Tim Tab Studios: Capturing Chicago’s Party Pulse with Passion

  • Publication date: 05/04/2024
  • Updated: 05/04/2024

Known to many as the 'Party Photography Pro', his journey is nothing short of a roller coaster of passion, parties, and picturesque moments. So, let's embark on a journey with one of the top 10 famous photographers in Chicago - Timothee Tabailloux from Tim Tab Studios!

From France to Chicago: A Journey of Passion

Photo by Tim Tab Studios
Photo by Tim Tab Studios

Born and raised amidst the scenic beauty of France, Timothee made a surprising leap, trading his homeland's enchanting landscapes for the bustling vibes of Chicago at the age of 18. An unexpected twist saw him venturing into the world of weddings right after college. And while most would've predicted a career in TV broadcasting for him, life had other plans. "I shot a few weddings after graduating college and it became a full-time job," he muses. Why, you wonder? Well, Timothee candidly admits, "Turns out I thrive in party environments."

Capturing Moments with Style and Grace

Photo by Tim Tab Studios
Photo by Tim Tab Studios

Having been in the photography industry since 2008, Timothee's experience speaks volumes. In his words, his photography is "Bright, crisp, and full of joy." To provide a clearer picture for our tech enthusiasts, he remains loyal to his Canon equipment. But the magic doesn't just end there. In the world of post-processing, Timothee has a particular fondness, stating, "I use film emulation profiles that give similar colors to what Fuji 400h film used to look like."

More than Just a Photographer: The Tim Tab Studios Philosophy

Photo by Tim Tab Studios
Photo by Tim Tab Studios

Beyond the glitz and glamour of parties, Timothee cherishes the human connection in his profession. For him, the essence lies in making the couple's special day memorable. When asked about his approach, he elaborates, "I ask them what their priorities are and make sure I do what I can to help them experience the day how they want." He adds, "Ideally, I never want a wedding to feel like a photo shoot, but a fun party where they took a few photos." Now, isn't that a refreshing perspective?

Destination Weddings and More

Photo by Tim Tab Studios
Photo by Tim Tab Studios

For couples with a penchant for destination weddings, Timothee is up for the adventure. With an evident gleam of nostalgia, he mentions, "Yes, I love traveling back to France." And for those prepping for their big day, he offers a golden nugget of advice: "Just come prepared to have fun. People having the most fun have the best photos."

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