A Visual Journey of Agnes Black, One of the Top 10 Famous Photographers in London

  • Publication date: 11/25/2023
  • Updated: 11/25/2023

It's that special time when we dive into the story of an incredible individual who's making waves in the world of photography. Today, we're pulling back the curtain on the fantastic and fabulous Natalie from Agnes Black, the top photographer to book in the UK. So, without further ado...

A Journey of Passion and Precision

Photo by Agnes Black
Photo by Agnes Black

Natalie started her voyage in photography seven years ago. The journey, no doubt, has been filled with learning, growth, and the development of a unique style. Picture this—her photos are a blend of contemporary art, high fashion, and detailed reportage. Her inspirations? "I take inspiration from architecture, fashion, and documentary photography," she says.

Equipment: The Tools of the Trade

Photo by Agnes Black
Photo by Agnes Black

You might wonder what tools this alchemist uses to craft her magic. She's equipped with a Canon R6 camera and has a particular fondness for prime lenses. "The 50mm being my favourite," she confessed. And for those moments when she wishes to capture the old-world charm or a bird's-eye view? "I also have a few vintage film cameras and a drone!" she exclaimed.

The Art of Post-Processing

Photo by Agnes Black
Photo by Agnes Black

It's not just about the shot, but also the finesse of post-processing. Natalie masterfully uses Lightroom for the majority of her edits, ensuring each photo resonates with authenticity. When asked about her approach, she explained, "I manage to keep my editing to a minimum as I try to shoot things exactly as I see them with regards to angles and lighting."

Collaborating with Clients: The Agnes Black Way

Photo by Agnes Black
Photo by Agnes Black

Working closely with her clients is a journey of collaboration and understanding. Natalie loves partnering with those who have "a keen eye for style, art, and fashion." But how does she ensure that she's on the same page as her clients? "I always run through mood boards, ideas, and expectations before the day," she detailed. On the event or wedding day, while she maintains a subtle presence, she's not hesitant to guide when it comes to lighting and portraits.

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