The Story of Ela Tatiana, One of the Top Professional Photographers in London

  • Publication date: 11/24/2023
  • Updated: 12/16/2023

Today, we'll weave a tale of passion, destiny, and the incredible talent of Ela Tatiana from E.T. Photography, a professional photographer in London. Trust us, by the end, you'll be as mesmerized as we are!

From Butler to Beloved Photographer

Photo by Ela Tatiana
Photo by Ela Tatiana

Do you ever wonder about the unpredictable paths life takes us on? Ela Tatiana reminisced, "When I came to London 15 years ago, I was working as a butler for high-profile families." Yet, as the universe would have it, her detours in London led her not just through the winding streets but to her true calling. On one fateful day, her friend asked to assist with photographing a wedding. Little did Ela Tatiana know, this wasn’t just another gig, it was her life's pivot point. As she put it, "That's where everything changed!"

A Unique Style Emerges

Photo by Ela Tatiana
Photo by Ela Tatiana

Diving deeper into Ela Tatiana's artistry, we find a vibrant blend of styles that make her stand out. “Modern, editorial, and documentary," she described. It's as if every snapshot tells its own riveting story. As she delicately blends the past and present, her homage to the classic Kodak Portra analogue film adds a touch of nostalgia to her work. "My editing is very minimalistic and natural," she stated, emphasizing the ageless nature of her photographs.

The Global Wanderlust of a Wedding Photographer

Photo by Ela Tatiana
Photo by Ela Tatiana

The world, vast and diverse, has been both her playground and her muse. She loves “photographing weddings from different cultures and traditions.”. Can you imagine the vibrant colors, the varied traditions, and the emotions she captures? Dreamily, she added, "I would love to photograph in Palm Springs." Oh, to be amidst the desert, with love stories unfolding in golden hues!

Crafting Memories for Couples

Photo by Ela Tatiana
Photo by Ela Tatiana

When it comes to capturing someone's special day, Ela Tatiana is more than just a photographer; she's a storyteller. With sessions lasting 6 hours and beyond, she ensures that no moment goes uncaptured. And if you thought that was all, think again! For those multi-day affairs, she reveals, "I do offer custom packages for weddings taking a few days." As for couples gearing up for their spotlight, she has a golden piece of advice, “Imagine that this is a movie and you are the main characters.”

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