s breaking boundaries and dodging boxes.

For the tech enthusiasts out there, here’s a bit you’ll appreciate. He uses medium format 645 film cameras and digital, proving his versatility and commitment to the craft. And how he treats his creations post-shooting is an art in itself. As he puts it, "Most my film work is developed and scanned by a professional photo lab... And my digital files are color corrected to match my film work and reflect my editing style by me and my team."

Photography: More Than Just a Job

Photo by Rudney Novaes
Photo by Rudney Novaes

But here’s the golden nugget, the crux of what makes Rudney so unique. He sees photography as a means to an end. He's passionate about providing the world with inspiration, perspective, and above all, the power that vulnerability can bring. To quote him directly, "Really, it’s nothing to do with photography. It has everything to do with being alive."

Rudney and the Wedding World

Photo by Rudney Novaes
Photo by Rudney Novaes

For those of you thinking of weddings and grand events, you might want to know that Rudney usually covers multi-day events or offers a solid 10-hour coverage. And if you're curious about the price? He quoted, "What is your minimum 10 hours starting price? $17500." But fret not! If that doesn't align with what you had in mind, Rudney's flexibility shines through once again. He’s ever-ready to tailor a custom package just for you.

Thinking of a destination wedding? Rudney’s up for the challenge. As he said, "Yes - I love to go to places I have never been. But Brazil, Colombia, and Italy has to be my favorite destinations."

A parting note for those considering a photoshoot with Rudney: it might be wise to hire a wardrobe stylist or consultant. And just as you'd expect, Rudney generously offers, "We also recommend our favorite wardrobe stylist and fashion advisor when needed."

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