Top 10 Photographers in India

  • Publication date: 04/09/2024
  • Updated: 04/09/2024

Wedding planning can be stressful, but finding the perfect photographer doesn't have to be! This list of the top 10 wedding photographers in India features talented artists with a keen eye for capturing the joy, love, and special moments of a couple's big day. Whether you're looking for classic, romantic shots or more modern, editorial-style photos, there's something for every bride and groom on this list.

Read on to discover the photographers who will beautifully memorialize your wedding day and give you stunning images to cherish for a lifetime!

House on the Clouds

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Photo by House on the Clouds

House On The Clouds (HOTC) stands as a towering figure in the realm of modern photography and filmmaking, revolutionizing the Indian wedding scene with its innovative approach. With a legacy spanning nearly a decade, HOTC has mastered the art of capturing the essence of weddings, crafting images and films that remain timeless and unforgettable. Their work is a testament to their commitment to excellence, having been recognized with many accolades. Remarkably, HOTC is the only company in its field listed on IMDB for its award-winning films, highlighting its unparalleled contribution to wedding filmmaking.

The team at HOTC takes pride in celebrating diversity, having documented weddings across 25 countries, each with its own distinct culture and traditions. This global experience has equipped them with the ability to adapt and excel in a wide range of settings, from intimate two-bedroom apartment weddings to lavish celebrations spanning multiple continents.

The Blemished Tales

Photo by The Blemished Tales

Dive into the world of enchanting wedding photography with The Blemished Tales, a seasoned professional who brings love stories to life through the lens. With a profound passion for capturing the essence of each unique celebration, she stands as a maestro in the art of visual storytelling. Equipped with over seven years of experience, she skillfully weaves together moments of joy, emotion, and unguarded intimacy, crafting images that resonate with timeless elegance.

Her style is a harmonious blend of documentary and candid photography, accentuated by meticulous attention to color palettes. This approach ensures that every photograph is not just a snapshot in time but a masterpiece that embodies the raw emotions and splendor of the moment. She cherishes the opportunity to be a part of the couple's journey, celebrating the connections and candid moments that make each wedding unique. Their approach to client collaboration is deeply rooted in communication and understanding, ensuring that every shot reflects the couple's personality and preferences.

Vivek Kashyap

Photo by Vivek Kashyap

With a journey that began in the corridors of school, attempting to re-create the allure of magazine covers, Vivek Kashyap’s passion for photography blossomed. His love for travel and an innate ability to capture the essence of human emotions naturally led him to the vibrant arena of wedding photography. Celebrating a decade behind the lens, Vivek has mastered the art of weaving aesthetic, minimal, and timeless narratives through his photographs, remaining true to the essence of those he captures.

Before each event, Vivek ensures a meeting with his clients, diving deep into their personal style and preferences, thereby crafting not just photographs but experiences tailored to their aesthetic desires. Moreover, Vivek's expertise is not confined to the borders of his homeland; his passion for destination weddings has seen him capturing love stories against the backdrop of stunning locales in India and Italy, his favorite destinations. 

Eshantraju Photography

Photo by Eshantraju Photography

In the vibrant tapestry of Indian wedding photography, Eshantraju Photography shines as a jewel of creativity and distinctiveness. With four years under his belt, he captivates hearts by capturing the soulful essence of matrimonial bliss. His style—a seamless blend of editorial elegance and unguarded moments—transforms each photograph into a captivating narrative of love and celebration.

Understanding that every couple's story is unique, Eshantraju adopts a highly personalized and collaborative approach. By delving into detailed discussions about preferences, exploring mood boards, and aligning with the couple's vision, he guarantees that every facet of their tale is captured with sophistication and sensitivity. For those dreaming of saying "I do" against a backdrop of exotic locales, Eshantraju's expertise extends to destination weddings, with Marrakech standing out as a preferred site. This is reflected not only in the breathtaking scenes he captures but also in the intricate way he weaves the ambiance and culture into each frame. 

The Wedding Story

Photo by The Wedding Story

In a world that mirrors the boundless joy and timeless tales of Disney, The Wedding Story stands as a beacon of hope for romantics everywhere. Their craft transcends mere documentation, capturing the essence of your most cherished day through lenses that narrate your unique love story with cinematic brilliance.

The Wedding Story's talent knows no bounds, as they traverse the globe to immortalize weddings in locales as diverse as Istanbul, Puerto Rico, and Seychelles. Their expertise is not confined to grand spectacles alone; they excel in weaving intimacy into every frame, making even the smallest of gatherings resonate with the warmth and joy of the occasion. The team excels in crafting bespoke cinematic records of your wedding, with meticulously edited footage that transforms your memories into an everlasting treasure. Their commitment to quality and detail ensures that each film and photograph is not just a visual treat but a heartfelt narrative that stands the test of time.



With years of experience under their belts, FOURFOLD PICTURES has mastered the art of weaving together the delicate threads of emotions, relationships, and memorable moments into a stunning tapestry that is as unique as each couple's journey. FOURFOLD PICTURES transcends the traditional bounds of wedding photography; they don't merely document events in sequence but instead, invite you into an immersive visual journey that celebrates your personal narrative and the profound connections with your loved ones.

Their philosophy extends beyond the surface level of capturing beautiful images. They delve deep into the essence of your special day, aiming to provide not just photographs, but a genuine and heartfelt experience that resonates with the soul. This approach is a testament to their expertise in film and photography, where each frame is carefully crafted to tell a story - your story, in all its glory and intimacy.

Karan Sidhu Photography

Photo by Karan Sidhu Photography

With a background that defies the norm—transitioning from a hotel management graduate and trained chef to one of India's top wedding photographers—Karan Sidhu’s story is as captivating as the moments he captures. It all began with a simple gesture of documenting a friend's wedding, which ignited a love for capturing the unguarded, fleeting moments of joy and love that weddings embody. Karan describes his style as soulful and heartfelt, a reflection of his approach to life and art.

Karan advocates for simplicity and authenticity, advising clients to eschew fleeting trends in favor of timeless elegance. This philosophy extends to his views on destination weddings as well; for Karan, the magic of a wedding lies in the people and their stories rather than the locale. Despite having no favorite destination, his heart lies in capturing the beauty of relationships and the tapestry of emotions that each wedding unfolds.

Gautam Khullar

Photo by Gautam Khullar

Gautam Khullar has made a significant mark in the world of wedding photography, distinguishing himself not just through his skill but through his passion and dedication to the craft. Starting his journey in photography with a passion for street photography, he transitioned into the wedding industry in 2015. Since then, he has masterfully captured over 300 weddings across more than 12 countries. This impressive portfolio not only demonstrates his commitment but also his ability to connect with couples and families on their most special day.

His photography style, which focuses on capturing candid moments, allows him to seize the raw, unfiltered emotions of weddings, turning fleeting moments into timeless memories. He approaches each project with an open heart, striving to become an integral part of the celebration rather than just a service provider. This perspective is crucial for creating images that are cherished for generations, capturing not just the event, but the essence of the day.

Cupcake Productions

Photo by Cupcake productions

Founded by the dynamic duo Jayant and Shruti, both marketing graduates with a fervent passion for capturing the essence of Indian matrimonies, Cupcake Productions has carved a niche for itself in the competitive landscape of wedding photography over the past decade. With a unique blend of documentary and editorial styles, their photography transcends mere visuals, capturing the soul of the celebration.

Jayant and Shruti cherish the opportunity to capture diverse love stories, immersing themselves in the unique traditions of each wedding, meeting new people, and forging lasting connections. Approaching each project with a deep commitment to embodying the couple's vision, Cupcake Productions engages in thorough discussions to grasp and execute the desired mood and aesthetics of the wedding photographs.

The Made in Heaven by Crossover

Photo by The Made in Heaven by Crossover

With a decade's journey from the vibrant world of fashion photography to the heartfelt scenes of weddings, The Made in Heaven by Crossover brings an unparalleled blend of lifestyle and fashion aesthetics. Operating across Dubai, the USA, and India, this self-taught luminary has honed the craft of infusing the grandeur of fashion with intimate moments of matrimony.

Their methodology is anything but generic. They focus on capturing images filled with bright, earthy, and warm tones that breathe life into every frame. For them, the essence of photography lies in the adventure of travel and the privilege of encapsulating love's diverse expressions worldwide. Their approach is deeply personalized, starting with detailed consultations to grasp the couple's vision, followed by the crafting of a unique story or concept for the shoot. This ensures that the resulting photographs are as singular and remarkable as the love story they aim to portray.

Choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you'll make during the planning process. The talented artists on this top 10 list are not only skilled behind the camera, but they also have a knack for putting couples at ease and making the photo session fun and enjoyable. With their unique styles and creative visions, these photographers will ensure your wedding day is captured in a way that reflects your love story. Take some time to review their portfolios, read reviews, and reach out to discuss your vision. Your dream wedding photos are just a click away!

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