Through the Lens of Heritage: The Journey of Na Lia Weddings, Top Calgary Professional Photographers

  • Publication date: 12/23/2023

Embarking on a journey with Na Lia Weddings is not merely about capturing moments; it's an expedition into the heart of wedding photography in Calgary where every photograph is a legacy. Let's explore deeper into this world of emotive imagery and timeless keepsakes.

The Genesis of Na Lia Weddings

Photo by Na Lia Weddings
Photo by Na Lia Weddings

"Established in 2014, by Owner Shardey Olynyk, Na Lia Weddings is an international wedding photography business for couples that desire authentic and honest imagery." The inception of Na Lia Weddings is a tale of passion intertwined with heritage. The name itself, 'Na Lia', is a gentle whisper of 'I love you' in the Vai language—a heartfelt tribute to Shardey's African/Ukrainian roots. This connection to her lineage is more than just a name; it's a guiding star for the work they do, a promise to infuse love into every image they capture.

Crafting Timeless Imagery

Photo by Na Lia Weddings
Photo by Na Lia Weddings

In describing her style, Shardey explains, "In the realm of wedding photography, two predominant editing styles, bright and airy or dark and moody, have gained popularity. Our approach seamlessly blends elements from both, resulting in a distinctive aesthetic that transcends any trends."

Shardey's academic prowess from RMIT University has been channeled into creating a unique photographic style. This style is neither here nor there but somewhere in between—a middle ground where the magic of light plays with the depth of shadows to create timeless and captivating images. Shardey's skill in refining and mastering the art of wedding photography has led her to achieve recognition from some of the most esteemed platforms in the industry.

The Artistic Process

Photo by Na Lia Weddings
Photo by Na Lia Weddings

When it comes to their equipment Shardey says they use “Two Canon mirrorless bodies and a range of prime-only lenses" This choice of gear is telling of Na Lia Weddings' commitment to quality and precision. The process doesn't end at the click of a shutter; post-processing is where the raw material is sculpted into art. "I use Photoshop & Lightroom," Shardey divulges, hinting at the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into polishing each image to perfection.

Philosophy and Client Relations

Photo by Na Lia Weddings
Photo by Na Lia Weddings

The joy of the craft is evident when Shardey says, "Creating heirlooms for all my clients. I am truly blessed to be able to call work my passion." This sentiment carries over into how Na Lia Weddings works with clients. They begin with a consultation and use targeted questionnaires, ensuring that the final gallery meets the couple's vision. Shardey states, "We meet during our initial consultation and I ask certain questions in my questionnaires to make sure the gallery you delivered is what you expected."

Exclusivity and Personalized Experience

Photo by Na Lia Weddings
Photo by Na Lia Weddings

Shardey takes pride in the exclusive nature of their service: "We exclusively accommodate a limited number of select weddings annually, ensuring a personalized experience for our clients. We only take on 20 weddings per year." This limitation is about providing a bespoke, intimate experience for each couple. 

With a focus on personalization, every wedding package is tailored, and designed from the ground up to meet the specific desires of the couple. This personalized approach ensures that the story of each wedding is told in its truest form.

In essence, Na Lia Weddings is not just a photography service; it's a celebration of heritage, an embrace of personal narratives, and a creator of heirlooms that will stand the test of time. With a masterful eye for detail and a heartfelt connection to every story, Shardey and her team are in the business of capturing not just photographs, but pieces of eternal love.

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