Unveiling Elegance: The Artistic Evolution of Woven & Revel

  • Publication date: 05/12/2024
  • Updated: 05/12/2024

In the realm of wedding planning, where every detail tells a part of a love story, Woven & Revel emerges as a distinct beacon of creativity and personal touch. At the helm are Meg and Cait, whose chance meeting evolved into a profound partnership dedicated to transforming wedding dreams into reality. In this feature, we explore their journey, philosophy, and the essence behind creating weddings that resonate deeply with each couple's unique narrative.

The Birth of Woven & Revel

“We've both been in the event planning industry for over 10 years. After college, we found ourselves working under other event planning companies. Still, we craved to break into this industry on our own accord and bring something to the table we felt was missing,” shares Caitlin Roberts & Megan Betcherman. The duo's partnership was serendipitous, with their first encounter occurring in a bridal boutique. “Meg was shopping for her wedding dress and I (Cait) was her bridal stylist. We quickly realized we both shared a deep passion for event design and had an extensive history in the event planning industry. We clicked and have been best friends ever since,” Cait recalls. This shared passion was the cornerstone upon which Woven & Revel was built.

The Pleasure of Wedding Planning

“Putting our spin on things and curating a design that feels unique to each of our couples. Guests should be able to walk into a wedding and know inexplicably they have arrived at an event for a specific couple, even if they hadn't known beforehand,” explains Meg. The duo thrives on crafting events where guests can instantly sense the presence of the couple's essence, even in their absence. “We lean into the nuances authentically true to each couple's journey,” says Meg.

Philosophy and Approach

“Our philosophy is simple: weave the details into a cohesive narrative and revel in the beauty of the moment,” Cait states. Woven & Revel is drawn to the challenges presented by couples with a distinct vision but struggle to express them. “We love pulling those thoughts out, combining many feelings and vibes, and making them into one branded event that hits all the right notes,” Cait adds.

Tailored Services for Unique Needs

“We just recently shifted to only offering full service for our event planning services. We also offer one-off services, such as event design in à la carte fashion for those that have the coordination aspect handled, but need an extra hand pulling the overall look together,” explains Meg. For couples who have the planning under control but require help with the design, Woven & Revel offers à la carte options. “We can customize packages to each client based on their needs,” says Meg.

Memorable Weddings

Reflecting on the weddings that have left an indelible mark on their hearts, the duo agrees that trust and collaboration are key. “Our most memorable weddings are the ones where we feel like our clients lean into our creative thinking and trust us to execute their dream day, and we're working alongside top-notch vendors,” Cait shares.

Crafting the Desired Outcome

“We sit down and have extensive design sessions with each of our couples. We have a questionnaire that asks the small and big questions and each helps us dial in on the overall aesthetic,” explains Meg. This process culminates in a detailed design deck that envisions every aspect of the wedding, ensuring every detail aligns with the couple's vision.

Overcoming Challenges

“Working side by side with vendors that don't put the couples' dreams/wants/desires at the forefront of their decision-making. We're all here to create what should be someone's best day of their life and sometimes being flexible to new ideas or unconventional thinking is crucial to making this day come to life!,” says Cait.

Budget Management and Advice

 “When it starts to feel like “work,” take a step back and lean into your planners. We have couples that will let us make the final decisions with their vendors because they know we have their best interest at heart, but also trust our vision. That's such a beautiful thing.”

Utilizing a cloud-based platform helps Woven & Revel manage budgets efficiently. “Our main advice would be to spend your money where it matters most to you. Maybe there's a category you couldn't care less about… Don't spend on things because “it's the norm,” do what feels right to you, and don't overthink it,” Meg advises.

Dream Wedding Venues

When asked about their dream venues, the duo shares a few favorites: Amangiri, Flora Farms, and the romantic locales of Italy, particularly Lake Como. These places offer a perfect canvas for creating the most memorable weddings.

Through their artistry and dedication, Meg and Cait of Woven & Revel not only plan weddings but create experiences that celebrate the unique love stories of each couple, leaving a lasting impression on all who partake in these joyous celebrations.

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