Top Wedding Planner in Toronto Blue Lavender Events on Crafting Once-in-a-Lifetime Weddings

  • Publication date: 04/19/2024
  • Updated: 04/19/2024

In the world of matrimonial enchantment, Iris Li stands as a top wedding planner in Toronto with her venture, Blue Lavender Events. Her voyage into wedding planning was a destiny embraced with open arms. "I fell in love with wedding planning after helping out a few friends with their celebrations in 2012," Iris recounts, her voice tinged with the nostalgia of those early days.

Before this transition, her role in retail marketing, though not as creatively stimulating, had armed her with crucial project management skills. This foundation became the bedrock upon which she built her empire in 2013, a domain where she has never glanced back since.

The Art of Personalization and Style

Her inspiration, she shares, springs from the joy of weaving together months, sometimes years, of intricate planning into a seamless celebration. "What inspired me to become a wedding planner was the gratification of seeing when my couples and their families are swept off their feet by the day we've meticulously planned," she says, her eyes lighting up at the memory of these magical moments.

Iris's approach to wedding planning is a blend of innovation and tradition. "What I love most," she declares, "is that every event brings with it new challenges and provides a new outlet for my creativity as no two events ever look or feel alike." Her philosophy is grounded in the belief that weddings should exude effortless style and understated elegance. She envisions these events as intimate gatherings, akin to a warm, sophisticated dinner party with loved ones.

"Getting to know each couple and infusing their day with unique, intentional details is one of my favourite parts of the process," Iris explains. Her favorite weddings to plan are those steeped in authenticity, where every element resonates with the couple's unique story and their guests' experiences.

Services and Memorable Milestones

Iris offers a spectrum of services, catering to diverse needs. "I offer 2 services: Month of Coordination & Design +  Full Planning. I also work with couples to create custom packages based on their needs," she outlines.

She recalls one of her most memorable projects, a wedding for a queer couple celebrating their union after 20 years. "Not only was it an incredible milestone, it was an event that pushed me beyond my creative boundaries," she reflects. "They requested ice sculptures in the likeness of their pugs and a modern-day 18th century France meets Edwardian Gala.  I researched the eras in-depth, partnered with the best vendors and the result was beyond what all of us could've imagined."

In her client interactions, Iris emphasizes the importance of listening. “Helping them navigate through decisions and if needed, providing suggestions to achieve their wishes," she states, highlighting the importance of understanding and collaboration in her work.

Budgeting and Venue Selection

One of Iris's key strengths is her pragmatic approach to budgeting. "My main advice is to keep your guest count as low as possible as this number directly correlates to your budget. The more people you add, the higher your spend will be." She encourages couples to prioritize their top three budget categories and adjust the rest accordingly.

Her advice to couples in the planning stages is heartfelt and seasoned with experience. "Hire your planner before booking the venue to avoid costly mistakes!" she urges. "A good planner can help you navigate the various types of venues and let you know what best suits your budget and guest count. Planners will also know all the right questions to ask (and things to look out for) in the venue search process."

Iris dreams of planning a wedding at COMO Castello Del Nero in Tuscany, a venue that aligns perfectly with her ethos of romantic elegance and timeless beauty.

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