Artful Storytelling Through The Lens: Samin Abarqoi’s Journey in Wedding Photography

  • Publication date: 05/19/2024

Get ready for a remarkable journey! We're about to introduce you to an artist whose lens doesn't merely capture moments but rather, paints a vibrant story of love and elegance. Let's pull the curtain back on the life of Samin Abarqoi.

The Journey to Artful Storytelling: Meet Samin Abarqoi

Photo by Samin Abarqoi
Photo by Samin Abarqoi

Samin's exploration of photography began after she earned her degree in fine art photography. Reflecting on her initial experiences, she shared, "Working with acclaimed publications, I honed my art directing skills." Remember how the jitters feel when you start a new job? For Samin, it was both exciting and challenging, yet she emerged victoriously amidst the glamor-packed environment of fashion editorials.

Discovery of a New Passion: Wedding Photography

Photo by Samin Abarqoi
Photo by Samin Abarqoi

Then, just like a twist in the plot, Samin's career took a beautiful turn. She recalls, "But it was when I photographed my first wedding that everything fell into place." The moment she plunged into the world of wedding photography, it was as if all her experiences were guiding her toward this profound realization.

She had found a unique niche where she could blend her fashion editorial acumen into capturing love stories. Her style, which she calls 'artful storytelling', is like a captivating novel, each photograph is a page filled with emotion, love, and authenticity.

The Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Photo by Samin Abarqoi
Photo by Samin Abarqoi

Moving forward, let's take a look at the tools of her magic. In her own words, "I use medium format film + digital." A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity that reflects in her stunning visuals. She prefers to keep her post-processing "very minor and natural". She believes that the essence of a moment lies in its authenticity, and she ensures that it shines through in her work.

Samin's Approach: Creating Relationships, Not Just Photographs

Photo by Samin Abarqoi
Photo by Samin Abarqoi

Now, we're at the heart of why Samin is so unique. Not just a photographer, she's more of a friend, a guide to her clients. In her words, "I begin by understanding and learning about my clients' unique story and style. I provide a comprehensive bridal guide before the shoot to gather important details and understand their vision." It's not just about the technicalities of clicking the shutter; it's about nurturing a bond, a mutual understanding that then blooms into spectacular photographs.

To round it off, Samin also extends her assistance to clients in their preparations. Whether it's picking the perfect outfit or any other crucial detail, she's always there. 

So, dear reader, that's the artful storyteller Samin Abarqoi for you. A maestro with a camera, crafting love narratives, one click at a time. Samin believes in the power of love, and its timeless essence, and strives to leave behind a visual legacy that withstands the sands of time. Quite an enchanting tale, isn't it?

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