Through the Lens of Romance: Unveiling the Art of Andrii Bondarets, a Top NYC Wedding Photographer

  • Publication date: 08/19/2023

Let's take a more in-depth dive into the world of one of the best wedding photographers in New York City - Andrii Bondarets, a maestro of capturing cherished moments. This man has spent over a dozen glorious years photographing couples on their special day. Time certainly has wings when you're encapsulating the timeless bonds of love, wouldn't you agree?

Andrii shared, "I've carved out a successful career as a wedding photographer over the past 12 years, a journey that's taken me through the heartwarming celebrations of over 500 weddings." That's a whole lot of happily ever afters!

The Unique Blend in Andrii's Photography Style

Don't for a moment think Andrii is just another photographer. He's an artisan, skillfully crafting emotive tales, venturing into the heart of captivating moments. Over the last twelve years, he has sharpened his craft, transforming the canvas of over 500 weddings with his unique blend of staging and reportage styles.

In Andrii's words, "My style of photography is a harmonious fusion of both staging and reportage styles. This allows me to create enchanting photos while capturing precious moments of one of the most significant days in my clients' lives." His style is the perfect brew of planned and candid - like the most delightful cup of coffee, in our humble opinion.

The Tools and Techniques of Andrii's Trade

Equipped with a formidable array of Nikon cameras - the Z8, Z6II, and the D850, to be precise, Andrii sets forth on his photographic ventures. And when it comes to post-processing, he shared, "Everything." He does not merely remove an out-of-place photobombing seagull; he ensures that every frame remains as bewitching as the moment it was initially captured.

The Joy of Capturing Weddings and Connecting with Clients

So, what's the cherry on top of being a wedding photographer for Andrii? To cut to the chase, he's a man who relishes the connection with people. The idea of being part of such pivotal, happiness-laden days forms his endless source of inspiration.

For Andrii, his clients are more than that. They are friends. Friends with whom he discusses, comprehends, and fosters a trust stronger than the most robust bridge. About working with his clients, he said, "Usually, my clients quickly become my friends with whom I maintain contact even after the wedding, and one of the key moments in wedding preparation is fostering understanding and ensuring your client trusts you as a professional!"

He takes on about 30 weddings each year - meaning, on average, he's part of a magical day every other week! How incredible is that? The duration of coverage is flexible, just like a yoga master. It all depends on the needs of the client, he says.

And guess what? Andrii isn't just a local photographer. He's a globetrotter, capturing the essence of different cultures and nationalities at weddings around the world. And his favorite destination? Italy!

To wrap it all up, if you're on the hunt for a photographer with a passion for capturing your wedding day just as you're eager to live it, Andrii is your man. He's not just a photographer, he's a friend, a storyteller, and a true master of his craft.

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