Unraveling the Journey of La Petite Gardenia, a Top Designer and Florist In Los Angeles

  • Publication date: 09/23/2023

Dive into the riveting world of blossoms, bouquets, and artistry as we unveil the story of the best florists in LA. Their life, akin to a richly-hued, fragrant bouquet, is an intertwining arrangement of passion, creativity, and relentless pursuit of dreams. And just like a flower that reaches for the sun, this journey symbolizes growth, resilience, and the radiant beauty of following one's passion. So, settle in, take a deep breath, and prepare to be swept off your feet by this inspiring floral journey.

The Journey from a Green Thumb to an Artist's Palette

You know, when we delve into the past of our dear florist, we uncover a narrative akin to a well-tended garden - full of life, color, and an ever-evolving beauty. Born amidst the high-rises and hustle of New York, the florist found themselves drawn towards a more serene kind of beauty. "Growing up in a bustling city, I was always captivated by the beauty of nature and flowers," they recount with a reminiscent smile.

The formative years were spent under the influence of a family embedded in the gardening gene. It was during this time the florist shared, "I found a lot of joy while gardening and helping my grandfather with his gardenia and rose bushes." And the stage was set, the seed of their passion planted.

Nurturing the Seed of Passion

Soon enough, at the tender age of 16, destiny took a turn and introduced our florist to the retail and event/wedding side of the floral industry. The seed of passion began to sprout. "By age 18, I was managing a traditional style floral shop while going to school and working part-time for another florist with a different more modern aesthetic," they share, their eyes glistening with the memories of those challenging yet rewarding times.

Indeed, the florist's enthusiastic spirit and relentless desire to learn fueled their journey. They enthusiastically narrate, "My enthusiasm, willingness to work countless hours to learn as much as I could, propelled me to meeting a lot of incredible mentors, presenting me with many fun projects."

The Fragrant Path to Success

The moment of triumph arrived soon after their college graduation. Clutching a degree in Art History and Fine Art, the florist embarked on a career that mirrored their passion. With a proud smile, they remember, "The year I graduated college, I was immediately hired as a floral director with several hotel and hospitality groups in NY."

And thus, La Petite Gardenia came to life, with the florist navigating their ship fearlessly in the city of Angels. A journey that saw them working with renowned powerhouses like Dior, Amazon, Netflix, and more. Their creations brought life to various television shows, commercials, and feature films. "Featured in several notable publications and commissioned by such diverse powerhouses...LPG has also collaborated with interior design firms like Room & Board and Modern Home & Living."

More than an Arrangement - a Story of Emotion

But behind all this glamour, the heart of our floral event designer beat for a simple truth - their deep-rooted love for flowers and design. They explained passionately, "Since the day I started in the industry, floral design was more than an arrangement or transformation of a space; it was a way to show emotion, capable of conveying love, joy, and even solace." Their philosophy? To bring each couple's unique style and personality into the designs, be it traditional or non-traditional. They remind us, "The flowers should reflect your personal style...consult with a florist and be open to the creative process." 

Thus, dear reader, this tale offers a peek into a life defined by passion, blossomed by hard work, and nurtured with love for art and flowers. And isn't it beautiful to think that there's so much more to look forward to?

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