Tracy Taylor Ward Design Reflects on 13 Years of Bespoke Wedding Experiences

  • Publication date: 03/17/2024
  • Updated: 03/20/2024

"13 years!" Tracy reminisces about the Tracy Taylor Ward Design journey with a sparkle in her eye. "After 8 years as an interior designer, planning our own wedding and assisting a few of our friends with theirs, my husband and I had more inquiries to work on friends of friends weddings than we did to do our full-time jobs, so the writing was on the wall. We officially launched our business 6 weeks after our own wedding in 2010."

The Philosophy and Services of Tracy Taylor Ward Design

"There is nothing better than seeing how joyful and proud our clients are of their weddings and events because of how ridiculously fun and chic their celebrations are," Tracy explains. "We pride ourselves on designing and producing events that feel incredibly personalized and thoughtful, ensuring that every event is truly unique and a perfect representation of our clients' values.”

Their services are as varied as the couples they work with. “Our in-house services include event planning, design consulting, floral and decor production, and paperie. We love to customize our packages so everything is tailored to each project and client’s needs."

Tracy's face lights up as she talks about her memorable weddings. "This is like being asked to pick a favorite child. We love them all, and have favorite moments and aspects from each of them!"

She grows thoughtful when discussing the logistics of her business. The team handles about 8-12 weddings a year, ensuring quality and attention to detail.

Client-Centric Approach

Their approach to working with clients is deeply personal. “Getting to know our clients very well, from day 1, enables us to ensure the entire process together is curated to meet all of their needs."

Tracy then touches on the challenges, “Educating clients on how much pricing has changed over the last two years due to inflation has been difficult because very healthy budgets no longer stretch as far as they used to."

Here's a piece of advice for couples planning their wedding: "Hire a planner before you do anything else. We can only prevent clients from making expensive or logistical mistakes when we are involved as early as possible." Tracy adds, “Create a realistic budget from day 1; even if that means having harder conversations earlier on, it always leads to better end results and client satisfaction.”

Dream Projects and Global Ventures

Finally, Tracy shares her dream venue. "There are so many incredible venues worldwide we would love to work at, but right now I’d say our most immediate goal is to get a wedding on the books for 2024 in Portugal!" she says with a dreamy look.

"We work worldwide and in venues of all styles, from museums to private homes to boutique hotels around the world, anywhere work takes us we are happy to travel to," she finishes.

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