The Ultimate Como Wedding Checklist

  • Publication date: 05/26/2024
  • Updated: 05/26/2024

Planning a dream wedding in the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Como region of Italy can seem daunting. But with some strategic planning, it can be an absolute joy! This ultimate Como wedding planning checklist will be your guide, covering everything from 12 months out to those last-minute details!

The Ultimate 12-Month Como Wedding Planning Checklist

Photo by Andrew Bayda
Photo by Andrew Bayda

Planning a destination wedding in the stunning Lake Como region requires a bit more coordination than local weddings. This 12-month Como wedding planning checklist will help ensure no important detail is overlooked on the road to your dream Italian celebration.

12 Months Before

Establishing the foundations of your Como wedding vision should begin about a year in advance. Start by researching and booking the perfect venues for both your ceremony and reception. During this venue search, you'll get a sense of typical guest capacities, pricing, and availability for Como weddings. Also, begin compiling your guest list, decide on your wedding party members, and start looking at attire like wedding dresses and suits/tuxedos. If using a local Lake Como wedding planner, start vetting potential candidates during this first planning phase.

10 Months Before

With venues booked, you can turn your focus to locking in other critical vendors. Start researching and booking an accomplished Como wedding photographer to capture your day, an experienced florist, a cake baker, and any other key vendors. You'll also want to finalize the guest list around this time. As addresses are collected, you can start exploring invitation design options.

8 Months Before

By 8 months out, you should aim to book all major vendors like photographers, florists, bakers, etc. This is also a good time to finalize colors and the overall visual style/theme you envision for your celebration. With a clearer vision in mind, you can order wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. Travel planning for the honeymoon can also begin!

Photo by @andreaskgeorgiou
Photo by @andreaskgeorgiou

6 Months Before

At the 6-month mark, you'll want to finalize and have your wedding invitations printed. Send them out closer to 4 months before the wedding date. Now is also the time to secure accommodations for out-of-town guests and start planning the rehearsal dinner logistics. The groom should get fitted for his suit or tuxedo around this time as well.

4 Months Before

With 4 months to go, you can focus on mailing out those beautiful invitations to guests. You'll also want to purchase your wedding rings and complete any honeymoon travel arrangements during this period. Details like the ceremony program, processional, and overall timeline should start coming together.

2 Months Before

As you enter the 2-month countdown, it's time to ensure all vendor services and payments are confirmed. Apply for and pick up the legal marriage license. Finalize the rehearsal dinner arrangements like venue, menu, etc. You and your partner should also start working on your personal vows.

1 Month Before

With just a month to go, reconfirm all vendor services one last time. Pick up your wedding rings if you haven't already. Finalize the all-important seating chart and ceremony logistics. You'll also want to tie up any loose ends like having a final gown fitting, packing for the honeymoon, and delegating any final tasks to the wedding party.

By spacing things out over a 12-month schedule, you can plan your dream Como wedding in a calm and organized way. The resort town's incredible scenery will create an unforgettable backdrop for you and your guests!

The Ultimate Last-Minute Como Wedding Checklist

Photo by @mayiosotaluno
Photo by @mayiosotaluno

You've planned and prepared for months, but those final days leading up to your fairytale Como wedding still require some last-minute attention. Follow this checklist to ensure those last few crucial details are taken care of seamlessly.

  1. Reconfirm all vendor services 72 hours before the wedding: Call or email every vendor (photographer, florist, cake baker, ceremony musicians, etc.) to reconfirm dates, times, locations, and any other specifics. This helps prevent any miscommunications or missed appointments.
  2. Obtain a marriage license (if not already): If you haven't already applied for and received your legal marriage license and documentation, this is the last call. Visit the local comuna (town hall) a few days before the wedding to avoid any delays.
  3. Assign someone to transport the gown to the venue: Designate a trustworthy member of the wedding party or family to carefully transport your wedding gown to the venue on the day of the ceremony. This ensures it arrives safely and unwrinkled.
  4. Finish packing for the honeymoon: Between wedding showers, bachelor/ette parties, and all the planning, the honeymoon packing may have taken a backseat. Use this window to pack all your honeymoon essentials like outfits, toiletries, and travel documents.
  5. Delegate small tasks to the wedding party: You've been the chief organizer up until this point, but now is the time to enlist trusted members of your wedding party to handle any remaining small tasks and day-of logistics. Keeping you present and stress-free should be their priority.
  6. Schedule time for self-care and relaxation: In the whirlwind of last-minute details, schedule a mani/pedi, massage, or whatever calming rituals help you find your zen before walking down the aisle. You've earned this indulgent "me" time.
  7. Breathe and enjoy every moment! The bulk of the planning is complete, and your incredible Italian celebration at Lake Como is about to happen. Allow yourself to be fully present, savoring the magic of this once-in-a-lifetime experience with your loved ones.

With potential stressors handled beforehand, you can immerse yourself in the romance and breathtaking scenery that make Como one of the world's most idyllic wedding destinations. 

Como Wedding Checklist: FAQs

Photo by @abnerireyes
Photo by @abnerireyes

When planning a destination wedding at Lake Como, it's natural to have many questions arise during the process. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to help guide you.

What is the best time of year for a Como wedding?

Late spring (April-May) and early fall (September-October) are considered the ideal times to get married in Lake Como. The weather is pristine, with warm temperatures and fewer rain showers compared to other months. Summer can get quite hot, while winter weddings at Como are possible but riskier with the potential for cold, damp conditions.

How far in advance should I book venues?

The most popular Lake Como wedding venues tend to book up around 12-18 months in advance of the date. If you have your heart set on a specific venue, it's recommended to start researching and reserving at least a year to a year and a half prior to your target wedding month.

Do I need a wedding planner for a Como wedding?

While not strictly required, having a local wedding planner who is familiar with the region, venues, vendors, and logistics of planning a Lake Como wedding can be incredibly beneficial—especially if you're coordinating from abroad. Their expertise can save you significant money, time, and stress.

What is a typical guest count for a Como wedding?

Lake Como weddings hosted by overseas couples tend to be more intimate destination affairs. Most have around 75-150 guests in attendance. Larger weddings with 200+ guests can certainly happen but may be more challenging with added costs for venues and travel.

How much does a Como wedding typically cost?

For about 100 guests, a well-appointed destination wedding at Lake Como typically costs between $30,000 on the lower end and $100,000 or more on the higher end. Expenses like flights, accommodations, venues, catering, and vendor services for an overseas wedding really add up.

Can I get legally married in Como?

Absolutely. As long as you obtain an Italian marriage license and certificate (atto di matrimonio) from the local township (comune) ahead of time, your ceremony can be legalized and recognized. Requirements for this process should be reviewed in advance.

What areas are the most popular for Como weddings?

The lakeside towns of Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna, and Cernobbio tend to be the most sought-after places for destination weddings at Lake Como. They offer incredible vistas, historic venues, accommodations, and relative ease of access.

As breathtaking as Lake Como weddings can be, they require meticulous planning and coordination—especially from abroad. But with the right amount of organization and this complete Como wedding planning checklist, your Italian celebration should be an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Saluti!

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