Vova Chi Photography: Elevating Wedding Photography to an Artistic Masterpiece

  • Publication date: 06/22/2024
  • Updated: 06/22/2024

In the world of wedding photography, few artists possess the passion and prowess of Vova Chi Photography. His journey, spanning continents and cultures, has culminated in a singular vision – to elevate the preservation of nuptial moments to artistic heights.

An Evolving Virtuoso

Vova's love affair with the camera began humbly, a faint spark that would eventually ignite into an all-consuming obsession. "It's a part of me and a part of my life from which I derive pleasure, inspiration, strength, and emotions! I dedicate myself entirely to this craft, understanding clearly where the line of creativity intersects with commercial photography. For me, it's a path of enjoyment, and I don't want to stop!" he exclaims, voice ringing with fervor.

Over 13 dedicated years, Vova's journey took him across the globe, each new destination contributing threads to his rich creative tapestry. Yet, it was only in New York City that he found his true artistic nexus. I realized I was in the right place, where I can grow, be myself, promote my style, and be an excellent member of this industry," he muses.

A Masterful Style

Vova's aesthetic walks a tightrope between timeless elegance and contemporary sophistication. "My main style is elegant, editorial, timeless classic with a touch of fashion to make each wedding unique," he explains, painting a vivid portrait of transcendent imagery.

His toolkit harmoniously blends cutting-edge digital technology with the venerable artistry of film. "I use digital and film photography, which complement each other, and I'm glad I can offer this to my clients! Yes, I'm committed to using Sony cameras!" he states with pride.

Storytelling Genius

For Vova, true artistry lies not in mere documentation, but in transforming fleeting moments into enduring narratives. “I love clean colors; it's important to me that skin tones have natural shades and appear clean and smooth," he insists, underscoring his steadfast pursuit of perfection.

Through thoughtful post-production, Vova imbues each image with luminous warmth, rendering even ephemeral instants eternal. "All the photos I deliver to clients undergo color correction and light retouching, allowing me to preserve natural colors and the natural properties of the skin. And yes, I take a lot of photos. If my team and I capture 10 thousand shots, I'll aim to deliver around 1500 photos to clients, but it's all individual and depends on many factors. That's why I specify a fixed number in the contract and then strive to deliver more and better quality," he explains with a master's reverence.

Emotional Intimacy

Yet Vova's true gift is his ability to forge profound rapports with subjects, capturing the very souls of their love stories. "I'm a very open person. I know many people and many people know me. All of this allows me to feel comfortable in dialogue with clients, and thus, the process of exchanging positive energy is very important to me. I want both me and the client to be energized by the shooting process, leaving us all satisfied with the work done! People are very important to me; I love communicating, discovering, and enjoying the unique characteristics of each client," he muses, gently inviting one into his creative sanctum.

Every wedding is a sacred ceremony to be explored with joy and reverence. "Making shots, showing them, and seeing people delighted with how each frame makes them more and more confident in themselves and their delightful image makes me happy. I'm thrilled when clients immerse themselves in the shooting process and enjoy it too! I can't ignore the fact that my work involves frequent business trips. Driving 1-2 thousand miles every week is routine for me, and yes, it's not easy. But I know why I'm traveling—I'm going to capture the happiness of a new family, witness their smiles, tears of joy, and be a witness to this miracle! Yes, as a father of a daughter, I practically cry every time I capture the first dance of the daughter and her father. Oh God, because I know I'll experience it too someday," he confides with infectious enthusiasm.

Collaborative Customization

Vova's approach is one of open collaboration and personalized attention.

"Communication is very important to me—honest and open communication!" he stresses. "I love knowing all the details. Often, brides send me photos of their chosen dress, shoes, bouquets, and other accessories for their wedding day. We discuss their mood boards; we share ideas, and in the process, we realize that we're on the same page!"

His focus extends equally to putting grooms at ease. "It's the same with the groom; it's important to make him understand that he looks fantastic in the frame. Once he realizes that, there's no stopping him. I adore the excitement we catch together with the couple as they enjoy each other, and I revel in the fact that I can capture these magnificent shots!"

A Prestigious Passion

Such passion fuels an impressive workload, with Vova comfortably shooting 55-60 weddings annually. "But I love my job so much that I can take more! It is not difficult for me to make cool shots for clients if I know that we are on the same wavelength with them and they trust me, expecting from me exactly those photos that fit into my vision, my style, and my approach to wedding photography."

His offerings are as flexible as his artistry, with popular 8-hour and 10-hour packages that often include engagement sessions. “I always strive to be honest with the client and work precisely according to their wishes and budget. That's why I always gather all the details first and then create a customized proposal to offer the exact services the client needs. When the client feels comfortable, then I feel comfortable too. There's no tension between us, and we both enjoy the wedding day,” he adds.

A Masterclass in Matrimonial Mindset

For couples seeking Vova's masterly perspectives, his advice is simple yet profound: "I think it's crucial to choose a photographer whose photos you genuinely love, where new feelings, sympathy, and attraction arise when viewing the photos! After that, it's essential to create an inspiration board so both the bride and the photographer understand and can envision how it should look because the bride's desired style and the photographer's shooting style should align! Then, it's necessary to trust the photographer, relax, not worry about the photographer, and enjoy your wedding without fretting over the outcome because a wedding professional, including myself, will do an excellent job! It's a universal approach: don't stress, trust, relax, and enjoy."

A Global Traveller

With insatiable wanderlust, Vova's artistry roams unchecked, his lens a passport to humanity's most cherished experiences. "My main work is based in New York and New Jersey, but I often travel to neighboring states. I would say that throughout the season, I travel everywhere from Boston to Miami; I work all along the East Coast. I'm open to all destination projects and happily embark on a new journey every week! Several times during the summer season, I also fly to California, and I enjoy it just as much. It's great to know there are admirers of my work there, and I highly respect the choices of all my clients. I always remain grateful to them, putting maximum creativity and effort into their shoots!"

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