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  • Publication date: 05/02/2024
  • Updated: 05/02/2024

Your big day deserves to be perfect down to the last detail. Planning a wedding, though, is no easy feat - the venue, catering, flowers, attire, music, décor, and a million other considerations can easily become overwhelming. That's where the top wedding planners in Dallas come in. These talented professionals live and breathe weddings, with the expertise and connections to bring your vision to flawless reality, allowing you to be a guest at your own celebration. If you're tying the knot in the Dallas area, these are the planners you'll want at the helm!

Todd Events

Photo Todd Events

Meet the maestro of matrimonial magic, the grand vizier of "I do" dreams brought to vivid life. Todd Fiscus of Todd Events isn't just a wedding planner - he's a true professional transforming plain parties into transcendent experiences.

With three decades of events artistry under his belt, this Dallas planner has elevated celebration to a high art form. His team of 13 brilliant visionaries are wedding ninjas, slicing through logistical knots and budgetary barriers with finely honed precision. Whether it is an open field, the Swexan Ballroom, or Arlington Hall, Todd has orchestrated over 100 destination "I do's" across the globe. He doesn't simply plan weddings, he composes them - masterful movements of joy, uniqueness, innovation, creativity, and pure romantic energy.

With a deft hand for logistical choreography and an eye for budget-bending artistry, he molds budgetary limitations into creative assets. From floral tapestries to entertainment extravaganzas, each festivity framed by Todd's team becomes a living portrait of the love story it celebrates.

Mayfield Events

Photo Mayfield Events

Mayfield Events, known across Texas, Colorado, Montana, Mexico, and beyond, crafts weddings that are more than mere gatherings. They are couture celebrations, each as distinct and dignified as a piece of fine art. With a promise to turn wedding days into heirloom memories, they tailor every event with a meticulous eye for detail, ensuring that each element — from ambiance to execution — harmonizes perfectly with the couple's vision.

A Mayfield wedding is an heirloom, an enduring treasure passed down through generations, not just in memory but in the telling and retelling of its beauty. The team's commitment to excellence ensures that each wedding is not only seen and felt but lived and breathed, making each moment an indelible stroke on the canvas of their clients' lives. It's this dedication that makes witnessing a Mayfield Event not just desirable, but essential for those dreaming of a day where every detail whispers their name.

Birds of a Feather Events

Photo Birds of a Feather Events

The wedding world has its share of prim and proper planners, flitting about in pastels with clipboards tucked under their toned arms. Not Wendy Kay, the founder of Birds of a Feather Events. This maverick of matrimonial magic marches to her own avant-garde beat, unafraid to shatter expectations with bold color combos and daring designs.

A former TV pro who traded the small screen for the aisle's grand stage, Wendy doesn't just plan weddings - she conceives them as eccentric personal expressions, tailored indelibly to each couple's quirks and whims. Her lack of packages keeps things delightfully custom and her limited four-wedding cap per year ensures obsessive attention to every eclectic detail.

To work with Wendy is to surrender control to a maestro, letting her interior genius run wild while you bask in the revelry she so meticulously crafts. From tented wonderlands to far-flung destinations, she reigns over a realm of infinite possibility. Her cult of satisfied clients will gladly profess: when it comes to Wendy's weddings, neither "typical" nor "predictable" were ever on the guest list.

Julian Leaver Events

Photo Julian Leaver Events

Julian Leaver Events stands out as a wedding planning tour de force, a dynamic duo with an unparalleled arsenal of expertise and impeccable taste. With a combined 30+ years of experience in the realms of event planning and luxury hospitality, these two dream weavers possess an almost mystical ability to construct show-stopping designs and craft immersive, unforgettable experiences that leave guests spellbound.

This team is a challenge-seeking duo with an insatiable wanderlust and a perspective that transcends borders. Whether you envision your nuptials unfolding in the heart of Dallas, amidst the rugged grandeur of Aspen, or in a remote, dreamlike locale like Lake Como or San Miguel, Julian Leaver Events possesses the knowledge, resources, and connections to transform even the most daunting obstacles into triumphs of logistical mastery.

Britt Jones Co.

Photo Britt Jones Co.

Britt Jones, the visionary behind Britt Jones Co., embarked on her journey into the enchanting world of wedding planning during her own engagement, five years ago. A senior in college at the time, she transformed her bridal musings into a vibrant career, propelled by faith and determination. Today, her company stands as a testament to exceeding dreams, having cultivated a reputation for transforming ephemeral visions from mood boards and emails into breathtaking realities.

Britt's approach to wedding planning is deeply rooted in relationships and service, treating every challenge as surmountable with a positive spirit. She relishes in planning weddings that dare to push the boundaries of design, making each celebration uniquely memorable. Her full-service offerings ensure she’s intricately involved in every detail, recently expanding to orchestrate full weekend weddings with multiple events.

Britt’s favorite venues span from the historical elegance of Dallas to the rustic chic of European landscapes, and she dreams of planning a royal wedding in iconic London or amidst the timeless charm of New England. With each wedding, Britt Jones Co. not only plans an event but crafts a deeply personal, joyous celebration of love, leaving couples and their guests with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Whether you envision a classic and timeless affair or a uniquely themed celebration, Dallas's top wedding planners have the skills and resources to make it happen seamlessly. From securing the perfect venues to lining up all the right vendors, coordinating all the moving parts, and handling any unexpected snags along the way, an elite planner is worth their weight in gold. With one of these all-star coordinators by your side, you can breathe easy and simply savor every moment of your once-in-a-lifetime event. An investment in peace of mind? Priceless.

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