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  • Publication date: 06/24/2024
  • Updated: 06/24/2024

When planning your wedding day in London, one of the key elements that can truly make you shine is the makeup. A talented makeup artist not only enhances your natural beauty but also ensures that you look your absolute best in every photograph. London, a city renowned for its style and elegance, is home to some of the finest makeup artists in the industry. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top five wedding makeup artists in London, each known for their unique artistry and exceptional service!

Alesandra Makeup

Photo Alesandra Makeup

Alesandra Makeup is a force of nature with a brush in hand and stardust in her eyes. Her journey reads like a fairy tale written in eyeshadow and lipstick. From humble beginnings at Charlotte Tilbury to globetrotting as their Global Pro artist, Alesandra has left her mark on some of the most prestigious events in fashion and entertainment. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? She was there, turning supermodels into ethereal beings. Cannes Film Festival? Just another day at the office for this glam guru.

One look at Alesandra's portfolio, and you'll understand why brides-to-be and celebrities alike clamor for her services. Her work isn't just makeup – it's art, confidence, and a little bit of magic, all rolled into one unforgettable look. For those lucky enough to sit in her chair, Alesandra doesn't just apply makeup; she unveils the goddess within.


Photo Botias

In the bustling world of bridal beauty, Botias stands out as a true innovator. This makeup artist's journey from the fast-paced fashion industry to the intimate realm of weddings is a testament to their versatility and talent.

Botias has crafted a signature "soft glam" style that's become highly sought after. It's a look that strikes the perfect balance between natural beauty and photogenic appeal. Brides leave Botias' chair looking radiant in person, while still having their features beautifully defined for photographs - a skill that's harder to achieve than it sounds. Don't be fooled by the term "soft" though. Botias operates at the highest levels of the industry, having worked with Chanel's couture team and styled brides at exclusive venues like Hotel du Cap. This is an artist who understands luxury and can deliver it with a deft touch.

Nency Makeup

Photo Nency Makeup

Nency Makeup stands as a paragon in the bustling world of London makeup artistry, renowned for her deft hand at sculpting elegant and sophisticated visages. With a discerning eye for detail and an unabated passion for beauty, she crafts each look to be a timeless masterpiece. Melding contemporary techniques with classic aesthetics, Nency ensures that every client, whether a celebrated personality or a private patron, emerges with a flawless and enduring appearance. Her commitment to excellence is further exemplified by her choice of high-quality products and bespoke service, making her a sought-after artist in the glittering lights of celebrity and beyond. 

Aaliyah Diaz

Photo Aaliyah Diaz

Aaliyah Diaz stands as a luminary in London's dynamic makeup artistry scene, skillfully balancing creative flair with meticulous precision. Catering to a diverse array of clients, from enchanting brides to high-profile fashion models and characters in film and television, she is renowned for her profound ability to stay abreast of the latest beauty trends and master new techniques. This expertise enables her to craft bespoke looks that not only enhance natural beauty but also perfectly adapt to individual preferences. Her distinctive skill set allows her to transform abstract visions into tangible realities, ensuring each face she touches radiates with its own unique story. 

Beauty by Aisha

Photo Beauty by Aisha

Aisha stands as a distinguished artisan within the realm of bridal makeup, her expertise honed over a decade in bustling London. Specializing exclusively in bridal beauty, she brings dreams to life with her deft touch, transforming every bride into a vision of elegance. Aisha's focus is solely on makeup, allowing her to perfect each look with meticulous attention to detail, from ethereal subtleties to bold statements. With ten years of experience and a London backdrop, Aisha's artistry not only captures the essence of each bride but also the heart of the city’s diverse beauty trends. 

Choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding is as crucial as picking the perfect dress or venue. Each of the top five makeup artists listed in this article brings something special to the table, ensuring that every bride can find her perfect match. From timeless elegance to contemporary glam, these professionals in London have the skills to transform your wedding day look into something truly memorable.

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