Unveiling the Mastery Behind Luxurious Events

  • Publication date: 06/26/2024
  • Updated: 06/26/2024

In the vibrant world of wedding planning, Luxurious Events stands out as a beacon of creativity and dedication. Led by a former global sourcing manager for Gap Inc., this planning firm has carved a niche in the industry by transforming standard nuptials into extraordinary celebrations of love. The founder's journey from the corporate ladder to wedding aisles reveals a deep-seated passion for crafting bespoke experiences that are as unique as the couples themselves.

Inspiration and Business Philosophy

The inception of Luxurious Events was not a mere career change but a leap of faith inspired by personal encouragement. The founder reflects, "My husband (boyfriend at the time) said he thought I would be good at it and that encouragement inspired me to take the leap and start my business." This transition was fueled by her desire to integrate the structured business insights gained at Gap Inc. with her aspirations as a future wife and mother, aiming to create a business that mirrored her personal values and vision.

Passion for Wedding Planning

At the heart of Luxurious Events is a profound love for crafting memorable moments. "What I love best about what I do is knowing that we are part of creating a once-in-a-lifetime event for our couples," the founder shares. "Although the decor and party are so much fun, and likely not to forget, it is the feeling in your heart that you get on your wedding day that I am referring to.  I always recall the feeling I had at my wedding, and it brings me so much joy to know they will have the overflowing feeling of loving and being loved by each other and the most important people in the world to them.  It is a feeling that is indescribable and only being there at that moment is when you can fully capture and understand."

Luxurious Events prides itself on offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to cater to various needs and preferences. They provide everything from partial planning to a full production Luxury Collection. Additionally, the firm enhances its offerings with in-house floral and lighting services, ensuring that every aspect of the wedding day is nothing short of spectacular.

Planning Process

The planning process at Luxurious Events is meticulously designed to ensure efficiency and satisfaction. "To initial we have an onboarding and organization call to understand every element that our clients want for their wedding along with a personalized investment analysis. Once that meeting is complete, client receives a full report and once they confirm we are on the same page we start presenting the perfect vendors based on the criteria we discussed," the team details. "We offer a monthly to-do list to keep us organized but also a pace where our client is not overwhelmed with everything at once. we work together as a team to tackle these items. Once we are a few weeks to wedding we have our pre-wedding meeting to go over all details of the wedding and create a full timeline for them to once again review and approve. Once all is agreed upon, we now begin the execution process of working on logistics and making sure all vendors, venue and all involved have clear and detailed instructions so together we all create a seamless event.

Luxurious Events frequently orchestrates weddings at prestigious venues. "We have so many venues we love however the one that stands out as we are there so much throughout the year is Vizcaya Museum and Gardens," they note, highlighting the importance of familiarity with a venue in delivering flawless events.

Overcoming Challenges

The resilience of Luxurious Events was particularly tested during the Covid pandemic, which presented unprecedented challenges. "The uncertainty, the postponements along with supporting our clients during such a difficult time, while our business was shut down was by far the most difficult. However, this only made us stronger and more resourceful," the planners recall. This experience has only strengthened their resolve to deliver exceptional service against all odds.

Advice for Couples

When it comes to dealing with contracts and planning for contingencies, the team offers sage advice. "Let your planner review before signing," they advise, emphasizing the need for proper coverage and suitable arrangements. Regarding weather concerns, especially in unpredictable climates like South Florida, Luxurious Events suggests, "Be open to discussing the various plans that would work for your venue and discuss with your planner when is the latest Plan B can must to be executed."

Further extending their expert advice, the team discusses financial aspects, emphasizing that staying on budget is crucial, and being open to suggestions while prioritizing what matters most can help significantly. 

Luxurious Events also underscores the importance of an effective timeline, advising, "Ensure enough time for transitions. People underestimate this part and if not properly captured can lead to false expectations and stress day of. Include time for moving guests, changing dress, and other elements of the wedding with the thought that if it goes smoother and earlier a planner can work with the team to move formalities earlier, leaving more time for dancing."

Additionally, the team reflects on the broader implications of wedding planning on a couple's relationship, saying, "The planning of your wedding is a great representation of your relationship. How you compromise, communicate, and prioritize." They encourage couples to be mindful of their interactions during this process, emphasizing, "Make sure you each are seeing who you are being through the process, so you show up as the best version of your-self-starting before the wedding even happens. Marriage is a daily commitment of growing and learning together and the work starts the moment you get engaged." This advice not only prepares couples for their big day but also for the lifelong journey that follows.

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