Unveiling the Artistry of Top Edmonton Professional Photographer - Carissa Marie Photography

  • Publication date: 03/03/2024
  • Updated: 03/04/2024

Let's embark on a journey into the world of Carissa Spencer, a wedding & elopement photographer in Edmonton, whose artistry is as vast as the landscapes of her homeland. Raised on the picturesque West Coast of Canada, she has a story that resonates with many of us - a journey of finding one's calling.

"I'm a self-taught photographer, who loves to meet new people and create genuine connections with my clients so I can tell their story in an honest, real, and intimate way," Carissa shares with a sparkle in her eye, "I like to get curious about the people in front of my lens and make sure I really understand who they are and what matters most to them."

Artistic Style and Approach

Diving deeper into her art, Carissa describes her photography style with enthusiasm: "Intentional imagery and artful storytelling is my tagline," she begins, "but to dig deeper I would describe my art as-- quiet luxury with an honest connection and editorial flare. I want my clients to enjoy their day and not feel like they need to be pulled away to take photos. I want to watch and observe and be fully present to capture all the laughter, emotion, and tears!" Carissa's style is a blend of elegance and raw emotion, capturing moments with a focus on those who are unapologetically themselves.

Equipment and Client Interaction

When asked about her tools of the trade and post-processing techniques, Carissa's eyes light up with passion. "I like my images to feel timeless and clean with a hint of nostalgic film vibe," she says. Her goal is to keep the colors true, to preserve the memory as it was, a reflection of her commitment to authenticity.

Her method of working with clients is equally thoughtful. "I like to get on the phone and just talk. You can get to know someone so well through hearing their voice and connecting with them," Carissa says. "In this digital age, it's easy to get lost in emails and I generally find when I take the time to have an honest conversation with my clients we can get to the root of what they need! Honest communication around wants, needs, and expectations has made most of my client relationships feel seamless and honestly more like real and raw friendships." “The connection I feel with people while being invited into some of life's most emotion-filled moments! I love when my clients trust me and let me create art freely that is truly just for them. I love to empower my couples to do their wedding their way and create a safe space for them to flourish being themselves with the ones they love most. I think my job is as much about creating a safe space as it is about creating art,” she adds.

When it comes to preparing clients for a photo shoot or event, Carissa's advice is refreshingly minimal yet profound. "I honestly don't love giving too many pieces of advice beforehand other than style tips and help selecting a location that is meaningful to them etc.," she admits. "I work closely with my clients beforehand so they feel safe to be who they are and I ask my couples to be themselves and be open to the experience - even if it doesn't go exactly how they planned."

"The key is to let yourself be present," she advises. "Enjoy the experience together and trust that I will artistically capture you just as you are. This is about having fun and living in the moment!" Her guidance reflects her philosophy of creating a safe space for genuine expression and capturing the essence of her clients' experiences.

Pricing, Packages, and Travel

Finally, discussing the practical aspects, Carissa is clear and upfront. With a starting price of $6995 for a minimum of 10 hours of coverage, she understands the importance of flexibility. "Absolutely! Sometimes it's as simple as adding an item a la carte or it's creating a bespoke package that is tailored to the event and the clients' needs!" she affirms, showing her adaptability and client-centric approach.

And for those wondering about destination weddings, Carissa is all in. "I recently got back from an incredible wedding in Tuscany!" she exclaims. Her adventures have taken her from Vancouver Island to Italy, Chicago, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. "My favorite place to be is anywhere near the ocean," she says with a dreamy look, reflecting her love for travel and capturing love stories across the globe.

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